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The Gulf Shores Trip...Dollywood Again...An New Irish Tune


Monday March 18, 2024


Monday morning and I’m back home in Nashville. It’s the day before Spring but it won’t feel like it as the high is only going to be 45 today.



Friday night I was in Mobile for a comedy show with Juanita Smith (funny lady) at the People’s Listening Room…our third time playing this great room together. And I was reminded that I needs to leave PLENTY early from Gulf Shores where I was staying as a one hour drive over there is always an hour and a half or more because traffic backs up on the bridge over into the tunnel in Mobile.


The People’s Room is like a listening room. Small, intimate, and folks really do listen thanks in large part the owner Jim Pennington insists they do so. Thank you Jim!


I always enjoy listening to Juanita do her “stand-up” comedy routine where she talks about true things that have happened in her lifetime. And I appreciate Juanita for inviting me to join her again.


And you can’t beat a room that has a scooter right in the middle of it!


Looking forward to coming back again somewhere down the line.




My last day in Gulf Shores I sat down with Brent Burns and wrote one more very fun song in a bluegrass vein that I’m sure is going to land on his next album. And he’s got enough songs stacked up now to go into studio sometime later this year in Nashville. This song has to do with the stupid ways some people die through their own fault. Tragic I know, but still funny. Can’t wait to share this one.



I was up dark and early on St. Patrick’s Day and rolled home to Music City after a fruitful and fun 4 days down on the beautiful Gulf Coast. Brent Burns and I had such a great turnout at our Wednesday night show last week in Orange Beach that we’ve decided to try and do at least one more show down on the Gulf this year. So stay tuned for another show date to be announced soon.




The next show on my calendar then is April 7 back in Dollywood with my “Hits & Grins” trio. 3 more shows that day at the Palace Theater with my musical partners Victoria Venier & Steve Dean


 After that my wife and I are headed overseas to see our daughter and son in law in Germany where we’ll also spend 4 days or so seeing Austria. We are very much looking forward to hugging their necks and seeing the beautiful scenery over there.



And then about the time I get off the return flight home I jump on another plane to fly to Houston for a show with Brent Burns in Kemah, Texas on Sunday April 28 for this great event.


Staying busy for sure.



My friend Clare Cunningham released her new Irish Album titled “On My Way’ this weekend.  And one of the songs on the album is a song I wrote with Clare and Steve Dean. Checkout “Irish Dad” which was written about Clare’s Irish father and some of the advice he passed down to her through the years when Clare was living in Ireland. I love how this song turned out. I love Irish music in general so I’m thrilled to have helped written this tune.



A study claims that the “selfie culture” is driving people to get plastic surgery so the look like filtered photos to be attractive on the ole social media.

 A new study says “woke people” are more likely to be unhappy, anxious, and depressed.

Experts say we should wait at least five to seven days after recovering from a virus before returning to the gym. The say the body, heart, and lungs need time to recover first.



I know we live in an age of “self-help”…and self-checkout counters. But I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for this.




The Grand Ole Opry House celebrated its 50th anniversary over the weekend. Hard to believe. One of the cool trivia highlights of the night was that there were three artists who performed who also performed on the first night the new Opry House opened. Can you name them?


They are Bill Anderson, Connie Smith, and my friend Jeannie Seeley.


If you’re coming to Nashville and making a list of things to do and see I highly recommend taking the back stage tour at the Opry. It’s pretty cool.


I’ve had the pleasure being there many times. When I was hired to do the morning show at WSM-FM many years ago my first employee meeting with all the Gaylord staff was in the Opry House where the CEO spoke.

 I’ve seen many of my friends perform from the wings and cheered them on. And I in the Opry House the night Reba announced my name as “Large Market Personality of the Year” in 1991. And also on the stage that night was former President George Bush senior and his wife Barbara.


So happy birthday you Grand Ole Opry House!



Get this. Accuweather says the US will have between 1,250 to 1,375 tornadoes this year. That’s down from 1,423 of those bad boys last year. How they know that number is bed, bath and beyond me



Last year 86 per day moved into Nashville. Wow. Traffic is bad all the time, parking will cost you an arm and a leg downtown, and housing isn’t cheap. But the chicken is hot, the music is awesome, and we’ve got this killer statue of nekkid people on Music Row some come join us y’all.



It’s that time of year. The teams have been picked. And now someone in the March Madness office pool will pick their teams by the color of their uniforms. Other’s will pick their teams by the team mascots they like the most. And then some of those folks will WIN! I usually find myself shredding my bracket after the opening round games. Good luck with your picks.



Shopper Banned From Buc-ee’s After Bringing His Service Duck Named “Wrinkle” Inside Store. Where does one shop for a service danged duck?!



I gave myself the day off to reset after a string of shows over the past few weeks. Good to be home.


Have a great Monday!


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