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Baseball Trip...More Chart News...Happy Anniversary


Wednesday May 22, 2024


Another Hump Day is here. Hello Wednesday. The forecast is calling for a high of 83 with more heavy rain in Nashville today. We’ve had more than our share of water this Spring.


Still, I’ll take that over tornados like the devastating one that just claimed some lives in Iowa yesterday. Scary stuff tornados. The older I get the more I understand why my Dad would load the family in the car when we were growing up in Missouri and drive away from the storms.



It was a pretty lazy Tuesday here at the Whyte House. Had a thing I had to do but after that the day freed up. So I started a new song that might work for my songwriting appointment later today and took care of accommodations for a trip to Cincinnati tomorrow where I’m going to catch a couple of Cincinnati Reds games with a couple of softball buddies. I’m going to catch an afternoon game Thursday against the Dodgers and soak up some sun. And then Friday night my friends and I are looking forward to watching Shohei Ohtani play for the first time as the Dodgers come into the Queen City for a series against my Reds. Looking very forward to that.




I woke up this morning to see that the song “Blue Collar Gospel” that I wrote with Jerry Salley & Rick Lang just landed in the #8 spot on this bluegrass chart. Jerry Salley & The Oak Ridge Boys sing this title track on the new “Blue Collar Gospel” album that’s out now. I just elated every time I hear the doggone Oak Ridge Boys singing this song I helped to create. It’s going to be fun watching the song progress on some of the charts now.




To our kids Heather Whyte Petersen and her husband Casey. Hard to believe they’ve already been married 6 years. Six years ago we found ourselves on the beautiful north coast of Ireland watching the two of them exchange vows in the old ruins of Dunluce Castle. A fairytale wedding for sure. It was the first time I had ever been out of the country so it truly was an unforgettable experience in a lot of ways.


We were just in Germany visiting the two of them a few weeks ago. So my daughter sort of forced me to travel overseas a couple of time for which I’m grateful.


And I’ll share this little VIDEO that was taken of the wedding in Ireland. Happy Anniversary Heather & Casey.



A study is claiming that fish oil supplements may increase heart disease and stroke risk.


No less than WebMD says that one effective safe way to lose weight is to cut out sugary drinks and alcohol. Replace them with zero calorie drinks and water. Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre who used to be a regular guest on my radio show in Milwaukee told me the same thing one morning on the air. He said get rid of soda and drink just water if you want to cut some pounds.


Dozens of Howler monkeys are falling out of trees because of the excessive heat in the Gulf Coast state of Tabasco. I’m putting this here in the health notes because it would be bad for one’s health if a monkey falls on your head. Heads up.




BEACH TOWNS claims the top 5 most affordable beach towns are Myrtle Beach, Dennis Port, Massachusetts, Deerfield Beach, Florida, Atlantic City, NJ, AND the most affordable beach town is Pascagoula, Mississippi…the birthplace of one Jimmy Buffett.  



If you want to be paid to move to a city check out three towns in Illinois who are offering money for folks who will do just that. Illinois has been losing folks moving elsewhere so three towns are trying to lure people there with a little cash. There are some qualifications though as you have to have a salary of a certain level etc, but the cities will pay somewhere around $9,300 for those who will pull up stakes and move.


The three cities are Jacksonville, Pittsfield, and Mattoon.


Oddly enough I’ve played shows in all three cities when I was younger and running around with a country band. In fact, I opened a show way back when in Jacksonville for Bill Anderson, Donna Fargo, the Statler Brothers and the Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass. A highlight of my young life back then that still brings back a lot of great memories.



I ran across this great quote from the late comedian who made people laugh for 100 years! He once said, “I can’t understand why I flunked American history. When I was a kid, there was so little of it.”



If you missed it there was a special moment on “The Voice” last night when one of the judges, Reba surprised Lainey Wilson who was a special guest by telling her she was invited to be the next member of the Grand Ole Opry. She said “yes” and yes…she cried. Watch it HERE.


The Opry folks go to great lengths to surprise the artists they are inviting to join that Opry family. One of my favorites happened recently when Vince Gill really shocked T. Graham Brown. T. waited a long time for the invite and he could not contain his emotions. Watch THIS.



They’re telling us to keep our eyes open in middle Tennessee as more and more black bears have migrated here. I guess they’ve gotten tired of the moonshine and taffy in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains and have settled in here now. Duly noted…I’ll keep my eyes open.



Congrats to former Twins catcher Joe Mauer, former Colorado Rocky Todd Helton, and Adrian Beltre’ last with the Texas Rangers who will be the next players enshrined at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. All deserving. And if you want to smile, watch these VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS of Adrian Beltre’ and see how much fun he had playing the game.


And if you’re a baseball fan like me, you owe it to yourself to make the trip to Cooperstown. I want to go back again one day. The town is charming and all about baseball. And the Hall is an incredible experience.




From the folks who make up funny news…Babylon Bee.


Kristi Noem’s Husband Sweating Bullets After Forgetting Their Anniversary.



I’m writing with Lauren Mascitti & Kristen Leigh Bearfield today and we’ll take a little time to celebrate the fact that two songs we wrote together have been recorded.


Come BackTo Me” is on the new “live” album from the Three Times A Lady Trio that Lauren is a member of.



And the song “Where You’ll Find Me” in on the Darin & Brooke Aldridge Album “Talk of the Town”. 



So a little celebration then we’ll buckle down and see if we can write something that good again!


Have a great Wednesday!


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