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Writing With Bear...Toby Tribute...Super Bowl Weekend


Friday February 9, 2024


Friday morning with a Super Bowl weekend to celebrate. Little cooler here today with a high of just 53 with some light rain on tap.



I spent some time writing with Jenny Tolman and her husband Dave Brainard in their home studio with help from 1 year old “Bear” who’s already playing with some of the rhythm instruments. The young man has got the run of the house right now and is all boy. 



We got a start on a new song that we’ll come back to in a few weeks and we had time to catch up on each other’s busy lives. Jenny is going to be releasing a new single every six weeks for a bit starting in 7 or 8 weeks. And I found out the FIRST release will be a fun song the three of us wrote together “If You Can’t Stand The Heat” which was a nice surprise…and I got to hear it for the first time in studio with the two of them. Sounds so good and it’s not even completely mixed yet. So I’ll be able to share that in a few weeks with you.

I’m blessed that Jenny has recorded several of our co-writes over the past few years including this one that they put horns on “Workin’Woman Blues”.



Come catch this songwriters show with me and longtime friend Steve Dean this month on February 25 at the Westhaven Resident’s Club which is in and around Franklin, Tennessee. It’s a 6:30 pm show that evening. They’ve been doing this songwriter series of shows for several years but it will be my first time playing it. Looking forward to it.



A study has revealed that mutant wolves roaming the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Russia have developed cancer resilient abilities that could help humans fight the disease.


A new report says if you want to lose weight eat 6-10 meals per day. Not 3. Small meals of course…and I saw no macaroni and cheese in those small courses. Sigh.


A breakthrough blood test predicts schizophrenia risk, and best treatment. 3.5 million Americans suffer.



Doctor: “Have you been drinking fluids?”

Patient: “Jeez, Doc, that’s literally all I drink.”


My old comedian friend Heywood Banks says in his shows, “I’m addicted to drinking brake fluid. But I can stop anytime I want!”



There have been a lot of wonderful tributes for Toby Keith who we lost to stomach cancer a few days ago. Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre talked to Toby a few days before he passed and says Toby told him he was tired and had stopped taking chemo. Brett’s a big country music fan and is friends with a lot of country artists and the list included Toby. I found out about that when Brett was on my radio show in Milwaukee twice a week during one football season to talk about the Packers. One early morning he was on with me and quietly said on his phone from Green Bay, “Guess who’s in my spare bedroom Bill”? It was Tim McGraw.



And if you want to see a really emotional from the heart tribute to Toby check out my funny friend Cledus T. Judd’s tribute in his car. He’s being anything but funny as he pours out his heart about his friend.


Cledus recorded several of my funny songs…and we’ve written together several times so I could feel his pain coming through the video. He was on tour with Toby, Toby appeared in some of his videos, and their families were close. And Cledus parodied several of Toby’s hits including “Red Solo Cup” that Cledus turned into “Double D Cups”. Feeling for you Cledus. And all Toby fans.




It’s National Pizza Day. I’ll be doing my part. You do yours. Don’t forget…no school and no mail today because of that.



According to a website…the most popular Spring Break destination being searched this year is New Orleans. And then it point out that New Orleans is the least safe city in the country because of the high crime and murder rate. Yikes. Bourbon Street is always crazy…add Spring Breakers to it and I can’t imagine.


I like New Orleans. I covered a Super Bowl there one year and had a blast. And I’ve played a big Parrot Head show once in New Orleans and that was a “Let The Good Times Roll” kind of thing for sure. And I made one trip down Bourbon Street. Not my cup of gumbo y’all. I like New Orleans more for the food than the party.


On the other side of the Spring Break coin…the safest city for Spring Break?  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.



Valentine Day is next Wednesday. Geez. Not a clue what to get for my wife. Yesterday she actually said to please not buy her anything for Valentine Day. Which in wife-language means, “don’t forget Valentine Day”. I’m in such trouble.


I’m thinking about giving her a bobble-head doll in my image so she can slap my head anytime she wants and my head will bob up and down as if to say “yes” for anything she wants.



I did see this Perfecta Grill that allows one to cook a steak in just 90 seconds with the help of AI. Bet my wife would LOVE this. Okay, if she doesn’t…I’ll love it.



How much do they pay celebrities to be in a Super Bowl commercial? A LOT. Ben Affleck got 10 million dollars for his 30 second Dunkin Donuts commercial. Good work if you can get it.



Kangaroo Wreaks Havoc At Florida Apartment Complex And Leads Police On Wild Chase. Gosh I hope that shows up on “Cops”. Can’t wait to hear a cop read a Kangaroo his Miranda Rights.



I’ve got an open day to take advantage of. And I am looking forward to the weekend and this year’s Super Bowl. I’m from Missouri so I’ll root for the Chiefs. I was a big Cincinnati Bengals fan when they played Joe Montana and the 49’ers in a Super Bowl in Miami and I sat near the 50 yard line and watched Montana make THAT drive. So I have double good reason to root for KC this year.


Have a great weekend.