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Gulf Shores Bound...A Nurse's Note...Charmin


Wednesday March 13, 2024


And a good Wednesday morning to you. I’m enroute to Gulf Shores, Alabama.



It was unpack and then repack for the trip to Gulf Shores that I’m taking right now for a show later tonight in Orange Beach and then another show on Friday night in Mobile. It’s been quite the busy run lately for sure.


I caught up on a few things and one of those things was getting my TV set to work again. We’ve not yet “cut the cable” but we’re soon to be one of those folks. Before my trip to Gatlinburg this past Sunday we’d had a tech out trying to fix our cable that turned into a very long day, that was preceded by VERY long phone conversations on the phone with folks who were hard to understand on the phone. Ever been there?  Frustrating ain’t it?  I had to raise my voice (which I rarely do) to get them to send out another tech guy for free. They wanted to charge us to fix the problem the first tech person failed to fix.


Long story short. The tech person who came yesterday was sharp, friendly, and not outsourced like the first tech person they sent who tried to up-sell us on a need to rerun cable completely…with another company…at our cost. Uh…no. The tech person yesterday was in and out with the problem fixed in like 40 quick minutes. Man, if every tech person was this sharp and friendly we’d save hours of frustration on the phone.


It just reminded me again it’s who you know…or who you get that makes a big difference. 



The Director of Freedom Sings USA sent me and extremely kind note that my veteran nurse Rachel Blankenship wrote after her experience of sharing her military life story with me a couple of weeks ago at a Veteran Nurses Songwriter Retreat in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Rachel, who’s a nurse in Florida with the VA was so moved and impressed that she’s trying to convince her folks in Florida to bring Freedom Sings down there so that more nurses can sit with songwriters and have their stories written into song.


It was a pleasure and honor for me getting to know her, hearing her story, and then writing “I Learned To Laugh” (So I Can Cope”) into her song.



These are some of the words Rachel wrote that were shared with me.


“Recently, I had the extraordinary opportunity, courtesy of the Office of Nursing Services, to collaborate with Freedom Sings USA, a non-profit organization devoted to music arts therapy for veterans. This experience in Murfreesboro, TN, was nothing short of transformative. Throughout my military service and nursing career, I've witnessed my fair share of trauma. Yet, through it all, humor has been my steadfast companion. It's a coping mechanism, a beacon of light in the darkest times. My song, crafted with the help of a professional songwriter through Freedom Sings USA, centers around the theme of learning to laugh amidst adversity. This journey isn't just mine alone—it resonates deeply with the broader nursing community. Nurses, regardless of their specialty, often find solace in humor. From the chaos of the emergency room to the poignant moments in hospice care, laughter serves as a universal language, a salve for the soul amid the rigors of our profession. Through my song, I hope to encapsulate the shared experiences of nurses everywhere, reminding them that they're not alone in finding lightness in life's darkest moments. Crafting this song was a profound therapeutic journey. It allowed me to reflect on my own experiences and connect with fellow Nurse Veterans who understand the unique language of dark humor as a coping mechanism.


Thank you Rachel for sharing. You moved this songwriter with your words.




Scientist say that COVID may have gotten rid of one type of flu and that it might be feasible with better vaccines to get rid of a second strain of flu.


Interesting. A leading neurologist at John Hopkins says the “minimum requirement for sleep is 5 hours and 45 minutes per night.” She also says “there’s no maximum” but also noted that if people sleep 9 hours at night, that can indicate other health problems like heart disease.


A Doctor claims these three supplements are not good for your gut. High-Dose Iron, Certain Herbal Laxatives, and Excessive Fiber Supplements.




Oh…I can relate.



A California highway was shut down yesterday after a truck spilled hundreds of toilet rolls onto the highway.


It took the Charmin Picker-Upper hours to clear the highway again. I’m told.



Short blog this morning as I’m have to get to Gulf Shores this afternoon for my show with Brent Burns this evening at Mile Marker Hwy 158 at the Wharf in Orange Beach. 


Meet and greet at 5 and then hilarity many ensue at 6 pm. The show is outdoors on the patio and the weather looks like a light jacket might be appropriate.



Have a great Wednesday!


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