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Jumbo Shrimp...New Song...Church Signs


Monday July 24, 2023


Monday morning is here. Full week ahead. A full HOT week ahead. 91 here today. They’re saying this Friday it will hit 98 in Nashville. Yikes.



Pretty lazy weekend at the Whyte House. A little limb dragging yardwork after a big storm last Thursday, a little more baseball on Saturday night as I watched our Nashville Sounds take on the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps who just made a Top Ten List for “Most Ridiculous Names In Minor League Baseball”. More on that later in this blog.



They had a full house Saturday night and I left early so I missed the extra inning finish which turned out to be bad news for our home team. So leaving early might not have been such a bad idea.



My young friend Jessie Ritter down in Pensacola sent me a nice text this weekend informing that her next new single will be a song we wrote together a couple of years ago titled “Gone To See America” complete with a video of our song that she’ll be posting in 17 days. I’ll let you know when it’s up. But here’s a little sneak peek of the song that she filmed on the road awhile back with her husband and young boy.


Jessie and her husband have traveled a lot of miles in their minivan…free spirits, and they’ve seen a lot of our beautiful country already at a young age. I knew all this before we wrote that day so I thought a song about their travels might work for her and had an idea started before she and Steve popped up online on my computer the day we Zoom wrote the song.


What I really like is there’s a line in the song that says, “hang a sign that says the TWO of us…have gone to see America”. In the video I linked you’ll see her look down at her young boy and add..”the THREE of us.” And now with a new arrival almost here, she’s going to have to start singing “the FOUR of us.”


Thanks for recording it Jessie! 




I did listen to a few Tony Bennett songs on Pandora while out driving over the weekend. He passed at the age of 96. Sinatra and Bennett…two best crooners ever. I regret that I never saw either of them “live”. I’ve got quite a bit of vinyl on both of them though and their voices through their music will truly live on forever. And the great thing about Tony aside from his incredible voice is by all accounts he was one of the nicest folks on the planet. RIP.



Because of the extreme heat less folks are out walking. The simplest form of exercise. Wonder if gym memberships will increase?


A Listeria outbreak has claimed 3 lives in Washington State. Caused apparently by eating food contaminated with the bacteria knows as Listeria.


A psychologist claims that the number 1 soft skill highly successful people use at work is listening.  



Sometimes you have to do a double take when you drive by a church sign. Like this one.



Or this one.



And how about the dire warning on this one?




There’s a songwriter here in town named Doug Gill. Doug wrote a couple of great songs the late Don Williams recorded including this one “Stronger Back”. The entire line of the song is, “I don’t pray for a lighter load, I pray for a stronger back”. Doug tells the story on stage when he does songwriter shows about how he passed a church sign here in Nashville that had that line on it. Because it’s a town full of songwriters who are always looking for great titles, Doug says he stopped his car when he saw that sign, got out and rearranged the letters. Too funny.




It is weird waking up this morning and signing on to Twitter and seeing there are no more bluebirds. It’s changed to an X.  Don’t ask me. Ask Elon.  It’s going to take me a bit. I kind of liked the bluebird. Surely a lot better looking than a black X. 




Lots of talk about Jason Aldean’s new song “Try That In A Small Town.” Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But this is always true as far as marketing goes.  As long as they’re talking about ya…it’s better than them NOT talking about ya. Right after CMT decided to pull the video off their airwaves the song leapt to the top spot in the iTunes charts. Predictable as all get out.



MovieWeb just listed what they consider to be the Top 25 documentaries of all time. I was curious to see if I had seen any in their Top 5.


5. Man on Wire (that guy who walked the high wire between the towers in Manhattan) Nope didn’t see it.


4. Streetwise (nope)


3. The Crash Reel (nope)


2. Senna (nope)


And I did not see their number one choice Grey Gardens.


Here’s their complete list.



Number 1 at the box office. Go figure. Better than Oppenheimer did. Folks paid more to see a plastic doll come to life than they paid to watch a nuclear bomb come to life. Believe it or not…they’re already talking about a Barbie 2 movie.


Can’t wait for the “Chatty Kathy” movies to roll out.



An online publication asked women to admit what they fins attractive in men. I am guessing Barbie must agree with some of these…maybe.


“When the second to the front teeth are slightly crooked.”


Another woman says, “Shoulder freckles”. And one other admits “bushy eyebrows” do it for her. Who the heck knew?  I’m checking my shoulders in the mirror later this morning. I’ve had no reason for a closer inspection until now.



Worth 820 million now!  Considering the tickets they sell me I should call it Mega Loser.



Here’s the Top Ten List according to FORTHEWIRE.


10. Montgomery Biscuits. (My daughter gave me their ball cap last year when she lived near Montgomery)



9. El Paso Chihuahuas


8. Cedar Rapids Kernels (lotta corn up there)



7. Bowling Green Hot Rods (about an hour from me)


6. Binghamton Rumble Ponies (what? Apparently named after a carousel ride up there)


5. Modesto Nuts (I can only imagine someone asking a fan of that team, “How are your Nuts doing this season”?


4. Sugarland Space Cowboys


3. Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps (the team I just watched this past weekend)


2. Amarillo Sod Poodles (nickname for prairie dogs)


And the number one ridiculous name for a minor league baseball team is….


The Trash Pandas out of Huntsville, Alabama. (gotta get me a hat)




California Restaurant To Pay 140K After Making Employees Confess Workplace Sins To Supposed Priest. (Hard to be forgiven if it’s a SUPPOSED Priest isn’t it?)



It’s a day of “gotta do” stuff. Actually some of it is gotta-do and some of it is “Honey-Do”.



Have a great Monday!


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