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Mother's Day Weekend...Bluegrass Scholarships...Freedom Sings USA Video


Friday May 10, 2024


Friday morning and we head into a Mother’s Day weekend. With no rain! All that rain and weather that's blown through Nashville has cooled things off and we have a postcard Friday coming up with sunshine and a high of just 70 expected.



We dried out finally…at least for a few days. Some folks are still digging out and waiting for power to be restored from all the tornado-storm activity that went through here for the longest time.

And how about this? A tornado has been reported every day now for 2 weeks in the U.S.

 We were pretty danged lucky considering the length and width of that massive storm. The sun popped out again, and we’ve got a sunny couple of days on the horizon. Ready for those.



I wrote online yesterday morning with my talented Knoxville friend Tim Stafford who’s a member of the esteemed group Blue Highway. And he teaches part of the year at Eastern State University near where he’s from where one can actually earn a “bluegrass” scholarship. Tim’s the guy that makes that happens for some young talent.


Pretty cool. Instead of bringing pencil and paper to class like I had to do, you bring a banjo or fiddle.


I had a start on an up-tempo song about leaving that Tim liked yesterday and so in pretty short order we finished up that thought and turned it into a new song that sounds like something a lot of bluegrass groups would consider recording. As good as the song is…for some reason Tim did now award me a scholarship!


So we had a great creative day yesterday staring at each other on the computer.



Yesterday evening I walked down our driveway to retrieve the trash can and almost had to plug my ears. That’s because the cicadas have arrived in full force and man they are NOISY! If I still had a rod and reel? There would be lots of fish bait to reach out and grab.

 So we get through the storms, the flood and now we’re hit with a plague of red-eyed insects. Geez.



I’ve been playing the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival for as long as I can remember now down in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach. This year I’ll have at least 4 shows there, some with “Hits & Grins” and I’m part of a wonderful night with Freedom Sings USA on Veteran’s night where myself and some other songwriters with the organization will sing some of the songs we’ve written with our veterans. The Flora Bama will be the place to be Monday November 11 for that event.


I'll also have shows November 7, 8, and 9. Those venues and the folks I’ll be playing with along with start times will come closer to festival time.


And I got the new artwork in my e-mail inbox yesterday that they will be using to promote this year’s fun time on the beach.



The album “From The Battlefield to The Bedside” was released yesterday by Freedom Sings USA. Wow. This is the collection of songs that myself and several other Nashville songwriters wrote with and about nurses who served our country. My song was written with Rachel Blankenship who lives and works in Orlando. This is her SONG. Scroll down to #6 and you can listen to "I Learned To Laugh."


I was so happy to get to share this with her yesterday and I appreciate my friend Jenny Tolman coming into the studio to sing this special veteran’s song along with her husband Dave Brainard who added some harmony parts. 



And I also found this amazing VIDEO yesterday. Click on it…my part of these sessions is about 4 minutes in. But the entire video is moving. And you get to see me and the other writers talking to the nurses and looking for the song in their stories they shared with us. And then you get to see those nurses on stage with each writer as their song is performed for the first time “live”. I could not have been more honored to have been the writer that wrote Rachel’s song.


The entire album is available at



New research says consuming ancient grains like oats, brown rice, and millet can benefit people with type 2 diabetes.


A survey says that 1 in 8 adults in the US has taken Ozempic or similar weight loss drugs.


The CDC in an effort to prevent rabies, is launching new rules for bringing dogs into the country.



From the late comedian Robin Williams. “Never pick a fight with an ugly person. They have nothing to lose.”



I was saddened to see the news that “The Funniest Man In America” James Gregory passed away yesterday from heart complications at 78. Truly a funny man with a southern accent that helped make him even funnier. James was a guest many times on my radio shows through the years and he always made my shows better when he was in the room.


He lived in Georgia and held a Christmas party at his place every year. He invited me several times but I never got a chance to drive down and do that. I regret that this morning.


If you’ve not seen James or pulled him up on You Tube…you should. Especially if you like to laugh. Here’s just ONE EXAMPLE of how funny his standup routine was.


RIP James. The world is a little less funny today.



New battery technology could speed up the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle according to some scientists. Sodium-ion batteries have emerged as a possible replacement for the current lithium-ion batteries being used. Right now it takes 20 minute to an hour to charge an EV. With the new battery they are saying an EV could be charged in seconds. Now that would be a game changer for EV vehicles if it becomes reality. Time will tell…and time charging is what it’s all about for the EV industry for many.



It doesn’t take much to entertain us here in the Rocky Top state. This morning the Nashville newspaper ran a pretty good sized article announcing that the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is going to stop in 4 Tennessee cities this month. That should fill most of our entertainment calendars.


I love the Wienermobile. Been inside one. In fact the Wienermobile drove a kid that our radio show in Milwaukee chose in a contest to school one morning and we covered the entire trip “live” on the radio. He had the coolest ride ever to school that morning.


However, I do think Heinz should step up and have a Ketchup Mobile and Mustard Mobile to follow the Wienermobile down the roads it travels. 





That most people stop being cool at age 39! Yikes. That age has been in the rearview for a lot of years but I’m sure they are not talking about me. I mean, I just admitted how much I love the Wienermobile! C’mon!



Woman’s Inability To Steal Truck Thwarted By Her Inability To Drive A Stick Shift. Nobody ever said thieves are the sharpest tool in the shed.



I’m writing with my Australian friend who just moved here to the states Angus Gill. Angus and I have written a lot on the computers through the years and we’ve had several of our songs recorded by Australian country artists that he works with and will continue to work with now that he’s living here. Including this mysterious story song “She Always Danced Alone” that Australian artists Alan Mackey and TC Cassidy recorded and released last year.


So I’ll check on how his move has gone so far and then we’ll tackle a new song.



You haven’t forgotten Mom have you?  It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. I always say ‘hug em’ if you’re lucky enough to still have your Mom with you.


Have a great weekend.


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