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Baby Co-Writer...Robo-Ump...Seals & Crofts 2


Wednesday May 24, 2023


Wednesday. Another Hump Day has arrived with an 83 degree sunny day on tap in Nashville.



I met a new co-writer yesterday. Check out Bear Brainard here.



Now almost 5 months old he’s the son of Dave Brainard and his wife Jenny Tolman who I’ve written with for a long while now. I had not seen the two of them since Jenny gave birth to this little blessing of a boy who’s so cute. And he made me feel like a Dad right away when I held him and he promptly spit up on me. A badge of honor. Jenny is a HUGE fan of the country artist Bobby Bare, and yes that’s where the baby name came from. They just changed the spelling to B E A R instead of B A R E which is cool. And another great thing about little Bear is that he’s a New Year’s Eve baby just like my daughter Heather is. So we will always have that common bond.


Since I’ve seen them Dave completed a recording studio downstairs in their house which is first rate and getting a lot of use as Dave is also a producer not only of Jenny’s but other artists as well. Dave has produced Jamey Johnson, Brandy Clark, Jerrod Nieman, and others. In fact, I signed my name to a drum table top downstairs in Dave’s studio right next to Jamey Johnson’s name as Jamey had just been there to add some vocals to a project Dave was working on. Pretty sure I devalued that drum head.



Jenny is now trying to balance her singing career with being a Mom. Not easy. And we talked about those challenges and what it might mean going forward. And out of that discussion came a wonderful song from an idea Dave had about not giving up on your dreams right before you’re about to achieve them. There was a story Dave had read about a guy digging for a gold mine for years and years and finally got frustrated and gave up and sold his digging site. And of course the new owner finds the gold the first day he owns it. So that thought inspired a bigger thought that turned into our song “One Foot Away”. So I got to hold a baby and create a new musical baby all in the same day.




Then last night I chilled out with this view you see. The good guys lost dang it,  but time for me in a ballpark is always a good thing and relaxing. They were using a robo-umpire again where balls and strikes are determined by technology and not a human standing behind the catcher. And despite know that I found myself screaming at the mechanized umpire a couple of times. “Are ya blind!”. Geez.




The head of the WHO is now saying we should be prepared because the next pandemic is likely to be worse that the COVID pandemic we’ve been through. (How exactly do I prepare?)


A registered dietitian says the one food 50 year old and older should eat is fatty fish like salmon. It contains calcium, Vitamin D, protein, and Omega 3. (Thank God I like salmon)


One health expert suggests that we only need 4 stretches and10 minutes to build a healthy body. (Now if I can get a 5 minute workout routine while working on my computer I’ll be a really fit and happy camper)



Here’s a joke that made me laugh.


Doctor says to the patient, “You have high blood pressure and short term memory loss”.


The patient replies, “Well, at least I don’t have short term memory loss”.



The online site Wallet hub listed the worst cities in the country for starting a career. The bottom 5 includes:


Santa Clarita, California




Newark, New Jersey


Gulfport, Mississippi


And the worst city is the Big Apple. NYC.


I’m guessing the cost of renting a home or space to live in New York was a big determining factor.



A guy in Kentucky runs out of gas. He coasts into a gas pumps. He has 40 dollars in his pocket which let him gas up and buy a scratch off lottery ticket. And you can guess what happens next. He wins a MILLION dollars on that ticket. That’s what I get for keeping my gas tank filled.



I’ll be online today creating something new with my friend Brady Seals this morning who I believe may be busier than I am. Hard to imagine but true. Brady is constantly creating, performing…in fact he’s about to release not one but two new projects that we have co-writes on. One is a duet album with Lua Crofts, the daughter of Dash Crofts on a Seals & Crofts 2 album. Brady is related to all those musical Seals. Jim, Dan, and his great hall of fame writer Uncle Troy Seals. The first single is going to be a song that Brady and I wrote several years ago that I’ve always loved. And I found this “Live” You Tube version “Runnin’ To The Sun” that you can check out HERE. Can’t wait for them to release this one.



Have a great Wednesday!




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