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Happy Valentine...Freedom Sings USA Trips...NASCAR


Wednesday February 14, 2024

It’s Wednesday. Let’s see if we can get over the Hump. Oh…and Happy Valentine Day!


66 and sunny for Valentine Day here in Nashville today.



Fat Tuesday was laid back yesterday with nothing big to do on my calendar. I’ll take some off days as it’s going to be a really busy year of traveling that includes a trip overseas to Germany in April. And I’m happy to say that there will be several trips this year for writing retreats with veterans.



Here are the veteran retreats on the books right now where I’ll go out with several other songwriters and write veteran stories into songs and then there’s a concert after each of these retreats.


June 18 & 19… Heyworth, Illinois


July 10-13…Montrose, Colorado


August 9 & 10…Shiloh, Illinois


August 23 & 24…Little Rock, Arkansas


September 6 & 7…Marion Illinois


Always a pleasure and an honor to be part of these events.



Those in the know say if you weigh 180 pounds and you shovel snow for 1 hour you’ll burn 600 calories. Pretty sure that’s not part of the Richard Simmons workout tape “Shoveling With The Oldies”.


The CDC is about to tweak the old 5 day suggested isolation for COVID. It’s going to be more like once the symptoms are gone and the fever is down you’re good to go.


The CDC also admitted this week that some pregnant women and some young children received the wrong RSV vaccine.



Man there are a LOT of vaccine shots aren’t they?  My theory is that if I got poked with a needle for COVID, flu, RSV, shingles, every time they wanted me to…and then drank a glass of water…I’d be a human sprinkler and could water my lawn by walking over it.


One guy suggested, “The COVID-19 vaccines should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccines are safe.


If they don’t, the country is safe."



Enough of it that Target and Walmart are spending a ton of money trying to help California pass a law that would make it a felony. I think Judge Judy should try every shoplifter. And then whatever she can get out of them goes back to the store they robbed. And…we get some entertainment value out of it.



In Nashville they are finally doing something to help musicians who play downtown mostly for tips. Those musicians will now be able to get 60% off parking in 8 different locations. If you’ve not been to Nashville in a while…the cost of everything has gotten pricey. Especially downtown hotels AND parking. You can pay 20-30-40-50 dollars are more easily. And for musicians playing for tips?  That’s a big deal. Sometimes they make less than what their parking bill is.


Showbiz. It’s a glamorous life sometimes.



Wow. The Daytona 500 kind of snuck up on me. It’s this weekend!  I’ll be watching at least some of it for sure. I like NASCAR racing…not as much since they changed the rules to the “stages” thing.


I’ve not been to a Daytona 500. I had a standby ticket once to go when I was doing my radio show at Disney World for a few day. The bus pulled up in front of my hotel… and they were FULL so I didn’t get to go. It rained and the race was delayed that day which made for a really long day. So I wasn’t upset that I missed sitting in the rain all day.


Both Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds were part of my radio show in Nashville for a couple of years so I learned a lot about the sport. Waltrip in particular was funny as well as informative. And crew chief Larry McReynolds could really break down the nuts and bolts of the sport.


I’ve seen the Brickyard 400 Race in Indianapolis a couple of times covering the race for WFMS Radio when I was living in the Circle City.


I was on air at WMIL in Milwaukee when news came that Wisconsin native Alan Kulwicki died in a plane crash. The entire radio show was dedicated to him that following morning. Alan was independent owner who drover the Hooters car and did a backwards lap if he won a race. He was Polish…and there’s a large Polish community in Milwaukee. He was beloved there.


And I spoke at a Dale Earnhardt Memorial at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville after Dale died in the crash no NASCAR fan will ever forget at Daytona. I was one of six folks or so who pushed his car out of the arena after the Memorial that featured Vince Gill singing “Go Rest High On That Mountain” down lower Broadway to a hauler that took the car home to North Carolina. The streets were PACKED with people…many crying. Some running out to touch his #3 car. It was truly moving and unforgettable.




So yea, I have some interest in NASCAR partly because of the experiences I’ve had around the sport. Boogity, Boogity, Boogity



It is Valentine weekend. Jerry Seinfeld said this about men and love.


“Men want the same thing from women that they want from their underwear: a little bit of support, and a little bit of freedom.”



Jeff Bezos just dumped another 2 BILLION bucks of his stocks. That make 4 BILLION now if anyone is counting. I’m not even sure what that means. But I figure it’s got to be something big when we’re dropping the BILLION word right? 



A married couple Matt and Karen Smith are “outdoor content creators”. They’ve traveled now to every National Park in America and have listed theirfavorites. #1? Grand Tetons. Pretty darned beautiful. You can do the Tetons and Yellowstone on the same trip as I have and you very well could agree that the Tetons are more beautiful than Yellowstone.


Walk into the Jackson Lodge when you go. You walk up some steps, through the door and see massive windows with the snowcapped mountains in the back and a big lake in the front. Grab a cup of coffee from the lodge restaurant, sit down and stare for a while.  



My brother Gary and his wife Kay traveled in an RV on some long trips and have seen way more parks than I have. They could make a list of favorites as well.


For me?  This one still gets my vote.


HEADLINE OF THE DAY (courtesy of the Babylon Bee)

Usher Performs Live Commercial For Old Spice Antiperspirant.



I’m going to celebrate Valentine Day with my wife Kathy today. I’m her Valentine gift today…so that kind of tells you what a long day she’s in for. 



Have a great Wednesday!














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