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Reds Win Two...Hot Springs Confirmed...Hand Wavers


Friday July 21, 2023


Friday morning and I’m back home in Nashville. I escaped some bad storms in Nashville. I found that on the way home when my wife told me strong winds rolled through again. I’ll be dragging some limbs off the lawn this morning. 89 and sunny here today.



Well, it was game two of my two game Reds run in Cincinnati. Afternoon game yesterday between the Reds and Giants. Two great old friends picked me up at my hotel in Northern Kentucky Jack and Jim Menninger. The two of them took me to breakfast in Newport, Kentucky which is right across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. We walked into a restaurant and asked the name of the place. It was Sis’s…a place I played on night years ago with my “Hits & Grins” trio. Unreal. I did not recognize the place as the stage was gone. 



After breakfast we headed across the bridge into Cincinnati parked and then Jack Menninger worked some magic with his contacts he knew who took great care of the three of us by putting us back up in the section I was in the night before which has all the free food and drink you want!  Pretty danged good deal.



Great seats. And a great game unfolded in front of us with the Reds winning 6-1. 



Our starting pitcher only gave up 1 hit through 8 innings before they pulled in a reliever who gave up a solo home run then closed the door on the Giants.



So two games, two wins so I think I’m good luck as that stopped a 6 game losing streak for the team. It’s great to catch up with old friends who I played a LOT of softball with back in the day. And we’ve got some trophies from three different tournaments we could brag about , and tell old stories about. Thank you boys for hanging out with me. I could not have had a better time in one of my favorite cities rooting for my favorite team.

 And it was certainly great to be back in Cincinnati again.



I’ll be going back to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a Thursday night show with “Hits & Grins” March 7 of next year. We’ll be playing in the beautiful Woodlands Theater there inside Hot Springs Village. This will be my 4th time playing in the Village so I’m thanking Larry Wilson for making that happen. Some of the details are up on the calendar on the website…more details coming soon.




Hot Springs is a beautiful area. I was there once when I was young and played at what used to be the Brown Derby Dinner Theater for a couple of weeks. The manager of my band and me was Dean Raymer, my second Mom, and she made a trip to Hot Springs during our run there. One day the two of us walked down to the Oaklawn Race Track and we bet on a horse together. The horses came out of the gate and threw our rider. She never ever let me forget about that. I still laugh about it every time I think about it. 




Bad tornado in North Carolina yesterday. It hit the Pfizer plant and now they say it could create a long-term shortage of certain drugs.


Since 2,000 on average 20,000 folks in Europe have died from extreme heat. And that’s not counting the folks in the US. On top of that weather experts are saying that this month of July could be the hottest ever on record.


Studies show that exercise does help stave off dementia. The best exercise they say is resistance training.



I saw a very early ad today touting “Back To School Savings”. Already? I’m sure some Moms are counting down the days until their kids get on the bus giving them a little mor time to put their feet up and breathe after a long summer.


One Mom tweeted this about shopping for school supplies.  “Back-to-school shopping is great if you like swearing at your kids in public."



This picture describes what it feels like waiting on your wife to finish shopping at a shopping mall. Anyone else been there?




The Washington Commanders football team that was the Washington Redskins have been sold. Rumor is the new owners may want to start over with a franchise that lost its way a long time ago and start with yet another new name. When they originally changed their names from the Indians…one fan suggested this for the new name and logo. Hasn’t caught on quite yet.




I’m a fan. I like almost any movie Matt Damon is in. He’s in the new Oppenheimer movie that’s in theaters right now…all about building the first nuclear bomb. I like him even more this morning after reading that after his first movie role that paid $25,000 back in 1990 for his role in “Rising Son”…he took that money and bought his brother a car and put his Mom through her Ph.D. Program.


So you didn’t win the Billion Dollar Powerball? Mega Millions is worth 720 million tonight. Just saying.



Before the end of the year Amazon will have implemented palm recognition for when you buy your groceries at over 500 Whole Food Stores and Amazon Fresh locations that will allow you to pay by simply waving your hand over a device. No card. Just your palm. And if we want to tip what will we wave? 


I’d bet they might bring that to baseball parks someday as already you can’t use cash. Cards only which is just so weird to me. I’m going to a Nashville Sounds game Saturday and that’s how it works there. Same way at the Cincinnati Reds ballpark I was just at. Saturday night I’m going to ask if I can barter a chicken for a cold beer and a hot dog.



A Wisconsin Man Became Best Pals With A Fish Named Elvis While Diving In A Lake. (See…I told you Elvis was alive)



I’ve got a wide open weekend so I plan on enjoying doing a whole lot of nothing. And I’m really good at that!


Have a great weekend!






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