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Hot...Baby Co-Write...Show Today In Nashville


Friday July 14, 2023


Friday morning in Music City as we get ready to roll into the weekend. 94 hot degrees today in a town where “hot” chicken is a thing. These days they can just lay the chicken out on the sidewalk and it’ll get hot.



I wrote with Dave Brainard & Jenny Tolman yesterday. Truth be told, it was mostly me and Dave carving away on a title I brought into their recording studio yesterday morning because their 6 month old growing boy “Bear” was having one of those baby days that need Mommy attention. He joined the three of us for a short while and the only lyrics he offered were “Da Da”. Completely unusable in this new song…but great effort Bear! As much a Bear is around the two of them?  Pretty sure he’ll be musical as well when he grows up. Too cute for the room.



Jenny and Dave are off for Reno and Cheyenne for a couple of shows, and when they get home the three of us will sit down and try to finish up what we started yesterday morning. Couple of really great folks to be around.



I want to share this new video that’s just out of 14 year old Wyatt Ellis. Last August in Gatlinburg I was in a room at the Gatlinburg Inn with my friend Brady Seals teaching and writing with some songwriters who had signed up to do so at the Gatlinburg Songwriter Festival. I’d say there were 8 or 9 writers and aspiring writers in the room.


Young Wyatt was 13 last year and was in the room with his mandolin alongside his Mom who brought him. He turned our heads. And now he’s turning more heads in this new video of an instrumental he’s playing alongside a mandolin superstar Sierra Hull. How these kids learn to play so well at such an early age is always beyond me. They’re not out playing a lot of baseball or hanging on computer games. They’re practicing on their instruments.


Just wanted to share this kids talent. Check out WyattEllis.





I shared this video of “Deeper Shade of Blue Collar” from Brady Seals yesterday and I want to share it again today as I found out after the fact that Brady put this “lyric video” of our song together by himself. I wrote the song with Brady after my wife Kathy gave the two of us the title. I told Brady yesterday that I still can’t project an image on a bed sheet from a slide carousel, much less do what he did with this VIDEO of our song. Thank you Brady.




Monday morning both Brady and myself are going to do a Zoom call with an old morning radio buddy named Rollin Trehearn at KRED Radio in Eureka, California to talk about the news song. I’m thinking it will be available to listen to online so I’ll let you know when I know in case you’d like to check it out.



Air quality alerts are back for the upper Midwest this weekend because of the Canadian wildfire. Montana, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa are included.


According to the CDC ER visits spiked for children sickened by cannabis during the pandemic.


Some doctors say that exercise before surgery helps patients recover without complications later.



This one about marriage.




Today my friends is National Mac and Cheese Day!  Best food ever. I plan on doing my part to celebrate the day…how about you? I’ve had it in ever form. Baked, elbows boiled in milk. Several kinds of cheeses over several kinds of pasta. Out of the box…out of the can. Microwaved.


But my favorite way is still the way my late grandmother used to make it at large family gatherings after church in Missouri. Big pot on the stove. Boil the water. Add macaroni. Open a LOG of Velveeta cheese and dump it into the pot and stir. Pour it in a big bowl and pass it around. Nirvana.



Some real estate agents are putting out that if you buy property in one of 5 different states that it will make you rich in 5 years. The states are Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Colorado and right here in Tennessee. I had no idea I was rich!


It’s Mac and Cheese Day AND…I find out I’m rich. Man, just call me butter cause I’m on a roll.



Yea buddy it’s hot. Really hot these days. The global warming folks are running around shouting “told ya so”! How hot? By Sunday they expect the temperature in Death Valley to hit 130 degrees! Hot enough that surely the Amish are buying air conditioners.



More and more men are showing up on beaches worldwide in speedos. True. Bellbottom are back for women this year…speedos for men. Wonder if I can buy a speedo with bellbottoms?  



A guy in the Volunteer State here just caught a 122 pound catfish out of the Cumberland River. Yep...a record. It’s take a lot of hush puppies at that fish fry to balance that bad boy out.


My late brother Gene caught some REALLY big catfish in his day for sure. He would have been amazed to see the picture of that bad boy.




Woman Caught With 5 Live Snakes Stuffed In Her Bra After Custom Agents Noticed “Weird” Body. (How would you like to have been the agent who had to reach into her bra to find those?) That would make one apply immediately for another job.



I’ve got a double header kind of Friday. I write with my friend Thomm Jutz this morning at his home studio near me. Good stuff always seems to happen there. Thom teaches songwriting classes at Belmont University is a gifted writer and guitar player loves history and is just an all-round talented guy to get to hang with. And one of the great things about writing with Thom is we usually finish early enough to have time to record whatever we’ve written that day, and those recording are good enough quality to pitch to artists. Bonus for sure.



Then this afternoon at 3:30 pm I’ll be on stage at the Listening Room Café here in Nashville with this group of songwriters entertaining the tourists who flock to this great venue. The round his hosted by my young friend Taylon Hope.



And then it’s the weekend!


Have a great weekend y’all.







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