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Beer Songs...Georgia-Florida Run...Thin Seats


Wednesday February 7, 2024


Another Hump Day to try and get over. Wednesday. And a beauty weather wise with the temperature to hit 67…with sun.



I wrote with Brian White and Wil Nance at Brian’s little mini-farm that connects to Wil’s little mini-farm. Neighbors. Both of those guys have “wall hangers”…plaques that signify great musical success from big old hits they’ve written. Wil penned “She’s Everything” for Brad Paisley that went number one and Brian helped write “Watching You” for Rodney Atkins that not only was a #1 song but was also the most played song on country radio the year it was out. I played both songs a lot on the radio.

Yesterday we took a fun country drinking song idea that Wil and I had started a couple of months ago and finished it up with Brian. Very fun song.


It’s always great to write with talented friends like those two who have had so much success.



All three of us are looking forward to being part of the Dolly Parton's “I Will Always Love You” songwriters celebration that will run for a couple of months at Dollywood. I actually play opening week with “Hits & Grins” alongside Victoria Venier (who’s in charge of this great festival as far as booking and emcee work goes and Steve Dean. The shows held in the Palace Theater in Dollywood are on Sundays and Mondays this season with three shows each performing day for the writers. Noon, 2 and 4 pm. Opening show is Monday, March 7.




Here’s a look at the rest of my February show schedule.


I’ve got a couple of shows with Linda Davis & Lang Scott this month with our “Evening in the Round” show.


Friday February 17 in Hawkinsville, Georgia at their beautiful Opera House. Show time 7 pm.


And then Tuesday February 20 we'll be in Avon Park, Florida (near Orlando) at the SFSC University Center Auditorium. A matinee show at 1:30 pm.


Sunday February 25 at the Westhaven Residents Club for their songwriter series with Steve Dean.


Details on these shows and others are on my website under the TOUR tab.



A concerning report says that the rare fungus Candida Auris is starting to spread in the U.S. and that it has a 60% death rate attached to it. Three cases reported in Washington State already. There’s your good news for the morning.


A new study is suggesting that body temperature and depression may be linked.


Research is telling Doctors that blood stroke risk depends on blood type. Type A and you have a 60% more likely chance before the age of 60.



So hard to buy something for my wife for Valentine’s Day. At least something she’ll like. But this bad boy should literally make her just light up.





Southwest Airlines unveiled their new seats and some think it’s cramped and the seats are thinner. So those of us with bony butts should choose a pillow as our carry on item if we’re flying Southwest.



At Ft. Lauderdale Airport in Florida yesterday they had to grab a guy who was drunk and walking around stark naked. This is one of the folks I was just talking about. He does NOT want to be on one of those thin seats on Southwest.



A guy who has eaten a McDonald’s breakfast almost every morning for the last 36 years is celebrating his 100th birthday. So happy birthday to World War II veteran Zan White who’s from West Virginia and is probably at the Golden Arches celebrating his Golden birthday as I’m blogging right now.



Here’s one more Super Bowl commercial we’ll be watching this Sunday. This one from Uber Eats. And anyone who was a fan of the TV show “Friends” (and I was) will enjoy seeing old castmates Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer getting together in this funny commercial.



Yep. There is such a thing. You walk into a room with six inches of Himalayan salt on the floor with salt bricks for walls and salt crystal lamps scattered in the room. And then you do your downward dog thing. In a salt room. I’m sure there’s a reason. Just like there is surely a reason that guy was walking around naked in the Fort Lauderdale Airport. Right?




Borrowed and adapted from Babylon Bee.


Husband reaches out to NSA to see if they know what his wife wants for Valentine’s Day.



I’m online writing with my Pennsylvania buddy Troy Engle who’s one of those guys that can just play the fire out of anything with strings attached to it. Yep…I’m pretty much hate him.


Have a great Wednesday!