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Germany...Super Bowl...Slow Lane


Monday February 12, 2024


Monday morning…as how was your Super Bowl weekend?



My wife and I took some time to book a trip to see our daughter and son in law in Germany. Casey and Heather have been over there with the Army for over a year now on a three year stint so we’re looking very forward to hugging them and spending some time seeing Germany and maybe a couple of other countries while we’re there.

We were on a Rhine River Cruise a few years ago with Brent Burns and got see several German cities as well as Amsterdam and Strasbourg, France which is not far from where they are stationed.


So I’m pretty sure we’ll see some more castles, or some of the same ones. My daughter is already working up an itinerary for us I’m sure. And yes...I do plan on visiting at least one Beer Garden while we’re there. And no…I will not be wearing any lederhosen. Pretty sure the Germans have never seen legs as pale as mine.



To my sister Rita up in Rochester, Minnesota who is retiring after working at the Mayo Clinic up there for 32 years. Pretty danged cool and I’m happy for her as she is now going to turn her attention to her passion which is quilting. She does some amazing work.



If you need a quilt?  She would be your girl.



My friend Nana Mascitti just posted this video of me singing “Face For Radio” that I sang at a little house concert songwriter show with her granddaughter Lauren Mascitti and our mutual friend Wil Nance. If you watched American Idol a few years ago you may have seen Lauren, and if you saw Lauren then you saw Nana. Those two are an inseparable pair and are so much fun to be around. So thank you Nana for the video. 



We got our money’s worth didn’t we? Overtime and Patrick Mahomes does it again. You just can’t bet against that guy and Andy Reid. Some thoughts and highlights for me.


Reba’s National Anthem was straightforward. Good but not memorable. Every anthem is now compared to Whitney Houston’s and the only artist I’ve heard that got in the neighborhood was Chris Stapleton.


I don’t know why we need a black National Anthem.


Taylor Swift got a LOT of exposure. But then again, she brought a ton of new eyes to the game that probably just wanted to see her up in booth partying, going crazy AND chugging a beer. 



I really didn’t need to see Usher rip off his shirt during his half time performance…but I may have to steal that the next time I sing my song “Trailer Park Sexy”. Usher did get a marriage license just before his performance.


Where does one get a red piano like the one Alicia Keys played?



Best commercial?  I’ll take the J-Lo-Ben Affleck-Matt Damon-Tom BradyDunkin’ Donuts”. Funny. Although overall I did not think there were a lot of great commercials this year.


How in the world did the Philadelphia Eagles let Andy Reid get away?



She teased a new album coming out in March during the Super Bowl. And two of the songs on the project she says are “country” songs. We’ll see. One is titled ‘Texas Hold Em’. Take a listen and see what you think. All I know is Loretta Lynn never dressed or undressed like this when she sang. Safe to say we "ain't in Kentucky no more".


We saw a LOT of new movie and TV show teases and promos. The only one that made me think “I want to see this” is the one for “Wicked”. My wife and I saw the Broadway version…the film looks to be great as well.



Over the weekend an Oregon woman came down with the bubonic plague…first time in a decade. They think her cat is to blame.


A new study reveals that people who quit smoking before the age of 40 are expected to live as long as non-smokers.


Research shows that folks in their mid-60’s are so are the happiest. Age provides contentment and wisdom. And folks in that age bracket are able to shrug off more things that are important providing better mental health as well.



It’s Valentine’s Day again, or as my husband calls it, “huh”?


Geez…it’s the day after tomorrow!



Lots of folks get divorced…over half the country…some in and around Valentine Day. And there are some really funny and odd reasons that some choose to do so.


A guy divorced his wife claiming she was “possessed by the devil”.


A woman divorced her husband because he didn’t like the movie “Frozen”.


One wife spent $42,000 on psychic hotlines. He asked for a divorce. (She should have seen it coming.)


One husband refused to install a toilet…and she flushed away that marriage.



Jeff Bezos just sold 2 BILLION dollars’ worth of Amazon shares. And I’m pretty sure they gave him “same day delivery” on his money.



The West Virginia Senate just passed a bill basically making it illegal for slow drivers to hang in the fast lane. You can be fined now for doing so. Way past time. As smart as cars are these days, I think a loud beep should go off in your car if you’re blocking faster cars behind you. Or…someone should remind the “pokey folks” that they have something called a rear view mirror. Maybe check it every now and then.


My friend Brent Burns and I wrote a song called “Life In TheSlow Lane” that Brent put on one his albums, but we do not want you hanging in the slow lane if your poking along!



A disabled Army veteran stared a “prepper” company. He says his business is booming and becoming more mainstream as more and more folks seem to be stocking up in case Chicken Little is finally right and the sky falls.


I just don’t see me walking around sporting a dooms day T-shirt.



She Arranged A Date With A Guy She Met On A Plane. When He Didn’t Show, She Unexpectedly Met Her Future Husband. (Just in time for Valentine Day.)



My co-writer Andrea Pearson is under the gloomy weather we’re having right now and had to cancel our writing appointment today. So a day off and chance to start pre-packing for a road trip that starts this Thursday for two shows on the road with Linda Davis & Lang Scott. More on that later.


Have a great Monday!