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New Video Single...Big George...Powerball


Thursday July 13, 2023


Thursday morning in Nashville. High of 92 on tap today.



My writing appointment got cancelled yesterday when my co-writer young Taylon Hope got called in to work her job. So on top of being a singer and writer she’s a young working girl and she’s enrolled in college at Belmont.  I support young folks with that kind of work ethic so we’ll just find another date to write together in the future.


But I will see her this Friday afternoon at the Listening Room when we play this songwriter show together. Looking forward to it.




Check this out. The lyric video for the new Brady Seals single “Deeper Shade of Blue Collar” that Brady and I wrote years ago that was inspired by a title from a conversation with my wife Kathy one day is out. So glad Brady decided to finally release this rockin’ little song. Heck, Brady went crazy and added a little “rap” section in our Blue Collar song. Check it out HERE.



I watched the new movie “Big George Foreman” last night on Prime. Pretty good. Not excellent, but pretty good. Based on the true story of the fighter who was heavyweight champion not once but twice in his life. The second time was a major upset when he became the oldest ever to win the crown with a knockout. His is a story of anger in his youth, then finding God, becoming a preacher, going broke, and then climbing all the way back to the top. He’s still preaching at a church in Houston today.

After the movie is over, with the credits rolling we see that George took that little investment chance he made on the George Forman Grill and sold it for 137 million dollars! 

 I will say that actor Forest Whitaker is terrific as his trainer. 

 Pretty good true story.



We’re finding out that humans did give COVID to animals and those animals include deer. Some are now worried that a new COVID could be developed in deer and then be given back to humans. Geez.


Some scientists believe the energy drink ingredient taurine could be the secret to slowing the aging process. (And here I thought it was Tang that did that)


We’re also finding out that beets are really good for you. Health…lots of vitamins (As soon as they get a beet to taste like mac and cheese I’ll add them to my diet)



How about the “Real Cheese Burger” that Burger King is testing in Thailand? A bun with 20 slices of cheese in the middle. No meat…all cheese. Mixed reviews so far. Not sure how you bill it as a “burger” when there is no burger but they are. Want fries with this?




Chipotle is testing out something called the Autocado. It’s a robot machine that slices, cores and peels avocados in half the time it used to take humans. Apparently humans will still do the mashing the bowl until another robot comes along I suppose. 



Now if I can get them to invent a robot that would take the shrink wrap off the CD’s I sale after my shows…that would be great!



A wife started doing her make up as soon as she woke up.

Her husband asked why.

“I have locked my phone with facial recognition,” she answered. “And it’s not recognizing me without makeup.”



Here in Tennessee they’re telling us we have “invasive” carp. I used to catch carp with my Dad and brothers growing up in Missouri. I remember sticking them in a gunny sack to take home to clean and then have for dinner later. Never once thought of them as invasive. So I’ve decided not to answer my door until they get them under control…just in case a carp has come a knockin’.



Hot everywhere as we continue to have heat warnings and break heat records all over the country. How hot? In Florida they say the ocean feels like bath water right now. So, take a bath bomb or two with you if you’re diving in.



I’m not sure why humans have an urge to “climb” something. But we do. So much so that indoor rock walls have become popular. And now in Nashville someone is turning adding a coffee shop to combine with rock wall climbing. Wonder if the caffeine buzz will help one scale the wall faster?  




No Powerball winners again last night. It’s now worth 875 million! Largest ever jackpot was over 2 billion. But…I’ll be okay with the measly 875 million if my numbers come up. I’ll somehow be able to get by with that. As long as I can wean my wife off Amazon Prime orders.


I’m off to write with Jenny Tolman and her husband Dave Brainard and maybe their New Year’s Eve baby “Bear” will join us in writing a few lines today. 



Have a great Wednesday.


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