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Rain...Avon Park, Florida...Show This Afternoon


Tuesday February 20, 2024

Tuesday morning arises in Avon Park, Florida where I’m getting ready for an early show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott today.




Florida has had a LOT of rain. It chased us all the way down from Nashville, rained again yesterday before finally stopping around mid-day. We talked to one couple from Michigan who were staying at our hotel who were down from Michigan hoping to have sun. They decided they’d seen enough precipitation and were leaving that morning for Sedona, Arizona where there’s always sun. They've never been to Sedona so I was able to tell them what a great choice they made as it's one of my favorite sunny places.


Our “Evening in the Round” trio had the day off so we found a great local diner for breakfast where the locals go. Delish.


And by the time we got done with breakfast the sun FINALLY popped out and all of a sudden we had real Florida weather that was more than welcome.


Then we drove a little further the Jay Wildstein Performing Arts Center on South Central Florida College which is where our show is later today at 1:30 pm. It certainly looks like a beautiful theater.



And we found a wonderful Mexican restaurant for dinner with a view of Lake Jackson in Sebring which is just up the road from Avon Park. 



We also found out last night that the historic HotelJacaranda that we’re staying at with an elevator operator is owned by the College we’re playing at today. They house a lot of their student athletes in the hotel.


It’s a different experience staying in an old hotel like this…but overall we enjoyed it.



April 28 I’ll be in Kemah, Texas (near Galveston-Houston) for this multi-day event “Gulf Coast Days”…a Parrot Head thing. Each year the event features and honors one artist in the Trop Rock world. This year it’s my buddy Brent Burns.


It’s a multi-day event and I’ll be there on the final day for their songwriter show where Brent and I will share a stage again and we’ll sing a lot of those songs we’ve written together through the years. Including “Retired” that you see in the picture above Should be fun sitting on stools in shorts and flip flops singing a bunch of those tunes.



The largest ever COVID vaccine study links shot to small increase in heart and brain conditions.


Scientists are warning that ‘Zombie Deer Disease’ in 31 states could spread to humans.


A new study is suggesting that alcohol and white bread consumption could increase cancer risk.



I going to caption this picture with, “Why have one weenie when you can have six?”



Just like that Alan Jackson song says. This time it’s Beyonce who’s” gone country” as her single “Texas Hold Em” just hit the Billboard Country Chart at #50 this week. It’s a hooky, head bobbing song not unlike some of those Shania hits. Wonder if country radio follows a George Strait song with the Beyonce record? Hey…they’re both wearing cowboy hats.



In China you can order a “pork flavored coffee” at Starbucks. Uh huh. It’s called “The Abundant Year Savory Latte” and it’s being released to mark the Lunar New Year. In China they believe if you eat meat it brings prosperity. So there ya go. 



It cost about $10 bucks to order up a cup with some “oink” in it. Pretty sure I’ll stick with my Grande Pike…black.


Long day that starts with checking out of our hotel, then a 9:30 AM sound check followed by our 1:30 concert. And when the show wraps up we’ll drive part of the way home to Nashville and overnight somewhere in north Florida before finishing up the trip to Music City Wednesday.


Have a great Tuesday!




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