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Gulf Shores...Blast on the Bay Schedule...Python Pants


Friday October 7, 2022 


Friday morning and the sun is sneaking up over the beautiful coast of Gulf Shores, Alabama where I’m hanging for a few days. 85 with sun here on the coast today.



I made the 7-hour trip or so from Nashville to Gulf Shores to hang with my friend Brent Burns for a few days. We have a show together at 7 pm tonight so we’ll be gearing up for that today. The show is OVER sold out we’re told so it should be a very fun evening at the Sunset Cork Room here in town.


Last night we just hung out and grabbed dinner where a friend of Brent’s whom I met over dinner picked up my dinner tab without me knowing. Recently retired from Publix, he too is a big baseball fan, so we talked a lot about our favorite parks including Fenway that my brother Gary and his wife Kay took me to in Boston years ago. This gentleman, “Benny” got to go on field at Fenway and do the tour of that historic field. Fenway and Wrigley are my two favorite parks in the country…and I’ve seen most of the Major League parks. So maybe that’s the reason he sneakily paid my tab. Either that, or he knew I was a songwriter and probably figured I was broke. Either way, thank you Benny!


Oh, and I did have to ask for Brent’s Man Card after he ordered a martini.



I will be in beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida for the “Blast on the Bay” songwriters festival that runs October 20-23. I have three shows with “Hits & Grins”, but all three of us, me, Steve Dean and Victoria Venier each have a separate show with some other songwriters. They just updated the full schedule so I’m posting it here just in case you’re thinking about packing your shorts and flip flops and joining us for the fun.




A guy says to his buddy “nice dog”.


His buddy replies, “Thanks, I got it for the wife.”


The other guy then says “Nice trade”.



Hard to believe we’re entering our 3rd pandemic year. Some of those folks monitoring COVID fear another surge is coming because of the number rising in multiple countries in Europe right now.


Dr. Fauci is saying we could see yet another variant this Fall.


And in Fall season that could see a combo of COVID and Flu…officials are reporting that less than half of American’s will get a flu shot this year. And the number of folks getting the latest booster shot could be far less than those numbers.



Not to incite panic, but there are only 79 shopping days left until Christmas. Close to where I live in Nashville there’s an Amazon building that looks to be 10 times the size of any distribution building I’ve ever seen. Enormous. And Amazon just announced they will be hiring 3900 seasonal employees there to keep up with Christmas orders this year. Those Prime trucks are Santa’s new sleigh I think.



How bout all those electric and battery driven cars catching fire in the hurricane area of South Florida from all the water? Those fires are hard to put out according to firemen who’ve had to deal with several down there. Water and electric don’t mix well. So, can you take one through a car wash? 



Pepsi will be the first to get those Tesla semi-electric trucks from Elon Musk and company. They have a 500-mile range and will cost Pepsi $180,000 per truck. But they will get a $40,000 tax break from the government. We could see these bad boys on the highway as soon as December. Like it or not, the roads and highways are going to look a lot different in a few years. Just tell the drivers to avoid high water.



I’m not sure how they did their research, but some group just put out a list of cities that swear the most. You’d think maybe New York would be near the top list, but they finished out of the top ten.


Here’s their Top 5 list for cities with a dirty mouth.


5 San Francisco


Several cities tied for #4. Philly, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Indianapolis


3 Jacksonville


2 Las Vegas (from losing bets at the table I’m thinking)


And the #1 dirty mouth city they say is Columbus, Ohio?  Really?  On average 36 curses per day per citizen.


So if you see somebody holding a counter in their hands in your city, don’t drop the F bomb.



A daughter tweeted this, and it made me laugh. “My Mother has a medical podcast where she self-diagnoses her ailments. It’s called my voicemail and it happens every morning at 9 AM.



So that guy that caught Aaron Judge’s record breaking 62nd home run ball a couple of nights ago has already been offered two MILLION dollars for it. Wow. And he’s not sold it yet. It very well could be worth a lot more.


I have gone to a LOT of baseball games in my lifetime. Only once did I have a chance to catch a foul ball. It popped out of my hands and went to someone else. And my hands still have the red marks on them.  I did get ONE foul ball. Here’s that story.


I was at old Hank Aaron park in Mobile one night to catch the then Mobile Bay Bears game. I was on vacation here in Gulf Shores, and just drove over to see the park. I stayed for 7 inning or so and left. And as I was headed out of my parking space which was located behind the Homeplate area of the stadium, a baseball bounced right in front of me. I hit the brakes, got out, chased it down, and took it home with me. That’s the good news. The bad news is, it’s not worth 2 bucks, much less 2 million.



Oh, and the baseball playoffs start today. My Reds had a worse than dismal year and had no chance of making any playoffs. So when that happens, I cheer for my original team, the Cardinals who have been quite the story this year with Albert Pujols going on a tear. So “Go Cards”.



“Man Charged With Smuggling Pythons In His Pants At The U.S. Border”. Pretty sure the dude was wearing big shoes too.



I’m going to enjoy the beach and weather here today, and then it’s all about the 7 pm show I have this evening with Brent Burns at the sold-out Sunset Cork Room here. Thank you Nina for allowing us to entertain in your great venue that has such GREAT food and wine. See some of you there tonight.


And then Sunday evening I’ll be in Mobile with Juanita Smith for our comedy show at the Peoples Room. That show starts at 6:30 and tickets are available.


And then Monday morning it’s I-65 North back home to Nashville.


Have a great weekend.







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