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Still Snowed In...Ray Stevens...Radio Interview


Wednesday January 17, 2024


Wednesday morning and I don’t think any of our snow has melted yet. Maybe a little as the sun did get out and hit it yesterday although it remained below freezing and will be for a bit. It’s minus 1 degree as I’m starting the Blog this morning with the high of 28 and then down into a subfreezing minus 7 tonight!


The good news is we ordered groceries in from Prime and the Prime driver got down our road and up our steep driveway with no problems. Never would have thought he’d be able to deliver. 



The bad news is that the weather here is still bad enough that we cancelled my songwriter show scheduled for tomorrow night here in town at the Commodore Grill. We’ll reschedule that for another date down a drier road.


I did get to write yesterday thanks to online technology with my friend Brooke Aldridge in North Carolina. Surprisingly they have zero snow right now and she said she was jealous of the snow Nashville has received. I’m trying to figure out if I can get Prime to deliver her all she wants of it.


Normally her husband Darin joins us when we write but he had a guitar class he was teaching last night so it was just me and Brooke. And Brooke had texted me an idea for a song with a chorus that was pretty much written. By the time she joined me on the computer last night I had some lyrics as well that worked so we really had to just craft one more verse to finish her idea…which we did.


She told me that she and Darin are on the way to town if the roads to allow to record some tracks for their new album that will have a couple of songs on it that I helped write including their current single “WildflowerToo” that’s gotten a lot of airplay on Bluegrass radio stations and XM where Bluegrass Junction has put the song in their heaviest rotation category which is a great thing.


And while they’re in town the two of them will once again be playing at the Grand Ole Opry. They have now played the Opry well over 50 times so I’m just waiting for that night when they ask them if they’d like to be permanent members. That will be special…and deserved.



Ray has an entertainment venue in town called Caba Ray where he and guest perform. He just announced his performance schedule for this year at Caba Ray and said it would be his final year of doing that. Not “retiring”…but slowing down noting he’ll still be creating and recording. His studio is also part of the Caba Ray complex located just west of Nashville off I-40.



 Ray is 85 now and I’m glad to hear he’s going to be spending time recording new music. And of course I’m forever grateful he recorded the song “Retired” that I wrote with my friend Brent Burns. If you want to see Ray perform “live”? Might want to buy a ticket this year at Caba Ray.



At the same time the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band announced their farewell tour this year. The band has toured for 60 years! And they’ve recorded a ton of hits. I fell in love with them when their first album came out and they were referred to as a Jug Band. The song “Bojangles” was on that vinyl album I still have. I loved it so much I recorded “Bojangles” on my only vinyl album I recorded. And who doesn’t love “Fishing In The Dark”? Gonna miss those guys. 




Health officials warned the nation’s capital of a possible measles exposure after a person who had measles ran through the two busiest airports in DC both Dulles International and  Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.


Experts are saying childhood stress is linked to higher blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes in adults.


A Chinese lab has crafted a mutant COVID-19 strain that has a 100% kill streak in humanized mice. And it happens rapidly. There’s some good news for you.



This morning with subfreezing temperatures the roads are going to be really slick. My friend Lang Scott texted me this morning to let me know one of the weather folks on TV her just said, “Watch out for the ice you CAN’T see”. Think about that for a minute. As soon as I see the ice I can’t see I’m going to call it in.



It’s sneaking up. What can you give that girl you love that she might like? It’s a challenge every danged year.


Maybe this?


Yep…you can start your own romantic fire with one of these PERFECT MATCH sticks. I’ll let you know how that goes over.



A leading travel writer listed his 6 most romantic places to visit. At 6 would be one of mine…Sedona, Arizona.


If you’ve not gone…put in on your list. I’ve been three or four times and I never get tired of seeing those red rocks. This is my Arizona friend  leading me up a trail in Sedona.


And this was the payoff at the top of the hike.


Their Top 5 romantic places are:

Charleston, South Carolina

Sonoma out in California

Napa Valley (any place with wine is romantic I guess)

Lanai’ in Hawaii

And their number one romantic place is Kuai. Hard to argue with those choices.


Man Fakes Headache To Get Out Of Going To Hobby Lobby. (Credit to the funny folks at Babylon Bee for that one)



I’m writing online this morning with my longtime friend and co-writer Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores who has an idea he wants to carve on. So we’ll do that. And this feels like a good place to leave you a song we wrote that’s on Brent’s latest album. Check out the funny “Twenty Bucks Is TwentyBucks”.


Have a great Wednesday.