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Seven Countries Singing...Hurricane Season...Meeting Darth Vader


Monday September 26, 2022


Monday morning and we are into the last week of ole September. Signs of Fall all around us here as some of the leaves are turning, temperatures are dropping (high of 78 today), and clothing stores are offering up sweatpants and flannel shirts. Sure signs.


And with it being Fall here’s my question of the day. Why is it a corn FIELD and a pumpkin PATCH? 



Well, Friday morning I was in a writing room with Irene Kelley who’s just a wonderful country-bluegrass artist. Our catalog just added a very fun up-tempo bluegrass song that was the product of our rhyming efforts Friday. It’s just a pleasure to sit in a room and hear her sing, much less write with her. At one point Irene was on MCA Records and Tony Brown who ran the label signed her and produced her and they releases several great songs including this one which may be my favorite “I’m A Little Bluer Than That”. Alan Jackson went on to record that. I first saw Irene a few years ago at the Station Inn one night when my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge were playing there. They got Irene up to sing a couple of numbers and I just fell in love with her voice. I reached out to her, we wrote, and we haven’t stopped writing.



My friend Scott Southworth sent me the finished mix on a song idea we had that we wrote together “Country No Matter What Country” that he recorded. There are 7 different independent country singers on this song, and it will be released tomorrow. Hopefully I can share the song here on the blog tomorrow. What a cool idea. Here’s the list of those international singers that Scott put together for this. 

Glen Mitchell (U.K.), Sivert Bjordal (Norway), Johnny Brady (Ireland), Andrea
(Switzerland), Kevin Greaves (New Zealand), Jerome “Mr. Jay” Desoteux (France) and Southworth from the USA. 

It took Scott over 2 years to accomplish this and there will be a video coming at some point too. What a creative unique idea on this song we wrote together.



Gosh, it’s not looking good for Florida. It had been a very calm hurricane season for those on the coast, but no more. A state of emergency was declared over the weekend for the sunshine state and by tonight it looks like the storm will turn into a full-blown hurricane. Possibly a Cat 4. That would mean winds as high as 156 mph and puts it in the “catastrophic” range.  Tampa-Clearwater is on high alert there and I’m hoping for the best for everyone. Jim Cantore is already strapped to a lamppost in Clearwater so that’s not a good thing…ever.



So far only 4.4 million Americans have rolled up their sleeves for the latest booster shot. Health officials expect there to be quite a few more as we nudge towards holiday season.


Some engineers in Michigan have developed a durable coating that they sell kills COVID virus and other germs by spraying cell phones, counter tops etc. And it lasts for months. That would not suck.


A New York judge ruled Friday that the city’s mandate requiring members of the New York Police Department to be vaccinated is invalid.



Country music artist Sunny Sweeney says this about country music. "In Country Music, you don’t shy away from your failed relationships, you overshare about them and wear them like a badge of courage. They’re collateral assets, like a prison stint for a petty crime." 

Lot of truth in that. Some of the female artists have released entire albums written around break ups and failed relationships. Made Taylor Swift rich. 



A cable TV repairman was on my street and asked me what time it was. I told him it was between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.



James Earl Jones is 91 has decided sign over his vocal rights for voicing Darth Vader. They can now mechanically reproduce that voice as they’ve already done in the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi and from now on when we hear that iconic voice, it won’t’ be coming directly from James Earl Jones. Pretty amazing they can do that. James Earl Jones has voiced that iconic Star Wars bad guy for 45 years.


It reminds me that many years ago I met Darth Vader in person. Sort of. Here’s the story.


My band was playing a club gig in Paducah, Kentucky at a hotel there. One night this big guy comes up and introduces himself and tells me he’s Darth Vader. Uh huh. How’s that big guy?  Turns out he was from England and his name was David Prowse. He was the guy inside the Darth Vader outfit in the movies. I looked it up after he signed a black and white photo of himself as “Darth” because I was still skeptical. It was him. He’s since passed, but somewhere I still have that autographed photo somewhere signed by him. I try to remind myself not to be overly skeptical after that experience.




This is funny. And its reminder that church bulletins are put together by normal folks and sometimes they don’t re-read or spell check. I love this one.


The sermon this morning: “Jesus Walks on the Water”. The sermon tonight: “Searching for Jesus.”



Here’s a pretty good indicator that we are in a recession. If you want to rent a CLOTH tent in the Catskill mountains of New York, the asking price now is $1,000 for the weekend!  In a tent! The mosquitoes are free but still….



Here are the top 10 cheapest states to live in according to those folks in the know about such things.


In reverse order.


Indiana, West Virginia, Iowa, Missouri (my home state) Tennessee (where I live now), Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kansas AND…the cheapest state?  Mississippi.


I’d bet you could rent a tent in Mississippi for the weekend for $100.



Some scientists in Australia have done a study that tells them that those who drink 2 pints of beer a day have a less chance of chance of having dementia. In fact, their research (25,000 people) suggests that non-drinkers are a fifth more likely to be dementia sufferers as opposed to big drinkers. Wow.


With that said, if you drink too many pints you won’t remember much either. So there’s that.



Here’s a funny drinking T-Shirt. It reads, “The Liver Is Evil. It Must Be Punished.” For the beer drinker on your Christmas list.



“Beyond Meat COO Arrested For Allegedly Biting Man’s Nose After Arkansas College Football Game” Well, I’m don’t think a nose “beyond meat” too, isn’t it?



For the first time I am writing with Thomm Jutz who I met at the Gatlinburg Songwriters Festival this past August. I’m a fan of his writing so when he approached me about writing something I was flattered. His songs have been recorded by Nanci Griffith, and John Prine to just name a couple. And he teaches songwriting classes at Belmont University here in Nashville. And I’m willing to learn whatever he might teach me today when we sit down to rhyme.


Have a great Monday!




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