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Building A Song And A Plane...Cornhole...Road Trip Today


Friday February 16, 2024


Friday morning and I’m packed and ready for a road trip to Georgia and Florida. 60 for a high today in Nashville with heavy rain starting a little after noon and then a high of just 36 here tomorrow!



I spent a couple of hours online with Rachel Cintula…the second time we had gotten together on a song idea she had. Rachel signed up at Songwriting Pro for a coaching writing session through my friend Brent Baxter.


A couple of months ago we shaped up her idea and recently she played it for someone in the gospel world who’s connected who critiqued her song and told her he loved the idea but thought the tempo should be slower, and that it needed another line to set up the “hook” (title) a bit better. So we worked at that together yesterday and I think we got it there for her. In the end when I do these kinds of sessions the most important thing for me is that the client loves the finished product. She does…and that’s good enough for me.


Rachel was at her Dad’s house in Osage Beach, Missouri where I once spent an entire summer playing in a dinner theater with my band. I found out that her Dad can build stuff. In fact, he built his own airplane from a kit. And he once flew it to Osh Kosh, Wisconsin where they have the huge experimental aircraft gathering every year along with a wonderful aircraft museum that I visited once when I was living in Milwaukee. I told Rachel about jumping into an old biplane up there and the pilot let me fly that old Stearman a couple of miles over the beautiful Wisconsin country side.


It’s funny how there’s always some common ground to be found when you meet and work with new folks. Her husband is a lifelong Navy guy on duty right now in not the greatest part of the world for a year... so she and their son are hanging in the Show Me State where I grew up. He’s got a little leave coming up and the three of them are going to meet up in Italy for a few days before he has to report back to duty. Having been to Italy…I was able to give her a couple of places to see while she’s there.



I enjoyed the session and enjoyed getting to know her better. She’s just recently started turning some of her ideas into songs for the first time so she’s excited about that and excited about learning more.



There was nothing on the 3,000 TV channels I have that interested me last night. Sad ain’t it? So I watched the Fisherman’s Friends movie again AND the sequel “Fisherman’s Friends One And All”. Based on an unlikely incredible story about a group of singing fishermen in Cornwall England became big recording stars singing old sea shanties like "Sloop John B". It made me want to buy their albums. And the song was a shanty long before it became a big hit for the Beach Boys.


The acting is great, the music better, and the scenery in the movie is a bonus. Watch. You’ll find yourself singing along.


How infectious is their music?  This SCENE from the first movie shows how infectious.





It seems like once a month comes news that a country star or pop star is opening a bar on Lower Broadway here in Nashville. Last week is was Jon Bon Jovi. Now it’s country star Morgan Wallen who will open a six story bar and restaurant later this year to be named “This Bar and Tennessee Kitchen”.  30,000 square feet on 4th Avenue.


Now that Beyonce has released a couple of country songs…I’m waiting for hers.



Research is showing that 80% of American’s test positive for a chemical called chlormequat that comes from Cheerios and Quaker Oats. That may cause infertility and delayed puberty.


New York state is saying it will not replace all the jobs lost during the COVID pandemic until at least 2026.


Simply put, one health expert reveals that the best medicine is exercise.



Saw this posted a friend’s Facebook page. Appropriate for lovers who live in Tennessee right now.



Those fine folks are saying refunds so far are much smaller this year. 29% smaller so far. They are also saying refunds could be bigger next year…up to as much as 10% more. I have no idea why. It’s the government. I can never figure those folks out.


My favorite songwriter of all time Roger Miller could not understand the Dad Gum Government either so he wrote it into that song that’s part of the Broadway Musical he wrote “Big River”.



According to BACtrack…a breathalyzer company the #1 drinking fan base for football teams is us…Nashville and the Tennessee Titan fans. Did I mention we have a LOT of celebrity bars in Music City?  Near the stadium? What an honor.


The Pittsburgh Steeler and Indianapolis Colt fans are right behind us.


THE LEAST drinking NFL fan base?  That would be Kansas City Chief fans, followed by Washington Commanders and then the New York Giants fans.



A great story today about how official found and returned the bass guitar that Paul McCartney played over 50 years on some of the early Beatle hits like “Love Me Do” and “All My Loving”. The Hofner guitar that McCartney bought for $37 back then was stolen out of the bands van. Gone. They found it in a rusty attic after finding the person who stole it. The owners of the house had no idea what significance it had and were innocent. It’s now worth $12.5 million dollars. Paul was thrilled and grateful to the team that finally found it. Pretty cool.




Get this. Two High School students just received scholarships to play CORNHOLE at Winthrop University in South Carolina. Cornhole! Who knew? Mom and Dad must be proud.



Which brings me to my cornhole story. Years ago when I was in Cincinnati I interviewed a producer and his wife on my radio show who were making “Cornhole The Movie”. It was a comedy movie that went straight to DVD. After the interview I asked if they were looking for music for it and they said “yes”. And they left their e-mail and phone number. After they left, I went into a studio and wrote a simple song titled “Cornhole The Song”. And I sent it to them. Just me and the guitar on the song. They loved it and wanted to use it to my complete amazement.


So I told them I could go into a studio with a full band then and record the song and they said “no”…they liked it just like it was. And that’s what you hear over the credits at the end of the movie that at least 5 or 10 people saw including me.


Zero dollars poured in…but hey…I got a danged song about cornhole in the movie.





The Cleveland Guardian opening day baseball game in Cleveland has been pushed back one hour because of an eclipse. Uh huh. And they have not seen on up there on Lake Erie forever. So, Guardian fans can get in early, watch and eclipse from their seats and THEN watch the baseball game. Might be the best baseball promotion ever. How did the marketing people pull that off?



Video Exits Of UFO Disabling Nuclear Warhead, Whistleblowers Claim. There’s just some stuff I can’t make up folks.



Hitting the road in a couple of hours with Linda Davis and Lang Scott and our Evening in the Round Show. We’ll get south of Atlanta today to beat that crazy traffic and bed down then drive into Hawkinsville, Georgia where we have a 7 pm show Saturday evening in their old and beautiful Opera House.


Sunday morning we’ll drive further south to Avon Park, Florida where we’ll have an off day before our 1:30 pm show there in Performing Arts Center. 



Should be a couple of great shows…and I hope to see some old friends and will certainly see a little family as my brother and his wife are coming to the Saturday show in Florida.


Have a great weekend.


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