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Two Drinking Radio Shows...A Living Room Concert...Hall of Famers


Monday October 17, 2022 


Hello Monday morning. Most surely it is Fall as the high here in still partying “Rocky Top” state will only be 62, with a high of 51 tomorrow!



I had a busy Friday that jump-started my weekend.


Friday morning I joined Missourians Brad Jones and Keith Enloe as a guest on their podcast “We Like That Too.”. Both are from Jefferson City, Missouri near where I grew up, and Keith is a Central Missouri State Mule as I am, so we had lots in common. Their show is fun, and we talked about my songwriting-radio career and growing up in Missouri. But a big part of their show is wrapped around wines, and spirits. And they also do “Top 3 Lists”.  So I told them about 3 of my favorite moments on the radio, and my 3 favorite drinks. One of my best radio memories has something to do with Garth Brooks, and one of my favorite drinks I listed was Guinness…but only if you drink one in Ireland. I won’t spill the beans here on the rest of it, but when the show airs in a couple of weeks you can listen and find out and also here the fun the three of us had Friday morning. Thank you guys for having me.



My friend Ginny Foley who now lives in Texas was back in town for a few days, rented a VRBO and held one of her picking parties like she used to do all the time when she lived here in Music City. It was great to sit in that living room and visit with some old music friends and hear them sing. Judy Rodman was there who now teaches vocal lessons, but when she was younger she had a major record deal, and I played some her songs on my radio show like THIS ONE. And my buddy Jim Parker showed up from Huntsville. Jim hosts one of the greatest songwriter shows in the country in Huntsville once a month that I’ve had the pleasure of doing several times through the years. And he wrote a very fun song with John AndersonChicken Truck” that he sang for us in the living room Friday night. Pretty good way to spend a Friday night in Nashville.



And while I was at Ginny’s little house concert, my phone rang, and it was Trop Rock artist Donny Brewer who was doing a “live” Radio Trop Rock” show with my friend Eric Babin (who owns the internet radio station “Radio Trop Rock”.) Their show together is called “Two Drunks on the Radio” and the show was being done in front of a “live” audience in Texas where they are hanging out before beginning a big Karavan run to Key West that Donny puts together every year with several stops and shows along the way.


They were calling to have me talk about the stop on the Karavan I’ll be doing, “Flip Flop Stock”, where I’ll do a set with Brent Burns that evening. And they also wanted to talk to me about being the main emcee for the big Trop Rock event this year in Key West. From the sound on my phone, some of those Parrot Heads in their crowd had indeed been having a margarita, a bushwhacker or a Landshark or two. So their show is appropriately titled!  Fun call. 



I don’t think I moved from my couch and like a lot of the country I witnessed one of the greatest college football games of all time with Tennessee upset Alabama. Man what a game!  And Tennessee is still celebrating. Where those goal posts went that they tore down is anybody’s guess. And I’m pretty sure some folks woke up in this state this morning still singing Rocky Top. That ended a 15-game losing streak to the Roll Tide gang for UT so there was reason to celebrate. Just an amazing entertaining game that was so good, neither team deserved to lose.


And on top of that I was in and out of the baseball playoffs and saw some of the longest baseball playoff game EVER. 18 inning before Houston finally swept Seattle. Two full games.


So yea, I may need to buy a new couch today as I wore mine out over the weekend.



Some scientists are saying that 3 out of every 10 of us have a genetic quirk that makes those who have it immune to COVID. It’s called HLA-DRB1* and supposedly it gives more antibodies after taking a shot.


COVID cases in the UK just shot up 30% in one week, and they expect the US to reflect that soon. At least one COVID expert Dr. William Li is reminding us we’re not out of the pandemic and recommends we take precautions again. He even recommended we not to in nightclubs, especially where folks are not wearing a mask (that would be almost every club) and to not take public transportation. Here we go again.


And reflecting that thought, the state of Illinois recommends citizens start wearing masks again. Geez.



And it reads:

In The USA We Have The Right To Remain Silent. But Few Have The Ability. (Amen)



How about the patient in Italy who had brain surgery and he played saxophone for the 9-hour procedure? It was “awake surgery”. I don’t want to particularly be AWAKE when they do surgery. But, if I have to, after this young man’s success, I may have to take and blow my old French Horn into the operating room.


Doctors say by playing his saxophone, it allowed them to map with extreme precision the neuronal networks that deals with various brain functions. So while he played his sax, the doctors could witness his brain functions. 



Now, if they ever have to operate on a banjo player or drummer?  I’m guessing the procedure will not take long as they will want the patient to stop doing that!




Some good medical news and breakthroughs for the future.


First, the folks behind the COVID jab say a cancer vaccine could be available by 2030.


Some studies are suggesting that colonoscopies may not be all that necessary. NOW they tell me! Hoping that’s true as I would not miss yodeling while laying on a table.


And with that…even better news. Doctors in the UK have developed hour long operation cure for prostate cancer. They use electrical currents to destroy difficult to reach tumors and they describe the procedure as amazing simple and quick. Wouldn’t that be great?


And finally, some will be using those Apple Air Tags to track loved ones and folks with dementia. That too could be a wonderful thing.


So here’s to modern medicine today making advances to save lives.



Me at 18: I can do whatever I want to do!


Me at 40: I can do whatever 800 mg of ibuprofen will allow me to do.



Keith Whitley and Jerry Lee Lewis both went into the Country Music Hall of Fame here in Nashville yesterday. Both deserved it big time. Keith was gone too quickly but left a legacy of great traditional country songs. And who would have ever thought that Jerry Lee Lewis, the piano burning rock n roller would have become a big-time country star? He did. With great songs likethis one. Congrats.



I have too much time on my hands apparently. My wife and I actually talked about how someone should start a company called “Destination Funerals.”. We were blessed to do a “Destination Wedding” for my daughter years ago in Northern Ireland that was so much fun and will be something we remember the rest of our lives. So, why not destination funerals?  If a loved one has a favorite place they traveled to, have the funeral there to celebrate the life, and have a vacation allowing you to see what the loved one loved about that destination. (I told you I had too much time on my hands)



I finally found the perfect golf ball for my miserable golf game. These words are printed on my Pinnacle. “If Found Hit It Better Than The Last Guy”.



“Man Arrested After ‘Scaring The Bejeebies’ Out Of Shoppers With Hatchet In Pants”.



I’m online writing with my young traditional country artist Larry Frick who’s bringing a friend with him to write this morning Justin Mychals. Justin writes and sings story songs with an Appalachian mountain kind of feel, so it should be fun trying to come up with something together today.


Have a great Monday!









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