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Writing On The Beach...Wahoo Baseball...Two Shows This Weekend


Friday July 29, 2022


Friday morning coming up here on the Gulf Coast. A little rain on tap with a high of 89. Back home in Nashville a little heavier downpour appears to be on the way with possible straight-line winds and flash flooding. We can use the rain in Nashville, not the straight-line winds which



Busy day that started with writing a new song with my pal Brent Burns. Something with a girl in it, and a beach. And that kind of stuff works for guys that sing Trop Rock music like Brent does.


Then when that wrapped up, unexpectedly the folks who do a podcast in Hot Springs, Arkansas at Hot Springs Village reached out for a zoom video interview with me and Brent to talk about that great show we played last weekend at the gorgeous Woodlands Auditorium that was so fun. Over 500 folks came out to catch the fun that night. Host Dennis Simpson was great, and we had fun talking about that, songwriting, and the music business. I should have access to a link soon so that you can watch and hear the fun the three of us had yesterday online.



Soon as the last question got answered on the interview, I slung my guitar over my back and grabbed my computer bag and made an hour trip over to Pensacola to write with my young friend and new Mom Jessie Ritter. Her Mother-In-Law gave her the keys to her bungalow and was decorated in a way that truly made you feel like you were on the beach. A very cozy place to write a new song with Jessie. She had an idea that covered some of her favorite things, including the beautiful sunsets she sees on the Gulf Coast. And they are beautiful. So we wrote that idea, caught up in general, and then I invited her to my show Saturday in Pensacola, and she’ll be there. And that means the folks who come will get a special treat when we get Jessie up to sing. I’m a fan.



That finished up and I made short little trip to the Pensacola Blue Wahoos baseball park that sits right on the water. Really nice little Double A baseball park. The Wahoos are a minor league team for the Miami Marlins. Makes sense huh? Marlins. Wahoos. Hot dog, beer, baseball, and the ocean over the centerfield wall. Not a bad way to close out a Thursday evening on the coast.




It’s single release day today for my friends Adam & Amy Pope and their song that Adam and I wrote the first time we ever got together “Tonight I’m Playing Patsy”. Our mutual friend Darin Aldridge of Darin & Brooke Aldridge produced this little vintage sounding gem, and I could not be happier with the way this song sounds. A little old school but “hip” kind of thing if you will. Check it out right HERE.  Thank you, Adam and Amy and Darin, for making this song come to life.



And my Missouri friend Becky Denton sent me the current playlist from a Trop Rock radio station “White Sand Radio” in Florida and our song that the two of us wrote with her husband Will Denton,There Ain’t No OceanIn Missouri” is on this chart along with folks like Lady A, Little Big Town, and Easton Corbin. It’s a fun beach song and Becky and I pulled from our weather experiences growing up in Missouri to help create this fun beach song. Congrats Becky!




A fake bishop and 3 sons (are they fake too?) face federal charges for marketing what they claimed was a COVID-19 cure called “Miracle Mineral Solutions”. Turns out, the pills don’t cure anything. How do folks not see that coming?


San Francisco has now declared a monkeypox emergency. A lot of cases, to go along with a monkeypox vaccine shortage will do that.


The White House says it is focusing on COVID boosters that will target the Omicron variant this Fall.



There is a Joke Hall of Fame. For real. And they just added 15 new jokes to the Hall. Here’s one of those just enshrined jokes that came from the late Robin Williams. “If it’s the Psychic Network, why do they need a phone number”?



The Mega Millions drawing is later tonight. 1.1 BILLION up for grabs, the third highest lotto jackpot ever. And with that here’s today’s lotto joke.


At breakfast, a man asked his wife, “What would you do if I won the lottery?” She replied, “I’d take half, and then I’d leave you.”


“Great,” he said “I won $12 yesterday. Here’s $6. Stay in touch”.



More songwriting today in Gulf Shores with Brent Burns and if we get a rain break here, I’m going to grab an ocean view somewhere for a while with a cold drink.


And then it’s the weekend filled with two shows. Tomorrow afternoon Brent and I play the Concerts on the Canal house concert series in Pensacola with Jessie Ritter added as our special guest. Thank you, Judd & Gail Williams, for having us. This is a bring your lawn chair and cooler kind of thing around their pool. So some SPF and sunglasses might come in handy too. 



Then Sunday evening at 6 pm I’m back at the Peoples Listening Room in downtown mobile with Juanita Smith for the third time. Gonna be a lot of laughter Sunday evening, come join us if you can.


Have a great weekend!








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