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Darin & Brooke...Loretta Lynn...Hall of Fame Tonight


Wednesday October 5, 2022 


Here we go…first “hump day” in October and I’m packing a bag for the Gulf Coast.



It was just another gorgeous day in middle Tennessee, so I got out for a walk on a little 2-mile trail that runs around a beautiful lake about 30 minutes from where I live. A lot of leaves on the trail as they’re dropping like the stock market these days.



A “walk” in the morning was ironic because yesterday evening I wrote a new gospel-bluegrass song with Darin & Brooke Aldridge from an idea that Brooke sent me that was about a walk we all take together in the final part of our lives.  By the time they popped up on my computer screen I had a chorus that they liked so we just had to write a couple of verses and polish up the melody I had created for the tune. I was in good hands as Darin is just an incredible musician, and nobody sings these kinds of songs better than Brooke. They’re a ways away from recording their next album, but I would not be surprised if this song makes that project. We’ll see. Either way, it’s always fun getting to be creative with these two talented folks.




Like the rest of the country music world I was saddened to hear Loretta Lynn passed away at the age of 90. Gosh. What a legacy. I interviewed Loretta a few times in my radio career and heard her sing many times in concerts. And I got to hear a lot of Loretta stories from her sister Crystal Gayle who I worked with some when I had a band in Missouri. And at that young time in Crystal’s career she was singing several Loretta songs in her own show.


 I also did shows with her other sister Peggy Sue who had a big hit "I'm Dynamite" when she was a solo artist for awhile. She' been out on the road with Crystal for years now singing harmony. And Loretta had a brother named Jay Lee Webb who was also an artist and had a radio hit I played when I was a kid called "She's Looking Better By The Minute". He passed away several years ago. My band and I backed both of them up a couple of times back in the day.

Loretta was as REAL as they get. She was country and made no bones about it. When interviewed her she was honest, and danged funny many times. I remember my mother LOVING “You Ain’t Woman Enough” when that record broke.

If you want to see how many lives Loretta touched, just check your Facebook timelines right now. So many folks got to meet her, hug her, hear her.

It would be hard to find anyone who did not love her. What an amazing woman, and what an incredible musical legend she leaves behind.  RIP Loretta. Oh, and thank you for the big squeeze you gave me.



I did get word yesterday that my show this Friday night at the Sunset Cork Room in Gulf Shores with my beach-funny-buddy Brent Burns is sold out. Awesome. Thank you to all of you who called so quickly and held your tables. There’s going to be a lot of music and laughs during the show, and I always look forward to playing with Brent and seeing some Gulf Shore friends.



I talked with Juanita Smith who’s a funny lady doing a funny show with me in Mobile on Sunday night at the Peoples Room. Tickets are still available for that show. So do call and get a ticket. The number to call is on the poster below. I’m hoping to bring a surprise guest with me for that show.



Some IRS employees stole COVID relief funds to bankroll their upscale lifestyle according to the Department of Justice. Some of those 5 that were caught spent some of the stolen money on Las Vegas trips and Gucci products. That’s about as disgusting as looters in South Florida.


The medical folks are telling us there are now 7 different kinds of Corona out there. Some a lot more serious than others. Some just give you a mild cold, but others can take your life. Another expert suggests wearing masks again but still says with Omicron in the Fall folks will get COVID even wearing a mask sometimes. So, mask if you want, I guess.


Deals. There are some travel deals to be had right now, and some of those are related to the pandemic. Some cruise ships have open cabins because folks have been slow to book a cruise again. Carnival is offering a 4-day cruise for as low as $26 a day!



I thought Goat Yoga was a crazy idea. Now we have “LaughterYoga”. It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques. They say it makes it brings more oxygen to our bodies and brain making us feel more energetic and healthier. Seriously.


So…if you’re coming to my show with Brent Burns Friday night in Gulf Shores bring your yoga mats. Cause you’re gonna laugh. But don’t expect to see me and Mr. Burns in yoga pants. Nope.



I do remind folks during my shows that nobody ever feels bad when they laugh. And we need more of it for sure. That’s why I wrote this song “LeaveEm’ Laughing” that I close a lot of my shows with. Sing and laugh along as you listen if you’d like to.



McDonald’s now offers a Happy Meal for Adults. With collectible toys! The box with the chicken fingers or nuggets and toys is labeled Cactus Plant Flea Market. I want one. But I’m not sure if I can make myself say “Give me the Adult Happy Meal” at the Mickey D’s drive thru. I’ll let you know.



MSN had an article listing 5 cities in the south where one can live on $1,500 a month. 4 of the five are in Texas. Lubbock and Midland Texas are 5 and 5. At 3 is Lake Charles, Louisiana. Number two is McAllen, Texas where I’ll be doing a show with “Hits & Grins” on February 2 of next year.


And the number one city for living cheap in the south is Odessa, Texas.  Where everybody gets an oil well in their backyard.



And because I’m a baseball geek, I have to say how great it was seeing Aaron Judge break the American League single season homerun record last night at a sold-out Texas Ranger ballpark in Arlington. 62 in one season…and counting. And everyone was there rooting for him to do it…even Ranger fans. Plus, by all accounts he’s an amazing person and an incredible ambassador for the game of baseball. If you missed it…here ya go.



I have a private show this evening at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum here in Nashville. It’s always an honor to get to play music in that great building. I’ll be in a songwriters round with Steve Dean and Jenny Tolman before a surprise guest walks out to play a couple of songs for this private corporate thing we’re playing for. I’ll share with you who that is tomorrow here on the blog.


And I’m packing for an early departure tomorrow morning for those two shows I mentioned above. So I’m packing flip flops, sunscreen, and a guitar. Looking forward to it.


Have a great Wednesday!






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