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Sedona Song...Saturday Night's Show...The Grammys


Monday February 5, 2024


Monday and we start a new week. I’m thinking the Groundhog might have been right this time as the weather here is Spring like for sure. We were up near 70 the past few days. And we’ll be there again today.


Meanwhile they say 37 million Americans are bracing for a TRILLION gallons of rain as a life-threatening storm is about to hit California.



Mine got started Friday morning with my new Georgia friend Ethan Phillips as we sat down and wrote a song that raves about the town of Sedona, Arizona which is one of my favorite towns. The hiking is great, the red rocks are breathtaking and the Mexican food if off the hook great.


Oh…but do keep your eyes out for these bad boys…Javelina pigs. My friend Roger Naylor and I hiked up a trail in Sedona that has a beautiful view of the city. As we got near the top we hear a rattle in bushes and out runs one of these bad boys.


I thought I was going to have to call a med-vac chopper to fly me out after that heart attack. Geez.



I’d always wanted to write a song that talks about Sedona and Arizona and Ethan was happy to jump in on the idea and did…and then played some great guitar riffs on the work tape we recorded. Mission accomplished. And after finishing the song I couldn’t help but thinking how I’d like to make another trip to Sedona.



A little fun was had Saturday night with my “Hits & Grins” partners Steve Dean & Victoria Venier at Puckett’s in Franklin.


One of the great things about playing shows in Nashville is that there are folks in the audience who are from all parts of the country. There was a full table of young girls visiting Music City from New York City. Seattle, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, and more were in the house.



Our little 90 minute set just flew by. Puckett’s is a great place for food AND “live” entertainment and we always enjoy getting to hang and play music there. Thanks to all who came and caught the show.



That will be in Dollywood at the Palace Theater on Monday March 11. We have three shows there that day at Noon, 2 and 4 pm. You pay your park admission and the show is free. So come join us and visit the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Oh…and Dolly’s amusement park is pretty danged cool as well.



Heading back to Texas for “Gulf Coast Days” which is a big Trop Rock event held in the Galveston area each year with all the local Parrot Heads from Houston to Galveston showing up. I’ll be playing at T Bone Tom’s on Sunday April 28 with my long time friend and Trop Rock superstar Brent Burns. (He made me say that)


We’ll be doing a songwriters round from 1-4 pm that afternoon. Brent is the featured act this year at this “stories behind the songs” event, and since we’ve co-written 70 or so songs he’s recorded through the years it should be fun sitting on a stool beside him helping him share those stories and singing some of those songs.



A new study suggests that multi-vitamins could slow cognitive decline.


900 drugs are costlier now. Prices went up 4.7% in January.


Two studies say that overweight men show a heightened risk for 17 different cancers.



A husband says, “My wife didn’t order anything from Amazon yesterday. So the courier guy knocked on the door today to check if we were ok.”



I did watch some of the Grammy’s last night and I’ll watch some of the highlights I missed later today. The standout performance for me by far was 80 year old Joni Mitchell’s stunning performance of “Both Sides Now”…especially knowing her physical struggles. Taylor Swift picked up her 13th Grammy breaking a record and then announced on stage she has a new album coming out in April and that almost broke the internet. It’s like she’s popular or something. Oh, and Miley Cyrus arrived at the Grammy’s in a dress made of nothing but safety pins. And then won a couple of Grammy awards herself.


The Best Country Album went to bell bottom Lainey Wilson who’s on a major roll.


Best Bluegrass Album went to Molly Tuttle.


Congrats to all the winners!


I’m proud to have had a song “Once Again” on the Del McCoury album that got a Grammy nomination. Didn’t win…but nominated.


And certainly proud to have the song “Safe Haven” on the Hillary Scott & Scott Family album “Love Remains” that won two Grammys a few years back.


I’ve said it before but it’s true…I can’t dream that big.



From the funny mind of comedian Steven Wright. “I think it’s wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly.



I ran across a Food and Wine article listing foods you have to eat in every state. I was curious. So here’s the list of those foods in each state I’ve lived in through the years.


Illinois…Italian Beef…like on a roll.



Indiana…Smash Burgers.



Missouri…my home state…Barbecued burnt ends. So good!  I had not had any until just a few years ago when I was playing some shows down in Branson, Missouri. They gave us free coupons to a bar b que place and on the waiters suggestion I ordered the burnt ends. Wow. Did I mention they were SO good.



Ohio…Cincinnati Chili. A no doubter. Heaven on a plate. Try the 3-way. Spaghetti…Chili (with cinnamon) and a mountain of cheese.



Tennessee…Hot Chicken. They rave about it here and stand in line for it. HOT. Not my thing.



Wisconsin…Door County Cherry Pie. Door county is like and island east of Green Bay. Looks kind of like the Martha’s Vineyard area. Beautiful. Been there…but somehow missed the pie thing. 



And here’s the FULL LIST if you want to check the “can’t miss food” in your state. (And now I’m hungry)





AI is generating fake voices to sound like you or me or a celebrity or even the President. And then you get a robocall and you think it’s someone you know. Next thing you know you’re giving someone money who doesn’t exist…or something worse with these scam calls. The FCC announced over the weekend that they are going to outlaw those. Good idea. Especially since it’s outlaws who are generating those calls.



Influencer Gets Fake Belly Button Tattoo To Make Her Look Taller. (File that one under things you’ll never hear a guy say.)



I’m writing with Rick Lang online today. His new gospel-grass song is finished and will be out soon. He and I and Jerry Salley wrote the title track “Blue Collar Gospel” that the Oak Ridge Boys sing on…wait until you hear that!  We got a nice note from both Duane Allen and Joe Bonsall over the weekend telling us how much the LOVE this song and how much they loved singing on it. What an honor as I’ve always been a big Oak Ridge Boys fan.


And there’s a second cut on the album titled “Church Bells Are Ringing” that Rick and I wrote and the great traditional bluegrass singer Danny Paisley sings on this album. So I’m going to have time to “say thank you” to Rick today before we write for putting two of my songs on this wonderful CD.


Have a great Monday!