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Last Night's Show...HOT...The Colosseum


Friday July 7, 2023

And a good Friday morning to you. I’m a little bleary eyed after being up late last night for a show. 90 degree high today in Music City.



Our “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself made our way over to Livingston, Tennessee last night for a show at Americanaville. 



The room was full last night with friends and folks we had not yet met who bought tickets for the dinner show. Gosh, what a very FUN evening. Linda toured with Kenny Rogers for a few years, especially towards the end of Kenny’s career and longtime guitar player Randy Dorman attended with his wife. So Lang and Linda sang “Islands In The Stream” and had the entire house singing along as they honored “The Gambler” and told some wonderful stories. I’ve always felt that the stories we get to tell on stage are sometimes as interesting as the songs themselves, and there were plenty of stories last night.



This was my third time to play at this venue for Mark Houser and Tena Rogers which ties me with one other entertainer for most appearances there. And I appreciate them for that. I love what they do there at the Iron and Oak in Livingston, and the food they serve there is just off the hook great. 



It was truly one of those nights that we did not want to end. Thank you to all who bought tickets and made this night so enjoyable. 




Next Friday I’ll be playing at the Listening Room here in Nashville in a songwriter round hosted by my young friend Taylon Hope. It’s a 3:30 pm matinee show and I’m sure the room will be filled with tourists from all over the country as it always is. If you’re in town…come see us!




In the words from my songwriter friend Wynn Varble who put this in a song of his titled “It’s Hot”….”It’s hotter than Cindy Crawford in a cedarwood sauna”. Yep…that be hot. And so is the sauna weather all over the country. 4 straight days of all time record heat. To heck with the heat index. I wonder what the “sweat” index is these days.



Now some doctors are talking about something called long vac. It’s a rare set of symptoms that follow some people for months after receiving the COVID vaccination.


The FDA has officially approved a new Alzheimer’s drug meant to slow down that disease. We can only hope.


An orthopedic surgeon says he does this one exercise daily to prevent injury. Running in a pool. (And with the heat today? That’s the only place I’d want to be running. In a pool.



So I sang this song “Retired” that I wrote with my buddy Brent Burns last night that Ray Stevens recorded. This morning I’m dedicatingthis song to a 90 year old woman who JUST NOW retired. She worked at Dillard’s for 74 years and never missed a day of work! Wow. So here’s to you young lady.



What was a more important invention than the first telephone?  The answer is: The second one.



My favorite pop-rock band of all time. The Eagles. They are rolling out a massive final tour that Vince Gill will be part of again. I’ve mentioned it before but my favorite concert of all time (and I’ve seen a few) was the Hell Freezes Over Tour with Eagles in Milwaukee a bunch of years ago. Gosh, their harmony! Makes me want to crank up “Hotel California” right now.


And Vince Gill was just the perfect choice to join the band to help fill the shoes of the late Glenn Frey. I think I’m going to need to find a way to catch this version of the group on tour.



I read an article listing a bunch of sage advice from those who have lived a few years that they think young folks should listen to. One of my favorites is, “Nobody really knows what they’re doing”. Amen. I still have no idea after all these years. I just keep getting out of bed and doing something. Turns out that if you do that chances are it could lead to good things.



Truly…the guy who carved names into the Roman Colosseum is a Homer Simpson. His excuse for doing that? He claims he did not know the antiquity of the monument. Geez. Wait until he hears that gladiators fought to the death there. And here I thought History was a required class in school.


I toured Italy a few years ago. The very first night we were in Rome and walked down a cobblestone alleyway to get to an Italian restaurant. At the end of the alleyway we caught our first glimpse of the monument and I snapped this picture that you see. Impressive to say the least. And even more impressive the next day when we toured the ruins. I didn’t need a book or a teacher to tell me the place was really old. 




I wasn’t slated to be writing a song today but got a spur of the moment from my young Kentucky friend Alex Miller…he of American Idol fame wanting to do so. Can’t turn down that kind of fun so may the hillbilly rhymes be with us today.



Then Sunday evening I’ll be at this album party for Irish girl Clare Cunningham who recorded a couple of songs that I helped write on her new Christian themed project. I’ll give up a review on that come Monday morning.



Have a great weekend!



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