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4th of July...Station Inn Music...Funny Movies


Tuesday July 4, 2023


Tuesday morning in Nashville on the 4th of July. Hotter than fireworks with sunshine and a high of 90 this Independence Day.



Well, we finally got a break from all the storms and had a sunny 4th of July Eve and we quietly celebrated my wife Kathy’s birthday. 35 and getting younger is what we’re going with. 


It feels like a holiday for sure on my calendar as the week is entirely open with the exception of a show this coming Thursday night with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself at Americanaville in Livingston, Tennessee. All three of us are looking forward to bringing our “Evening in the Round” show to that venue Thursday night.




I did slip out last night and went downtown and caught the first set at the Station Inn that featured an all-star band that included Carl Jackson who used to work with Glen Campbell when he was young, and in fact produced Glen’s very last album “Adios” which is terrific. The song Carl wrote for Glen “Arkaynsas Farmboy” moves me every time I hear it and see this VIDEO.


Larry Cordle has written a ton of hits including the Alan Jackson-George Strait classic “Murder on Music Row”.


And my young friend Lauren Mascitti was sitting in with Larry and Carl and that great group of musicians just killing it as she always does. 



Just sitting there listening to those musicians on stage reminded me once again how much amazing talent there is in the musical town.



I’m going to have a song I helped write with my friends Jerry Salley and Rick Lang that will land on and gospel-bluegrass album within the next few months titled “Blue Collar Gospel”. All of these songs involve Rick as a co-writer so it’s sort of titled “Songs of Rick Lang”. Each song that’s selected to be recorded will have a guest singer or two or three. I quietly got the word that the artists chosen to sing our songs said yes and with any luck they’ll be in studio in a couple of weeks to lay down vocals on this song. I don’t want to announce the name yet, as the label and all concerned want to make sure but it’s a musical act that everyone knows. As soon as I can I’ll let you  know here but I’m excited to say the least. Fingers crossed.



Some of those folks who know about this kind of stuff are saying Smartwatches may provide early Parkinson’s diagnoses.


A new study suggests that intermittent fasting is as effective as counting calories for weight loss.


Trending. Something called “brain flossing”. Like a brain massage. It’s supposed to bring one inner peace. (Stressed out folks?  Get somebody to rub your head. )




That will solve the flooding issue. Now about that tornado...




Movieweb just listed what they consider to be the funniest movies ever made. Each of us would probably have different lists, but here’s there Top 5.


5 Monty Python and the Holy Grail


4  The Princess Bride


3 Dazed and Confused


2 Some Like It Hot


1 Groundhog Day


Yep…I’d have a different Top 5 for sure. Off the top of my head?  Planes Trains and Automobiles, the first Home Alone and the Blues Brothers the first Pink Panther with Peter Sellers come to mind.


4th of JULY

With inflation the cost for a 4th of July bar b que will be the second most expensive ever. Cost of food is higher. AND they had a big hot dog recall!  Makes you wonder if they’ll be checking the hot dogs offered up to Joey Chestnutt in that hot dog eating championship today don’t it?  



Woman With Chicken Bone Stuck In Throat Dissolves It By Drinking Coke.


Look for Coke Cans in the medicine section soon at your local pharmacy.



Kicking back and enjoying the 4th today. I’ll be watching my red hot Reds play the Washington Nationals today hoping they stay on that hot streak they’re on.


Happy Independence Day to all…and thank you to all those who have fought to allow us to enjoy our fireworks and freedom today.











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