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The Pope...Germany Attention...Planes


Wednesday January 10, 2024

Wednesday has arrived. The weather is doing a yo-yo thing here in Nashville. We had rain and wind last night. I’ve got a few tree limbs to pick up today as we hit a high of 48. But tomorrow we’ll get near 60 with sun…and then Monday we could see snow.  The world famous Bluebird CafĂ© here had to shut their songwriter show down last night because of some wind damage to that great venue.


Meanwhile there have been over a million power outages out east because of storms, and the panhandle region down in Florida and lower Alabama and North Carolina got his with a tornado or two. So overall…I’ll take what we’re getting as opposed to that.



I wrote with one of the Popes yesterday…as in Adam Pope.  Adam and his wife Amy perform as a duo all over the country. They pack up their kids who are home schooled and the go play music. The kids are getting quite the education and getting to see some wonderful places while their young with Mom and Dad. Great family.



Things are getting ready to change for them a bit as Adam flies out to Oregon this weekend and will be gone almost three months as he tours with the Johnny Cash Concert show that features Johnny Cash singing on a big screen with clips from TV shows he was on, and Adam will play in a “live” band that actually plays the music while Johnny…on the screen sings those songs. Then every now and then Adam will step up to a microphone himself and sing 4 or 5 Johnny Cash classics. 



This show was put together by John Carter Cash…the song of Johnny and June so it’s more than a little cool that the show asked my friend to join their cast for 3 months. Happy for my friend.


So I got to learn a lot about that new show he’ll be traveling with, AND we wrote a new song together that should fit well for his duo with his wife Amy.



My daughter Heather and her husband Casey do a video blog from Germany where they live right now. Sort of like an “American in Germany” type of approach. Yesterday they got a ton of hits on the video they shot of them visiting a German grocery store and reacting to foods and things they found like a German bread slicing machine that fascinated the two of them. They could not figure out why until they discovered that the grocery store episode made into a German magazine article. Very cool. Click on this LINK and you’ll see the article (written in German of course) but you’ll also see the video they shot that garnered all this attention. Proud and happy for my kids on this. 




Those in the know say we should take more magnesium. Research is showing it has a calming effect.


Howard Stern who’s a loud vocal proponent for the COVID vaccine now has COVID himself. He’s saying it was really bad but he can’t imagine how much worse it would have been had he not taken the vaccine.


A dietitian says eating salmon helps grow hair and keeps it healthy. Now they tell me!





To the iPhone that Steve Jobs showed to the world for the first time some 17 years ago. I’m blame him for so many people having their head up their apps these days.


Some comedian wrote that iRIP is written on Steve’s tombstone.



Word is…for all you Star War fans and fanatics that there will be a new feature movie coming based on the Mandalorian. Okay…I’m a Star Wars fan myself and will look forward to this movie as the Mandalorian is one of my favorite Star Wars series that I watched on Prime. I’m a fan, but you won’t see me dressed up like Yoda waiting to get early tickets as some do.


Like many, I was just so blown away watching the first Star Wars movie. And one of the best Star Wars movie experiences I ever had was watching one of those movies in Hollywood at the famous Grauman Chinese Theater (now the TLC Theater)  which was right across the street from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where I was staying one year while covering the Academy of Country Music Awards out there.


 Such a beautiful theater with so much history. Everyone should see a movie there once in their lifetime.



United Airlines now admits to finding loose bolts on some of its planes in the wake of the news of that Alaskan Airline door plug incident. I really don’t want loose bolts on my airplane. But I don’t want to see duct tape on my plane either like the plane I boarded once in Montrose, Colorado that had duct tape all over the wing!  I wish I had saved that picture. I posted on my Facebook page at the time because it was so surreal boarding a plane with duct tape all over the wing.


Remember what I said earlier in this blog about Magnesium helping you keep calm?  I wish I’d had a bottle of it that day in my carry-on bag.



Kohler is showing off a new voice command bidet at the big Consumer Electronic show going on in Vegas right now. So I guess you can tell the bidet when and where to soak your badonkadonk?


Believe it or not, our house has a bidet in the master bathroom. I’ve never used it. Just can’t. I just think if God wanted us to use a bidet he would not have invented toilet paper. And I sure don’t see myself talking to my bidet…ever.



Woman Admits It Was Super Weird When She Realized She’d Accidentally Married Her Cousin While Pregnant. (Anybody else hearing banjo music right now?)



I’m writing with my fellow Missourian Wil Nance this morning. Wil’s had a lot of big hits in his writing career…most notably “She’s Everything To Me” by Brad Paisley. But my personal favorite of his that he co-wrote with Steve Williams and Sheree Austin is the song that George Strait recorded that should have been a single but was not “Where Have I Been All My Life”. If we could write a song half as good as that today I’d be thrilled.


Wil is going to join me this Saturday evening for a private house concert with our friend Lauren Mascitti down in Thompson Station, Tennessee that we’re all looking forward to. 



Have a great Wednesday!


Oh, and if for any reason you’re going to be talking to your bidet today PLEASE record it and send it to me. I’d love to hear that conversation.