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Songs On The Radio...New Album Release...Freedom Sings USA


Monday March 4, 2024


Monday morning…already. And we’re going to have a high of 76 today in Nashville with a lot of sunshine. No complaints from me.



This never gets old. I was out driving over the weekend and was listening to Bluegrass Junction which is one of the Sirius-XM Channels when on came this song.



That was the title track of a Jerry Salley album that the two of us wrote together several years ago. We were working on a song on Music Row that wasn’t really going anywhere when we got to talking about growing up in the country and our Dads. Jerry started talking about “real world” stuff his Dad would say and I said, “sounds like front porch philosophy.” Jerry stopped and lit up. We threw the other song away and got the song “Front PorchPhilosophy”. Click on to listen.


When Jerry called and told me it was going to be his first single off that album and that he was going to do a photo shoot I suggested he find an old front porch and find a dog to lay at his feet. That’s because there’s a line in the song that says, “Everybody and the dog would listen”. You can see what happen. It was a good day on Music Row that day.


And it’s still exciting to be driving down the road with the radio on and every now and then hear them play one of your songs.



And you find that out pretty quickly if you fly into the Nashville Airport known as BNA. There’s “live” music being played in a couple of the restaurants and on stages in the concourses. I played on one myself a few years ago. Helps pass some time away if you’re waiting on your plane.


But over the weekend traveler REALLY noticed when Keith Urban and a couple of his band members took one of the stages and played a set. I’m guessing some folks may have missed their connection. Only in Nashville folks.



I’m excited for this album “Blue Collar Gospel” that’s going to be released soon. An album full of gospel-bluegrass songs from the pen of Rick Lang which is the follow up album to “Gonna Sing Gonna Shout” that was nominated for a Grammy. I have two songs on the album including the title track “Blue Collar Gospel” sung by Jerry Salley and the Oak Ridge Boys as well as "Church Bells are Ringing” by Danny Paisley who’s been the Male Bluegrass Vocalist of the Year more than just one time.


This single “Just Beyond” that you see here was just released. I WISH I would have helped write this one! If you like southern gospel at all with four part harmonies you’ll love this song.


And the second single that I’m a co-writer on with Rick Lang and Jerry will be the next single released off the project. Congratulations to my friend Rick Lang and to my buddy Jerry Salley for creating such a great album.



The CDC over the weekend dropped its five day COVID isolation guidelines, the first change in policy since late 2021. Now if you are fever free for 24 hours they are saying it’s okay to go back to work or school. released their list for Worst and Best states for health care. The best states are Vermont, DC, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and the BEST state is Minnesota.


Worst states for healthcare are New Mexico, California, Delaware, Idaho, and WORST state for health care is Wyoming.



The comedian, writer, actress former SNL star wrote this funny line. “Lovers. Oh that word bums me out unless it’s between meat and pizza.”



We have a total eclipse coming up on April 8th. The first one since a total eclipse in 2017 when our little family sat in chairs in the driveway wearing those funny looking glasses and looking up.


Entrepreneurs are raising prices of hotels in the area called “zone of totality” that’s going to be the darkest. Some are charging TEN times the normal price. I think I’ll sit in the driveway again.



A British citizen came to the US and saw 50 states and then wrote what he thought those states were all about after one visit. Some if it’s pretty funny.


He wrote that TENNESSEE is famous for people saying, “I do declare” and fanning themselves on their porch.


He wrote that WYOMING is famous he thinks because it’s just a big field with a buffalo.


And about my home state of Missouri he observed, “I think it’s famous for having a place named Kansas City just to confuse people.”



How popular is that crazy “Real Housewives” show on TV all the time?  They are just getting ready to debut “Real Housewives of Dubai”. I’m guessing we’ll get to see some billionaire wives throwing oil all over each other in a fight. Stay tuned. 




China is close to having a train that could travel faster than an airplane. Their T-Flight Train just reached a speed of 387 mph. And they think within a decade the thing could 1,234 mph. Like in the speed of sound. Wow. “All aboard”…and strap in.



Comedian Jack Black has got his impression of Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” down pat. Check him out doing this impersonation sitting next to the “Rock” and comedian Kevin Hart who are both losing it.



I have an interview this morning with KVRE Radio in Hot Springs, Arkansas to help promote my “Hits and Grins” trio show Steve Dean and Victoria Venier at Hot Springs Village this Thursday at the beautiful Woodlands Auditorium.


And then this evening I’ll drive over to Murfreesboro for our Freedom Sings USA songwriter retreat where we’ll have a meet and greet with some VA Veteran Nurses there and then do a songwriter round tonight before regathering tomorrow when we sit down and write a song with them to be performed in concert tomorrow night. Always special stuff.



Have a great Monday!









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