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Trop Rock Rhyming...Shows Ahead...Arkansas Trip


Thursday February 16, 2023


Thursday morning in Nashville and it’s really noisy. Strong storms all night, with loud thunder and heavy rain and I’m seeing lightning out my blogging window. And it looks to last off and on throughout the day. Geez.


69 for a high today and then only 44 tomorrow in Nashville.



I wrote with Trop Rock artist Aubrey Wollett and my longtime friend Steve Dean at my publishing company yesterday morning. Aubrey was in from Tampa where she lives with her husband (just got married) and she’s in Nashville to write and start recording a new album. One song we wrote together will be on it so that’s great, and I think there’s a pretty good chance that what the three of us wrote yesterday that this new song could make the cut as well. We’ll see. But she loves the song, and as a songwriter that’s the thing that you really love hearing as you’re sitting with an artist hoping to bring an idea or write something that not only fits them as an artist but will also turn into something the love. And I do think we did that yesterday. Aubrey has a schedule that takes her all over the country singing, with a lot of those shows being Parrot Head gigs with audiences that love beach music. And now she’s got a couple of new tunes to play for those folks.




Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up show wise for me.


Benton Arkansas tomorrow and Saturday with Freedom Sings USA writing with veterans.



March 10 & 11 at Dollywood with “Hits & Grins”.



March 18 Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with Steve Dean.


April 1 in Stephens City, Virginia with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott and our “Evening in the Round” show. 



Complete details on these shows and others available in the “Tour” section of my website here.



Here’s a nice article about the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Dolly’s song “I Will Always Love You” that I’m tickled to be a part of in Pigeon Forge alongside Victoria Venier & Steve Dean doing multiple shows in Dollywood on March 10 and 11. My buddy Steve Dean got mentioned in this USA Today article that does a nice job of explaining the event. Come to the Smokies and see us!



Pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training baseball camps yesterday! Can’t wait for Opening Day. I had hoped to get out to Arizona again this year to see some Spring Training baseball and my Reds, but my schedule just won’t allow enough time to fly out and do that. If you’re a baseball fan and have never done that though…I would HIGHLY recommend it. End of February and March and it’s warm and sunny and the hot dogs are hot and the beer is cold.




The CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is catching some heat, especially from the folks who “tweet” on Twitter after she said the CDC mask guidelines for children “doesn’t change with the times.” They still recommend 2-year-old wear masks. The only agency to do so despite more and more evidence that masks do not prevent the spread of COVID.


The Public Health Emergency for COVID goes away in a couple of months. Supposedly that would mean no more free vaccine shots from the government. But yesterday Moderna said their company will still make free vaccines available.


The FDA recalled the drugs quinapril, Zantac and Metformin over chemicals linked to cancer.



There was a flurry of celebrity news yesterday starting with the sad announcement that Raquel Welch passed at 82. Her poster adorned a lot of walls in the day. Before the famous Farrah Fawcett poster…there was Raquel.



I don’t watch the “Masked Singer” but those that do were pretty much surprised when 97-year-old Dick Van Dyke unmasked on the show. 97 and still showing up and having fun. Love that.



And then there was the news that Martha Stewart took CBD Gummies to a ladies luncheon on Valentine Day. If you see the commercials you know that Martha and Snoop Dogg are buddies so…he may be partly responsible for the ladies having such a mellow Valentine Day.



He’s one of my very favorite actors. When I’m asked what my favorite movie is all time? That would be “Field of Dreams”. He won a Golden Globe Award this year for his role in the hit series “Yellowstone” but was not at the show to accept. Why? Weather prevented him from getting there. But watch this great VIDEO of Kevin sitting on his bed at home in California opening up his heart and talking about that evening. Makes you like him even more.



A South African diver and his fiancée dove under water and kissed for 4 minutes straight. A new world record. Yep…they have a World Record for that too. I’m not sure I could hold a kiss with my wife for 4 minutes straight in an inflatable kiddies pool.




It’s getting more and more lucrative to lose a tooth if you’re a kid. One kid found a $20 bill under his pillow. The Father said he doesn’t have small bills, uses cash less and less, so all he had was a 20. Meanwhile Delta Dental Insurance says the average left by the Tooth Fairy today is $5.36.  And I thought a quarter was big time growing up. And surely some parent somewhere has left a bitcoin or two under a pillow right?



That would be this joke.


My grandfather has the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban at the zoo.



It’s packing day as I hit the road with four other songwriters in Nashville including Bobby Tomberlin who wrote “One More Day” for Diamond Rio.  Bobby will ride with me tomorrow morning to Benton, Arkansas just outside Little Rock for our Veteran Songwriters Retreat. Tomorrow evening we’ll gather at the First United Methodist Church in Benton that will host us. We’ll meet our veterans tomorrow evening over dinner, then Saturday morning each songwriter will sit down with their assigned veteran and write their story into a song that will be performed Saturday night in concert. Special stuff for sure.


Have a great Thursday.


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