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Fool On A Stool...New Cuts...Show In Nashville


Monday July 31, 2023


Hello Monday morning and hello to the last day of July already. A 92 degree day on tap.



Mine started Friday morning on a computer staring at my old friend Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores. It’s been a bit since we’ve written, so we had fun finishing up an idea Brent brought to the table and got a good start on a song idea that we’re working on to sing at the big “Fools On Stools” event October 25 which will be sold out and will feature a bunch of funny Trop Rock guys trying to make people laugh. We’re hoping this idea we’ve started will develop into a little show stealer that night in front of all those Parrot Head fans that will be down there for MOTM “Meeting of the Minds”. Time will tell, but we’re already laughing. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.  We’ll see.




My friend Scott Southworth sent me a picture of what will be the cover of his new album coming out in September that you see below. I have two songs on this project that we co-wrote. “Country No Matter What Country” that was a single for him last year that featured Scott and 6 or 7 other country singers from a bunch of different countries.


And the second is “Over Getting Over You Again”.  I’m glad that Scott loved the song enough to put them on his new album. Thank you Scott.




I got this nice poster from Terry Seay that’s promoting the house concert I’m part of with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. 



Our Hit’s and Grins trio will play at 8 pm August 26 in their beautiful house in Franklin, Tennessee which is just south of Nashville.



And our talented Australian friend Katrina Burgoyne is going to open our show at 7 pm so come early and catch her fun songs as well.





Wynn Varble is one of my favorite writers in this town. He wrote “Waiting On A Woman” for Brad Paisley and “Have You Forgotten” for and with Daryl Worley. But he also writes a lot of funny songs as well. We wrote a song together with another friend Gerald Smith that came from an idea I had called “That’s How Country Music Gets A Bad Rap”.


But he’s also one to let you know how he feels about our country whenever he’s on stage and “Have You Forgotten” always brings the house down. This morning I was surprised to see a feature article on my friend on MSN talking about his song that’s probably going to get a bit of the same kick back that Jason Aldean song “Try That In A Small Town” has received. Wynn’s song is “I’m Just Saying What You’re Thinking” and an artist by the name of Austin Moody recorded it and is also making some Jason Aldean type noise with this song. And I’m sure his audiences are roaring as well when he hits the last note on this bad boy that takes a poke at the woke.



A new study finds that Zinc supplements can heal lung damage.


The federal government no longer requires people to show their vaccine card when traveling to a foreign country. When’s the last time you had to show that bad boy?


Meanwhile COVID hospitalizations have increased 10 in a summer spike. That’s the sharpest increase since December of 2022 according to the CDC.



Downtown Nashville is flooded right now with purple marlins. They’re migrating to South America but some 100,000 of them are hanging around downtown right now looking for bugs and insect to eat before they finish their journey. Quite the sight for sure. 






Anyone else notice it’s going up…and up…again? It jumped 20 cents a gallon in one week here in Tennessee which is one of the “cheaper” states for gas prices. $3.45 a gallon right now. And again, we are in the top 5 for cheapest gas prices.


5 Tennessee, 4  Arkansas, 3 Louisiana, 2 Alabama AND the cheapest state for gas is Mississippi.


All southern states. But again it’s $3.45 a gallon in one of the cheap states. Fortunately I still have a COVID mask in my glove compartment that I put over my eyes whenever I fill up.



Cost a bunch of bucks to fill up an RV. Sales have dropped almost 50% for RV sales since COVID when the sales boomed because folks felt safe isolating and camping. Word is that we might see a lot smaller RV’s rolling out like this new Winnebago camper van. 




Geez…no winner again in the Meg Million drawing this weekend. Worth over a BILLION bucks now. When they take the taxes out of that your left with 500 million or so. So what’s the point of buying a ticket if it means you have to somehow find a way to survive on half a billion dollars huh?



Country music star Craig Morgan surprised everyone over the weekend when he raised his hand on the Grand Ole Opry stage and joined the Army Reserve. He served ten years in active service and was a staff sergeant before coming out and concentrating on his country music career. Pretty cool stuff right here in this video with Craig in uniform.



A couple in Ontario just broke a Guinness Record for longest Habanero pepper kiss. They both ate one, then kissed for 15 minutes and 6.5 seconds. Hot lips to say the least. And proof that Guinness has a record for EVERYTHING!



I’m writing online today with my New Hampshire friend Rick Lang and we’ll do a little celebrating before we start writing as the Oak Ridge Boys just sang on a song that Rick, Jerry Salley and I wrote called “Blue Collar Gospel” that will be the title track of Rick’s new project that will be release later this year. Rick wrote or co-wrote every song, and a guest artist of note will sing each one of those. On our song Jerry Salley is singing the lead vocal with the “Oaks” jumping in on harmony. Neither of us have heard the tracks yet, so we look forward to that and to writing today.


Then later tonight my wife and I are going to join some friends on the General Jackson Showboat and cruise down the Cumberland River this evening and take in the onboard dinner show that my friends Victoria Venier and her husband Matt Davenport produced. Full report on the show here tomorrow. 



Have a great Monday!





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