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Dollywood...New Single Coming Out....Gulf Shores Tomorrow


Tuesday March 12, 2024

Tuesday morning…back in Nashville and re-packing bags once again. Beautiful in Nashville today. Lots of sun with a high of 71.



It was all about 3 shows yesterday at Dollywood.


It was just a great experience the second time around on the stage at the Palace Theater for our “Hits & Grins” Trio with me, Steve Dean & Victoria at this great songwriters festival in Dolly’s park. 



We met tourists from all over the country who came into our shows yesterday. Most of them seeing us for the very first time.



Kudos to the great staff at Dollywood for taking such good care of us. Just a pleasure working with pros like these.



And kudos to Victoria Venier in our trio as this is her baby. She books all the songwriters and has put together an amazing listening experience for park goers who can sit down after riding a roller coaster and here some original songs and the stories behind them.



And the good news is…we’ll be back at Dollywood for 3 more shows on Sunday April 7. We’re all looking forward to that as well.




Oh…and look what Dolly gave each of us. Yes…Dolly has big cups for sure.



My talented bluegrass friend Troy Engle up in Pennsylvania has decided to release a gospel-grass song we wrote together as his new single. I had the idea for this song with some lyrics and a melody and then Troy jumped in and really helped make this song shine. He’s loved it since we wrote it, and we’re both excited for folks to hear this in the very near future. Thank you Troy for recording it!



I read this morning where Dolly Parton is telling everyone that Beyonce has included her iconic hit “Jolene” on Beyonce’s soon to be released COUNTRY album. Uh huh.


Whitney Houston made Dolly Parton so much money when she recorded “I Will Always Love You” that Dolly could build a theme park. Now with Beyonce on “Jolene”?  Dolly will be able to expand.



I stopped at a Starbucks on my way to Dollywood this past weekend. When I made my order the barista who waited on me kind of went out of her way to say “absolutely no pressure to tip” when the “tip” prompt came up on the credit card machine. Almost like, “yea…I don’t like it either”. The subtle “want to leave a tip” at the counter reminder we now get almost everywhere. Can’t escape it.


I just thought she was so sweet to say that “it’s okay if you don’t” out loud that I left her a tip.



New research says that pieces of the COVID virus can lurk in our blood and tissue for more than a year after the initial illness has subsided.


Parasitic works were found in a man’s brain after he likely ate undercooked bacon. (That’s why I order bacon extra crispy)


A study is suggesting that a cannabis extract can have a deadly effect on skin cancer.





When I got home yesterday evening I couldn’t believe that it looks like our lawn could already use a mowing. Wow. In one part of Nashville residents are going for a “No Mow April” to contribute they say to environmental conservation. I think I’ll join that movement partly because I like the environment but mostly because I’m lazy.



This is pretty cool. Keith Urban picks up the reigning “Female Vocalist of the Year” Lainey Wilson and drives her to the airport. Lainey was catching a flight to play Australia for the first time ever so what a perfect drive as Keith of course is from the land down under. The conversation is great. Especially when Keith warns her about snakes in the toilets.  Scroll down and you can WATCH it. 



Airbnb is banning surveillance cameras in their rentals worldwide. What took so long? I really don’t need someone watching me walk around in my Scooby Doo boxers in their condo. I’m betting some folks are rewinding their stays in Airbnb’s and thinking “Uh…what did I do when I stayed there”?



I’m pretty sure you’re a hoarder if you can’t get rid of your squirrel lamp.

Pretty sure.



It’s unpack and repack. Tomorrow morning dark and early I’ll be on the road to Gulf Shores, Alabama. I have a show tomorrow night with my friend Brent Burns (who just celebrated his birthday) at Mile Marker 158 in Orange Beach at “The Wharf.” We have a little meet and greet at 5 pm and then a show that should be really funny at 6 pm. Looking forward to that kind of silliness as always.



Have a great Tuesday!




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