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Veteran Nurses...Longer Days...Stressed


Tuesday March 5, 2024


Tuesday morning in Nashville with a busy day on tap. We’ve got some rain today and a high of 65.



I want to thank Tracy Simpson the morning radio guy on KVRE Radio in Hot Springs for some of his air time yesterday morning. Tracy gave me several minutes prime time to help promote my “Hits & Grins” concert with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier this Thursday night at Hot Springs Village at the Woodland Theater there.


Show time is 7 pm this Thursday and we’re looking forward to it. This will be my 4th time playing in the Village and Tracy has been to at least one of the shows I was part of so he asked some great fun questions to help sell some tickets. Thank you Tracy.



I made a trip to Murfreesboro, Tennessee last evening which is about an hour from the house to help start the two day Freedom Sings USA VA Nurses retreat. 5 songwriters gathered to meet the VA nurses whose stories we will be writing into songs this morning.

Each songwriter got on stage last night and did a couple songs. This is Wil Nance performing in this picture.




And this would be yours truly.


A year ago was the first time the organization wrote with VA Nurses and it was a great experience. Yesterday the folks from the Office Of Nursing Services gave each songwriter a copy of their magazine, and inside it were some highlights from last year, including this nice picture of my veteran and some of the lyrics to Christine’s song we wrote “Welcome Home”.


It’s just such an honor to get to do this. It’s a great organization that’s red, white. and blue to the bone. Heck, we even have our own patriotic coffee that they brew at these events.


Just a great group of folks and VA Nurses that we met last night.




A 4 week study says swapping meat for Mycoprotein made from fungus found in Quorn frozen food products could help lower cholesterol by 10%. (I have no idea what Quorn frozen foods is. But I know it’s hard to order Mycoprotein at the McDonald’s drive thru in a combo meal.)


Some scientist are now thinking long COVID could be triggered by low iron levels.


The US measles outbreak in 2024 has already surpassed all the cases from last year.



This might be the best protest ever written on cardboard.



Mark Zuckerberg just bought not one but TWO yachts. He dropped 330 MILLION from his Facebook money to purchase them. Why buy one when you can afford to buy 2.


Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos the Amazon guy just passed Elon Musk as the richest dude in the world. Bezos in now worth 200 BILLION dollars. I know for a fact that my wife has done her part from all of the stuff we’ve ordered that keeps showing up at our door. You’re welcome Jeff.



Daylight Savings time starts in just 5 days. Yes! Longer days? All for it. I’ve been ready to move the clock since we reset it for shorter days months ago. We’re already seeing signs of longer days here in Nashville. And one of the signs that we’re moving into longer sunny days is the fact that the Boys of Summer are playing baseball again.


Couples do break up for funny reasons sometimes. One guy says he “made a girl smile too much. She had braces and it cup up the inside of her mouth.” So they broke up of course.


A woman told her boyfriend “God told me to break up with you”…so she did. Read that in Acts II I suppose.


And yet another girl claims, “He dumped me because I cheated on him, in my dreams”! 



They just released the list of “most stressed” states in the country. Guess which state is the MOST stressed?  Tennessee!  Woo Hoo!  We’re number one.


We are followed in order by Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Nevada.


The LEAST STRESSED?  That would be North Dakota.


So I’ve got to stop somewhere today and pick up some stress pills…obviously.



From the Babylon Bee this morning.


Scientists Suggest Prehistoric Women Were Better At Hunting Than Men Because They’d Talk So Much The Animals Would Just Die.” (Don’t blame me girls…I didn’t write the headline.)



It’s back to Murfreesboro for day 2 of the Freedom Sings USA writers retreat. I met “Rachel” last night and she will sit down with me this morning and tell me her military story that I’ll turn into HER song and then. Perform it on stage tonight with her sitting beside me so that we can honor her and the other 4 nurses who will also be honored this way. Looking forward to it.



Have a great Tuesday!



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