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Frank Brown Schedule...The Oaks...Three Times A Lady


Wednesday July 19, 2023


Hello you ole “Hump Day”. Raining again right now with some rumbling going on. Strong storms moved through last night knocking us out of power again for a couple of hours. Some trees were downed in the Nashville area from strong straight line winds. When the sun comes up here in a bit I’ll see if our trees remained standing.



I had a fun writing session with Andrea Pearson and Josh Shilling…two of my favorite creative folks. It had been a bit since we last wrote and Andrea came in with an idea and a little start on it that blossomed into something we all three love. We’ll be in studio sooner than later to record this and get it ready to pitch to folks. Josh has been out on the road with Wynonna some and was just in studio with her playing piano and B3 organ on a Tom Petty Refugee song that that Wynonna sang with Lainey Wilson who’s all the rage these days. A major label is doing a Tom Petty tribute album using country singers to cover his songs. Josh was kind enough to play a bit of it for me and if this is any indication it’s going to be a heck of a project. And Andrea has been in studio laying down background vocals for a ”who’s who” of folks. Recently she was hanging out and singing with Rita Wilson who’s married to Tom Hanks. They showed up at the CMA Fest together so Andrea got to hang with both of them for a while. Cool work if you can get it!

Great creative morning at the publishing company.




After my write yesterday I joined Steve Dean and Victoria Venier over coffee for a little “Hits & Grins” meeting. While we were there we got our schedule for this year’s Frank Brown Songwriter’s Festival in Gulf Shores. Here’s that schedule.


Thursday November 9 at the Flora-Bama Main Listening Room at 9:20 pm with “Hits & Grins”.


Friday November 10 at the Flora-Bama Main Listening Room with Freedom Sings USA singing songs we’ve written with our veterans. I’ll be part of that along with Steve Dean, Bobby Tomberlin, Wood Newton & Mutt Cooper.



Saturday November 11 at Lulu’s with “Hits & Grins”.


If you’re interested here’s the WEBSITE where you can find everyone’s schedule over this two week event we look forward to every year on the beach in LA…Lower Alabama.





Because of my schedule I was unable to sneak by and see the Oak Ridge Boys sing on a gospel-bluegrass song I wrote with Jerry Salley and Rick Lang. Really hated missing not seeing and hearing that in the studio. But Jerry sent me a text saying it was just awesome what they did. Can’t wait to hear it. Thank you Rick Lang for the idea, thank you Jerry Salley for singing lead on this and for getting the Oak Ridge Boys in the studio to be part of this song “Blue Collar Gospel”. 




I had also intended to go see my friend Lauren Mascitti and her girl trio “Three Times A Lady” last night but because of an early departure this morning I didn’t go. These three girls Lauren, Hannah Blaylock and Kennedy Scott recorded a “live” album here in town at 3rd & Lindsley last night and one of the songs going on the album is “Come Back To Me” that I wrote with Lauren and Kristen Bearfield. Though I missed it I found this VIDEOof them performing the song last night and they just slayed it. 



In the writing session the day we wrote this song I told Lauren I wanted to write something for the “Trio” that reflected some of the harmonies for the iconic “Trio” composed of Dolly, Emmy Lou, and Linda Ronstadt. I think we captured a little of that vibe in our song and I’m so glad the girls recorded it!



According to the book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life individuals who live the longest share these two key personality traits. A positive attitude and high emotional awareness.


More and more research says that early dinners will help keep one healthier. Fights off obesity and all that goes with that. Don’t eat close to bedtime.


One more study is suggesting that by wearing hearing aids you may cut your risk of dementia in half.



My friend who works at the movie theater died yesterday. Funeral services are being held today at 4:25, 5:40, 7:10 and 9:45 pm.



Miranda Lambert stopped her concert and got all over a young female fan taking a selfie in the middle of her show. Folks are choosing sides as to whether she should have done that or not.


I do agree that some folks are OBSESSED with taking them. So much so that I wrote a song with Amanda Williams titled “Get Over Your Selfie” that I performs sometimes and was included on the “Hits & Grins 2” CD that we sell at our shows.




Get over your selfie

Step away from that phone

Get out in the real world go make some friends you can call your own

Hey everybody’s sick of the way

You keep click click clickin’ all day

Get a little self helpie

And get over your selfie



Whenever I don’t want my wife to find something, I just put it in her purse.



I’m on the road to Cincinnati this morning. Some Skyline Chili and Reds baseball is the order of the next couple of days. If you need me you’ll find me in the stands. Go Reds!



Have a great Wednesday. 


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