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On The Radio...Song About A Guitar...Richard Simmons


January 18, 2024


Thursday morning in cold and snowy Music City. The sun was out and shining yesterday so we got a little melting. But we’re still below freezing so plenty of snow remains. Today’s high with some sun is 35 so more snow should melt.



Early yesterday morning I did a radio interview with my friend Mike Thomas in Warrenton Missouri on the radio station I used to work at when I was young KWRE. Mike was nice enough to give me some air time on his show to promote this Sunday’s show I’m playing in Wright City, Missouri for the Gateway Country Music Association. It’s their Winter show that raised money for GCMA and I’m happy to be there to help them raise a little dough. I’m looking very forward to being back home amongst friends and family and some fans to play this show. So thank you Mike for helping us get the word out.



Then I spent the rest of the morning looking out at the snow from my desk window with one eye while looking at my friend Brent Burns on my computer out of the other eye. Quite the skill set huh?


Brent had an idea about an “old” guitar that he wanted to write. I think he was thinking about old guitars as he just bought an old Martin D28…great guitars. I got my first Martin…a D18 last year thanks to my North Carolina bluegrass buddy Darin Aldridge who spotted one for me at a music store near where he lives. I bought it sight unseen and not it’s my “go to” guitar.


Pretty sure Brent is going to love his as well. We’ve been stacking up a few songs for Brent’s next album…pretty sure this song will be on that one.


Brent is also working on putting a show together for the two of us when I’m down there in March. March 15 I have a show at the People’s Listening Room in Mobile with comedienne Juanita Smith. So we’re looking to do a show in March 16 in or near Gulf Shores. Stay tuned for more on that. 




February 25 I’m playing the Westhaven Songwriter Series here in Nashville with my co-writer friend Steve Dean. Tickets have gone on sale and all the info is here on this poster they sent me yesterday. We’re both looking forward to playing this series for the first time.





A new report finds that colon cancer is now the leading cause of cancer death in men under the age of 50.


Heart disease risk increases for young adults who have lost a sibling, a study says.


A Swedish study is saying people with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) have a much higher risk of death from both natural and unnatural causes. 2 to 3% of Americans have that. 

I watched some of the “Aviator” film the other night…the story of Howard Hughes who although brilliant suffered massively from OCD. Martin Scorsese produced the film that stars Leo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes. The film pulls no punches when it comes to showing you what OCD was like for Howard. Hard to watch in several places.



Exercise guru Richard Simmons is upset that they are doing a biopic movie on his life and is saying he did not approve of the movie and did not approve of comedian Pauly Shore playing him.


I had two very fun experiences with Richard Simmons on the radio. The first experience was in Cincinnati when I was on WUBE Radio and when Richard was in town and our morning radio show got him to come out to a local mall early in the morning and lead an exercise routine for anyone who wanted to show up and participate. Huge crowd and he just lit them up and had a us laughing big time. There’s a picture somewhere of me and my radio partner at that time on the big stage working out with Richard in those short shorts and that big crowd. Who’d have thought THAT would have ever happened?


The second experience was in Milwaukee when I was on air for the morning show at WMIL. He burst into our studio that morning with more energy than anyone I’ve ever been around. And then something really funny happened. I told him on air that my Mother In Law Betty had a VHS tape of his “Sweatin' To The Oldies” routine that had sold a billion copies. He said let’s call her. And we did. “Live” on air Richard took my Mother In Law to task for not using his tape. I can’t tell you how surprised Betty was and how hysterical that exchange between the two of them was that morning. Way way funny. 




With all the snow we’ve accumulated lots of folks have gotten out to build a snowman. This might be my favorite so far.


And this one?  He shouldn’t be driving. Even if the roads clear up.



At least 45 office building in New York City are being converted to apartments right now. More folks are working from home. Office space is becoming impossible to rent and they have an over-abundance of that in the Big Apple. I would think demand for ties and suits and briefcases would be trending downward as well.



Get this. A new study says men are actually better with directions than women are. And the study says it’s because men are encourage more that women to go outside and play when we’re young. Being outside helps build navigational skills…they say. So all these years when women have told us where we can go?  They’re sending us in the wrong danged direction.



A survey shows that grandparents prefer NOT to be called Grandpa or Grandma. Out dated they’re saying. Today the most popular alternative names for Grandma are “Gigi” “Bibi” and “Momo”…just like my first record!


The most popular alternatives to Grandpa are “Grandude” and G-Pa”.


My daughter has no kids. Two cats…no kids. I have no idea what my Grandcats are calling me.



Passenger Trapped In Airplane Toilet For An Hour Told By Cabin Crew That They “Tried Their Best”. Nobody had a crowbar?



Nothing I have to do today so I’m going to do a little prepping for the trip to Missouri coming up this weekend and the show I’m doing on Sunday. And MAYBE I’ll get out and test our snowy road for the first time since it fell. Maybe.


Have a great Thursday!