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Blast On The Bay...Charmin...Back To The Beach


Monday October 24, 2022 


Monday morning back home in Nashville. And it will feel like I’m still in Florida as we have a sunny day on tap with a high of 80 today.



Man what a great “Blast on the Bay” Songwriters Festival this year in Port St. Joe, Florida. I don’t even know where to start. So let’s start at the beginning.



My first show was with “Hits & Grins” with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier at the Krazyfish Grille early Friday afternoon, Krazyfish has become one of our favorite venues in Port St. Joe. The place was packed and LOUD and folks were just so great. Steve sang his big hit for Rodney Atkins “Watching You” and the crowd sang along on the last chorus, and it was an incredible sound hearing that coming back at us. And the laughter on “Going Ugly Early” was pretty incredible too. I have to mention how great the food is at this place too. Run by a really nice young couple who own two restaurants in town, I’d encourage you to stop by and eat if you’re ever near. 




My second show was out on Cape San Blas, about 10-minute drive from Port St. Joe at the Scallop Republic. One of those up on pilings kind of places with the water right outside our windows when we played. And that show was with my friend Jerry Salley and Lauren Spring. Lauren I had not met before, so it was fun hearing her songs and story, and Jerry as always was terrific. We celebrated him just winning a big Dove Award for the gospel song he produced and sang on for Dolly Parton, the old hymn “Sweet By and By”. Congrats big time to my talented friend. And the owners there were so nice and gave me a little souvenir to take home.




Our “Hits & Grins” trio played our second show at 5 pm at the Haughty Heron. And from this stage too there was a view of water off to my right from the stage. 



Once again an extremely receptive crowd in front of us at the outdoor stage. There was free pizza, cold drinks, and the Florida sunshine beaming down on us on a cloudless perfect day in Port St. Joe.


I bumped into my friend Keith Anderson who had a big hit with “Picking Wildflowers”, and he heled write Beer Run by Garth Brooks. He’s a weightlifter, and I felt that when he bear hugged me.  Keith and I sat down one day and wrote on a song on Music Row called “Bottle of Crown and Jackson Browne that he told me he still performs at almost every show. He had planned on recording the song when he was on a major record label but about the time he was going to do that he lost his record deal. It happens in Nashville…a lot. But it’s great knowing he still sings the song a lot.



Our last show was at the Indian Raw Pass Bar that got destroyed a few years ago by a hurricane but it’s back up and running again, and it’s the site of the last day’s music for “Blast on the Bay” There was not a cloud in the sky as Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself took to the stage with Jerry Salley and Alan Rhody



Once again a great crowd to play for, and it was our chance to thank all for coming and praise the folks that put on this great writers festival every year in October.



The minute we finished our last note, we threw the guitars in the car and drove 8 hours home to Nashville which put me at my house at about 10:30 pm last night. I always say that “it’s great to go” and “great getting back home” and settling back in with my wife.



And yes, already looking forward to next October.



Proof that no one is immune to COVID as the CDC director has tested positive. Shots, no shots, mask, no mask. Doesn’t seem to matter.


Meanwhile here at home in Tennessee our Governor is saying there will be no vaccination schedule as recommended by the CDC.


Math scores hit an all-time low during the pandemic according to those in the know. The kids were not in school, and their math skills deteriorated. When I read that my first thought was, my math skills were nonexistent, and it had NOTHING to do with a pandemic! I’m still trying to remember if I ever used Algebra or Geometry for anything in my life.   



I was one of those that thought karaoke would be a fluke. Gone in a few years. Nope. Still with us. So this sign someone put up made me laugh.


“Out Of All The Martial Arts Karaoke Inflicts The Most Pain”. It is painful to listen to a lot of the time for sure.


At the Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival, by request from a fan who was there that bought my first “live” comedy CD “Off The Wall” …I did the song Wil Nance, and I wrote years ago that I have not done for a long time. “King of Karaoke”. After hearing folks laugh so hard, I think I’ll be doing this song more often.



I’ve read an article or two about a possible recession coming. Bet you have too. My question is, why do they always suggest we run out and stock up on toilet paper when anything bad is about to happen?  I can’t quite get a handle on that.



Who knew they made a heated lunch box? Good idea. Pack your lunch, and it’s warm when you get to it. Unlike the meals I took to school in a paper sack or a Hop A Long Cassidy tin lunch box with a thermos inside. Those were the days. I wrote a song called “Spam” with Lisa Shaffer that may have been inspired by what my Mom put in my lunch sack that left a stain on the bottom of that paper sack. Those were the days huh?



“Before you become a parent, ask yourself: Would I like arguing with a smaller version of myself EVERY DAY?”



We have a new Nashville restaurant that has quite the specialty. French fried with ice cream!  Dip the fry into your favorite flavor. And it seems to be a popular place. I don’t like ketchup, so I never dip a fry. But that may all change now.



64-Year-Old Man Spends Three Years Building A Suit From 1150 Corks.  Uh huh. I’m guessing he might have finished his cork suit sooner if he didn’t have to drink 1150 bottles of wines.



A day of resting up after the long Florida trip and then resetting for what may be the most days gone on the road in my career. Thursday night I’ll be in Sarasota for a show, and then the entire first week I’m in Key West, followed by the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores, followed by two shows in Virginia with “Hits & Grins”. I’ll be packing my guitar, flip flops, and extra vitamins.


Have a great Monday!







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