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Man Card Violation...Jenny Tolman New Release...Show Tonight In Mobile


Friday March 15, 2024


Friday morning and I’m on my first cup of coffee here on the Gulf Coast. Up near 80 degrees with some sun today.


Meanwhile tornadoes rumbled all over Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana that year. Yep, it’s “get in the ditch” season again.



I spent some of yesterday sitting with my friend Brent Burns writing a new song that sort of given to us by a female artist who folks are familiar with in Gulf Shores by the name of Lisa Christian. She had a chorus, so Brent and I added a couple of verses and sent it to her over in London where she’s on vacation right now. So it might be something she records down the line. She’s already singing the chorus in her shows and people are laughing big time at it. We’ll see what happens.



Brent and I went and saw his girlfriend Colleen Baur Keener play music for a bit in her duo called “Barstool Surfers”. They were playing on an outdoor stage and it turned a bit cool so my friend decided on the “French” look you see here.



 I asked for his Man Card.


Pretty quiet day down here yesterday.



The brand new Jenny Tolman single “If You Can’t Stand The Heat” that I helped write is available for pre-save now. Really fun song if I do say so. We wrote this a couple of years ago with her talented husband Dave Brainard so I’m happy to see it being released. Check it out.


Jenny is one of my favorite female artists in Music City and I’ve been blessed to be on several of her records including “Married In A HonkyTonk” that garnered these words from the music publication Wide Open Country” who wrote about that album, One of The Most Anticipated Country, Bluegrass, and American Records of 2022.” So she’s worth lending your ears too for sure.  




The British Journal Of Sports Medicine says that exercises without muscular movement is best for lowering blood pressure. Exercises like wall squats and planks.


A health agency in Australia says there is no such thing as long COVID and that term should stop being used as it causes “unnecessary fear.”


Best Buy has recalled nearly 300,000 air fryers over fire, burn and laceration hazards.



Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God’s final word on where your lips end.”



Those in the know say we are going to have a historically MASSIVE cicada season. And they shared a map of those states that will be affected the most, Tennessee included.



By stock in steel toe boots and noise cancelling head phones and fly swatters.





A great list of musical artists are going to pay tribute to Jimmy Buffett at the Hollywood Bowl soon. The list includes Paul McCartney who played bass on this Jimmy Buffett tune on Jimmy’s last album “Bubbles Up” that was released after his death. Check out Sir Paul in this fun video of him playing “My Gummie Just Kicked In”.


I would not mind having a ticket for this concert.



Travel and Leisure listed their choice for Best Air and Space Museums. I do love those. Number one is the Smithsonian in DC which is pretty spectacular. That’s followed by the TWA Museum in Kansas City, The Intrepid in New York City, The Air Museum in Ohio…also great, and the Aviation Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon.


I love the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola and the Air Museum in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, and both of them made their top 10 list.


It’s always a fun day when I get to visit one of those.



My Wife Had Plastic Surgery And Now I’m Not Attracted To Her…She Looks Like An Alien And It’s Her Family’s Fault

So he pretty much insulted his wife and every single alien at the same time.



I’ll be writing again with Brent Burns today but then tonight I’ll be over in Mobile, Alabama for a comedy show with my friend Juanita Smith at the People’s Listening Room.  8 pm show in this up close intimate venue. It’s our third time I think playing this room together in downtown Mobile and I’m looking forward to it again. Hope to see some of you tonight.



And then it’s back home come Sunday morning.


Have a great weekend!




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