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Georgia to Florida...Mrs. Buttersworth...Super Bowl Best Commercials


Tuesday February 13, 2024

Hello Tuesday. And hello to a little snow in Nashville tonight. 55 and sunny today and warming up which means whatever lands shouldn’t be sticking to the roads.



Monday was a pretty lazy day and it was ugly. We’ve had about 3 days in a row of rain and even a bit of fog yesterday. The kind of weather that makes you want to go to be early. My writing appointment had cancelled and actually it’s a pretty slow week before I hit the road this Friday with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and our “Evening in The Round” show.


This Friday night we play the Opera House down in Hawkinsville, Georgia.


Then Tuesday night of next week we have a matinee show inAvon Park, Florida near Orlando.

All the details are available here on my website under the TOUR tab.




I do want to thank my co-writer buddy Brian White who’s as big a baseball fan as I am for sending me this picture from last year when (from left to right) songwriters Pete Sallis, Brian White, Wil Nance, and myself made a trip to Cincinnati to catch a little baseball. Brian’s not yesterday says, “Play Ball”!  I’m ready. 




The NFL is going to use AI technology to help prevent injuries and the Senior VP predicts it will have a “significant impact”.


A New Zealand scientist has found that eating Kiwi can boost one’s mood in as little as 4 days.


People in a study were categorized as living a low-risk or healthy lifestyle if they scored high marks in five categories.

No smoking, moderate to vigorous exercise 150 minutes per week, no more than one drink a day for women or 2 for men, regular stimulation of the brain by reading, visiting museums, playing games, and following a Mediterranean diet.





That would be today. And you can get a free short stack at IHOP today if you’d like. Who couldn’t use a pancake or two or three?


That reminds me of a really funny pancake radio bit that one of my favorite radio guys ever came up with…Hall of Famer Gary Burbank who ruled Cincinnati every afternoon on WLW Radio. So funny and creative. He did 4 hours of comedy on air every day. And he did lots of voices and characters. One of those characters was named Gilbert Gnarly, an innocent old man who lived in a retirement home who who would prank call people and companies.


One day Gilbert called the folks who makes Mrs. Buttersworth syrup to complain


They had gone politically correct I guess and pretty much got rid of her breasts. She went flat. And Gilbert called them on it complaining he was getting less syrup because they moved (in his words) her “protuberances”. I almost drove off the road as I was laughing so hard at my friend.



I wish I had that audio to share with you. I don’t…but here is  another call Gilbert made that was equally funny about KY Jelly. Listen...I'll promise you'll laugh.



And if you ever want to read a book that will have you laughing out loud? Buy the book written about Gary’s colorful life titled “Voices In My Head”.  You’ll thank me later.


One of the great honors in my life was getting to know Gary. Played a songwriter show with him once. Played baseball with him once at Reds Fantasy Camp. And I got to TRY and fill his shoes one week when he was on vacation. Folks, it ain’t easy being funny 4 straight hours on the radio. That week only made me admire Gary Burbank even more.



This from Oscar Wilde who wrote, “Always borrow money from a pessimist. They won’t expect it back.



Mardis Gras is going full tilt boogie right now in the south. I had tried to book a comedy show in Mobile for this weekend with my stand-up comic friend Juanita Smith but the owner of the People’s Room reminded us it was Mardis Gras weekend. Ain’t nobody gonna come in and laugh with or at us when Mardis Gras is going on in Mobile which is where Mardis Gras originated.


So they were nice enough to move the date to Friday March 15.  This will be the third or 4th time I think Juanita and I have played this great small and intimate listening room…so come laugh with or at us.



Highest rates Super Bowl ever this year. 123 million eyes were on the Chiefs, 49’ers and Taylor Swift. It almost broke the record for most watched TV thing ever rivaling man landing on the moon back in 1969.


How much money was in Vegas? An indicator might be that there were 882 PRIVATE planes that flew in for it.

If you were wondering…a Super Bowl ring is worth somewhere between 30-50,000 dollars. And the Chiefs then are wearing about $150,000 worth of rings on their fingers now for those who have been on the team each time they won a Super Bowl recently.


With that you can bet we’ll be seeing even more commercials we’ll see Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid in? “Gimme those nuggies”.



The Ad Meter ranking for best Super Bowl ads came out. The Dunkin’ Donuts ad was my favorite with Ben Affleck, Matt Damn, J-Lo, and Tom Brady. It came in at #2


Best Super Bowl commercial went to the State Farm commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVitoLike A Good Neighbaaa”. And it was funny.


The WORST ranking at 59 was the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. political campaign commercial.


Here the ENTIRE ranked list.



Uber, Lyft, and Door Dash are on strike tomorrow for better wages. So…if you were thinking Door Dash could deliver flowers, or chocolate for you at the last second, or had hoped to use Uber or Lyft to take you and your sweetie out to dinner?  Think again.


Last year I took a Slim Jim and bent it into the shape of a heart for my wife. You get used to sleeping in the doghouse when you do things like that.



Some guy came up with the idea that we should legalize cannabis in all 50 states and use the taxes to repair our roads and call it “Operation Pothole”. I’ll vote for that.



Just like yesterday, nothing big on the calendar. I’m starting to master the art of “doing nothing”. Wonder if one can get a degree in that?


Have a great Tuesday!