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The Orange Beach Show...A New Single Release...Ummmmm


Thursday March 14, 2024

Hello from Gulf Shores, Alabama. The Blog is being posted just a little late as I slept in this morning! And what a morning it is. Sunshine with a high of 74 here today.


Glad to be on the coast and not back in my home state of Missouri nor Kansas as they got tornado stuff last night along with GORILLA hail. That’s the term some use for really BIG hail. Golf ball, even baseball size hail.  Yikes.



I made the trip to Nashville to Gulf Shores and it took longer than normal. That’s because I got caught up in what must have been a heck of a car wreck as I-65 South came to a screeching stop. And I sat for an hour or more before finally catching an exit to reroute to Gulf Shores.


So I rolled in just in time throw my bags in Brent Burns’ home and the two of us turned right back around to go set up for our show last night at Mile Marker 158 in Orange Beach.



Wow. I had such a great time last night with my buddy who threw this show together at the last second. Mile Marker 158 sits on the intracoastal down here so we had a pretty view from the two stools we sat on last night.


We were originally going to do the show outdoors, but they had so many reservations that we pulled it inside the restaurant (great food!) to accommodate everyone. 


 There were so many nice folks there last night. Many whom have seen Brent and I play together before and I think it’s kind of become a thing that they love to see. And Brent’s fans turned out big time to catch the fun. And boy did we have fun. I’ve done a Rhine River Cruise with Brent and his fans, and also toured Italy with him. And many of those folks who were with us on those tours were in the house last night. It was great seeing all of you!



My thanks to the venue and to Brent and to all of you who showed up and made last night so fun.




The Blog this morning is posted later than normal because yours truly actually slept in after last night…a rarity. But now you know why it’s a bit late today.



My friend Jenny Tolman is releasing a fun new single today that we wrote together with her husband-producer-writer-Dave Brainard titled “If You Can’t Stand The Heat” (Get Out Of My Kitchen). It should be on her website, socials, iTunes, and You Tube later today.


Jenny likes to cook in her big kitchen so the idea I brought to them resonated enough with them to record it. I’m glad they did!  




I found out yesterday that our Freedom Sings USA group will be returning to Shiloh, Illinois to write with veterans in that area again. Shiloh is near St. Louis. Last time we were there we had to cut our concert short as a tornado was bearing down on us and we all went to a city shelter where we spent an hour or so. We could do without the tornado this year y’all!



Scientists say that dogs help relieve stress and they help you concentrate too.


Officials claim over 600 people died in Phoenix from excessive heat last summer.


The most obese cities in America?  Number one MOST obese is McAllen, Texas…way down south in Texas where I played a show last year near the Mexico border. Folks didn’t look that big…at least that night. The rest of the top 5 include Jackson, Mississippi, Shreveport, Louisiana, Mobile, Alabama (where I have a show tomorrow night) and Little Rock, Arkansas.



This health related note from the late comedian Joan Rivers who once said: “The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.”



Tech folks are now rolling apps like FING that can help one detect any hidden cameras in a rental or hotel room or wherever. It lets you know if there are multiple devices on the Wi-Fi network in the house or hotel room. Like spy cameras. Crazy one has to even think about that. My theory has always been that if someone is listening in on my conversation or secretly filming me?  They’ll drop over and die from being bored to death.



Uh…Mega Million is worth like 800 MILLION bucks right now. Okay then. I take back what I just said above. If I win 800 million dollars I might be worth a spy camera because my reaction would be worth catching on camera I’m sure. I mean a guy passing out after looking at a lotto ticket would be pretty exciting right?



They are now placing something called Amazen in the work place. A little booth where Amazon employees can go in and meditate. Or as the company is telling them, “think happy thoughts”. Right. I somehow don’t see me doing this.


I worked at one radio station where one day the sales manager closed a door filled with all the sales people from that radio station. I happened to walk by and hear a loud…”ummmmmmmmm”. And then none of the sales folks seemed any calmer to me when they came out.  I guess I’m just not an “ummmmmm” guy. Plus, it would kill my back to try and sit cross legged on a little yoga mat.



This one from Babylon Bee.


Terrorists Decide Against Hijacking A Plane After Realizing It’s A Boeing.



I’m going to be writing with my friend Brent Burns today. We’ve got another funny idea we want to tackle. I’ll be down here through Saturday writing and also doing a comedy show at the Peoples Room in Mobile tomorrow night with my funny friend Juanita Smith. Come see us!



Have a great Thursday!





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