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Hot Springs Trip...Cat Videos...Country Songs


Thursday March 7, 2024


And a good Thursday morning to you from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Here’s a little view outside my window this morning.


It’s a calm before the storm look as they are calling for heavy rain here today and a high of 65.



I picked up Steve Dean and Victoria Venier and we made a 7 hour trip or so to Hot Springs yesterday. It gave us a chance to catch up on each other’s busy lives. When we hit Memphis and the bridge going over into Arkansas we all broke out singing the song “In Memphis” that the three of us wrote on a trip several years ago as we were stuck in traffic right before the bridge looking at the world’s largest Bass Pro out one window and downtown Memphis out the other. 




We actually wrote the song in the car and performed THAT night at a show we did in Little Rock. And then we recorded the song, the TnT Duo recorded that song, and so did Jeannie Kendall who was half of “The Kendalls” back in the day with her Dad recording big records like “Heaven’s Just A Sin Away.  Here’s Jeannie’s great version of our song.


We rolled into the Village here about 7 pm, stopped and had a great meal at one of the restaurants inside the Village and then got checked into our house the folks here provided that sits on one of the many lakes here in this complex. And then it was lights out pretty quickly.



We’re looking forward now to our show this evening.



So what do three grown people-songwriters do on a long trip to pass the time?  Well, towards the last part of our journey yesterday we somehow got onto cat videos. Thanks to Victoria. I’d never seen the cats & cucumber thing before where a cat owner will put a cucumber behind their cat while the cat is eating. When the cat sees the cucumber?  It’s stupid funny for sure. So now you know how we pass our time on the road as grown adults.



My thanks to the Mullet Wrapper newspaper in Gulf Shores, Alabama for plugging my show with my buddy Brent Burns coming up on Wednesday evening March 13. Here’s some of what they printed.


Bill Whyte and Brent Burns March 13 at Mile Marker 58

Bill Whyte will join local Trop Rock royalty Brent Burns for a

special March 13 concert on the Mile Marker 58 back deck at The

Wharf in Orange Beach. The waterfront show will include a 5

p.m. meet ‘n greet before the 6-8 p.m. show. Cover charge is $10.

“Bill will be in the area for a show in Mobile and he is going to

come down early so we can work on a few songs,’’ Burns said

about his longtime musical collaborator. “We go back and forth

with songs all the time over the internet, including three or four

we have in the works right now.’’

Burns first included co-writes with Whyte on his third album,

Tropical Nuts, and he estimates that they have written around 50

songs together since then, including eight songs on Burns’ latest

release, Lots of Beaches to Go.

“We are like brothers from the same mother, and we love to cut

up,’’ Burns said. “We get after each other when we talk on the

phone just like we do when we are on stage. The guy cracks me

up and I think I crack him up, too.’


We’re hoping to have a big crowd that will come out and laugh with us and enjoy the music.



Ground cinnamon has been pulled from the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores because of high levels of lead. That will sort of ruin your cinnamon toast in the morning.


In Europe, 5 people have died from “parrot fever”….a bird thing.


A group of Doctors and Dermatologist agree that we don’t have to shower every day. A few times a week is sufficient for good hygiene according to them. Over half shower daily, 11% say they shower twice a day.



Wife: “I look fat. Can you give me a compliment?”

Husband: “You have perfect eyesight.”


They don’t build a big enough doghouse for that kind of reply.



Here’s a sign of that. A customer ordered a burger with fries and a SMALL drink at 5 Guys and the bill was $24. I guess if you’re splitting that burger and bill with 4 other guys it’s manageable?  Wow.



They’ve decided to drop the self-driving Apple Car that they’ve been developing for a long time after spending 10 BILLION dollars on the idea. Why? I’m just going to venture a wild guess and say….because it’s ugly?


Some folks nicknamed the danged thing “Bread Loaf”.



These lists come out all the time. And the lists are never the same. The publication Singers Room just released what they think are the top country songs of all time. Here’s the top 5.


1               Walk The Line by Johnny Cash

2               Jolene by Dolly Parton

3               Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver

4               Stand By Your Man by Tammy Wynette

5               Crazy by Patsy Cline


And again if each of us wrote a list?  We’d probably all disagree with each other.


How could they leave out the song “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly” by Conway and Loretta?!



Someone observed that George Washington was a great President because “he never once blamed the country’s problems on the previous administration.”



Our “Hits & Grins” show is at 7 pm this evening at the Woodlands Theater here in Hot Springs Village. It’s a great music venue to play for sure. Looking forward to that.



Then we leave at the crack of dark tomorrow morning for Nashville so if is there is a Blog here tomorrow it’s likely to be short and sweet.


Have a great Thursday!


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