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Canyon Talk...July Shows...Prime Day


Tuesday July 11, 2023

Tuesday morning is arising in Nashville. Sunny with a high of 89 today.



I wrote with Mr. Pennsylvania Troy Engle online yesterday morning who got home recently from a great two week driving trip out west with his family. Couple of teenage boys and one girl, some of whom play in Troy’s bluegrass band. They hit Texas, New Mexico, Vegas the Grand Canyon…and made a lot of memories. Troy and I talked for a long while about how impossible it is for a camera to capture the grandeur of the Canyon or those beautiful red rocks in Sedona. Truly beautiful. 


I was at the canyon a few years ago and snapped this picture of a woman sitting by the rim painting away. Hard to capture it on canvas as well but it was cool watching her trying to do just that. 



I always get some great music stories from Troy as well as he’s a gifted musician on several instruments and has been on the road with Tom T. Hall, Michael Martin Murphy, Eric Church, and others. These days he produces tracks in his home studio in Pennsylvania, plays some gigs and write songs.


And yesterday we added one more bluegrass song to our growing catalog. Time well spent…and fun as always. 




I upgraded my iPhone yesterday after getting tired of watching my battery drain rapidly. I think I must have had the dang thing on charge 10 times daily just to keep it operating. I had no idea my phone was that old until the 19 year old young man who upgraded me acted like he was blowing dust off it. Geez. If you’d like to know everything there is to know about technology in a nan-second then sit down and talk with a 19 year old. He told me my phone had ZERO trade in value because it was so old. He also shared that anyone who held onto an iPhone 1?  Worth a lot of money to collectors. And he encouraged me to hold onto my old phone because maybe in another 15 years it too will have some value with collectors. We’ll see.


I keep looking over at my new phone this morning expecting to see the battery draining…but nope. I don’t think I’ll wait so long to upgrade the next time.



A little reminder. I’m actually playing a show this week in town…doesn’t happen a lot. 3:30 pm matinee show hosted by my friend Taylon Hope with two other great songwriters joining us at the Listening Room. If you’re in town this weekend, come by and enjoy our songwriter show.




And the only other show slated for July will be Friday July 28 when our “Hits & Grins” trio plays the Kentucky Opry in Benton, Kentucky for the first time.


Victoria Venier, Steve Dean, and myself are looking forward to playing this venue. Tickets are on sale right now.




I did watch the Home Run Derby last night that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. won in Seattle. How they hit the ball that far is beyond me. Vladimir’s Father was a major leaguer as well and he too once won the Home Run Derby. How cool is that? All Star game is tonight so I’ll be camped out in front of the big screen again for sure.


I’m going to catch a little major league baseball next week when my songwriter friend Brian White and I make a run to Cincinnati to see the Red play the Giants. Can’t wait.


And for any baseball fans who might be reading this…if you go see a game at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati do go to the Reds Hall of Fame. You can’t top the HOF in Cooperstown. I’ve been there and it’s baseball geek heaven. But the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame is pretty special too. Here’s a little peek at what you’ll see if you go. 




A study shows that whole fat dairy helps prevent strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Whole milk, cheese, whole yogurt.


Another study suggests that bananas are really good for us as well. You get an antioxidant boost, good for your gut, helps with your blood pressure and helps protect against heart disease.


They’re saying that half of our beaches have dangerous levels of feces. Yikes. Careful where you lay on the sand.



If you don’t already have enough Amazon Prime boxes on your doorstep now would be the time to add to those as it’s Amazon Prime Days. Today and tomorrow folks will take advantage of bargains online. Travel stuff, Roomba vacuum cleaners AND Crocs are all discounted. Who couldn’t use another pair of plastic wiffle balls to put on their feet?


And then there’s this honest tweet a woman put out about Prime Days. “Every day is Amazon Prime Day when you have a credit card and no control.”


Please friends, Prime responsibly.



From a woman who had her heart broken once. She tweeted, “Don’t break anybody’s heart. They only have one. Break their bones; they have 206.”



Music City just keeps getting more and more expensive. The average cost for renting just went up to on average $1,996 per month! 24 grand or so just on rental. I see less songwriters moving here as most don’t make 24 grand a year in music. Hotel rooms, downtown parking…save up before coming to town.



And nope…I did not win with my Powerball ticket I bought. The good news is…nobody else did either. It’s now worth 725 million! 7th largest ever according to officials. Don’t tell me the odds…I’m buying another ticket.


Some comedian once said that gambling is the only sport where we’ll say “I’m ONY going to GIVE you this much money.” It’s kind of how I feel about my dollars sliding across a counter to buy a Powerball ticket.



“Las Vegas Streaker Arrested After Dancing On Poker Table.” Usually when you play poker the phrase is, “I’m all in”. In this case he was “all out”.



Should be fun today. I had Addie Levy, now Addie Pratt after getting married on my books.. Addie is a multi-instrumentalist who worked for the past several years at Dollywood but has now made the move to Nashville and is already playing fiddle and mandolin for some groups in town. She’ll wind up being hired by a big name act before it’s all said and done.



 Then last night another young lady from east Nashville Emily Ann Roberts who was second on “The Voice” one year texted and asked if we were still writing this morning?  Uh-oh. So…there will be three of us in the writing room this morning and I’ll introduce Addie to Emily and vice versa. Looking forward to seeing what we create today.



Have a great Tuesday!




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