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New Year...A Birthday...Look Back


Monday January 1, 2024


Monday morning the first day of 2025. Happy New Years!



We quietly celebrated our daughter Heather’s New Year’s Eve birthday yesterday. Best New Year’s Eve present ever. We did a Facetime thing with her and her husband Casey and they were the theme park Efteling in the Netherlands celebration her birthday.



 So we got a little walking tour of that park on our phone. 



I used to play music in clubs for years on New Year’s Eve night. For musicians you WANT to play New Year’s Eve because the price you normally play for gets doubled. But since our daughter was born we never set foot in a New Year’s Eve party. We just celebrate her birthday. And to tell you the truth, I don’t miss the noisemakers and crowds. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was up as late as midnight on New Year’s Eve.


Our daughter’s birthday is our cork popping celebration every year now.



They have a HUGE New Year’s Eve celebration in Nashville every year called the “Big Bash”. HUGE crowds. This year Cody Johnson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Trace Adkins, Lainey Wilson and others entertained the crowd. At midnight they dropped a big music note. Hey…it’s Music City y’all.


In Mobile, Alabama where I’ll play the People’s Listening Room in March…the dropped a danged MoonPie last night. The drop a MoonPie there because Mobile is the home of the Mardis Gras celebration and that’s their favorite throw. Line up for the parade and you might catch one.



Some folks make some pretty funny New Year’s resolutions. Here’s a few.


Become a morning person…starting at noon.


I will strive to eat more greens, even if they’re just the M&M kind.


Develop the ability to remember names, even if it’s just mine.



It was nice to see my friend Scott Southworth have his album selected as “Essential Listing” for 2023 in the noted online publication Saving Country Music. That publication is all about promoting traditional country artists and Scott is one of those. Here’s the review.


I have two songs on this album, both songs mentioned in the article. “Everything I Never Knew” and “Country No Matter What Country” which features Scott and 7 other traditional country singers for 7 different countries.


Thank you Saving Country Music…and thank you Scott.




Here’s a “Happy New Year” to us. Reportedly Exclusive-Drugmakers are set to raise U.S. prices on at least 500 drugs this month.


More glum news. New COVID-19 hospitalizations have reached levels not seen in a year.


Experts say to expect a surge in COVID and flu cases once we clear the holidays.



For those of you to remember the old Art Linkletter TV show “Kids Say The Darndest Things” you’ll appreciate this true story.


I’m in Chik fil A this past weekend having lunch.  Across the way was a grandfather reading a book VERY loudly to his two young grandsons. The book asked questions like “what are you grateful for” and then the grandfather would ask the two boys to answer. 


One of the questions was, “What is  the prettiest place you’ve ever seen”?  There was silence for a second or two and then I heard the 5 or 6 year old boy pipe up and say, “the funeral home”.


I had to clean up the coke off my table after spitting it up.



I love stores that try to be more than one thing. I posted this on in last Friday’s blog.

Yep. You can get a drink and then get your hair cut with a chainsaw.


And old radio friend Jim Mantel commented after he read my Facebook post and saw that sign telling me he once saw a business in Corpus Christi “Leather and Lace.  It was a  lingerie and gun shop. Jim’s joke was you could get a 38 or 44 depending upon your need.



In France a group made a pizza with 1,001 types of cheeses. Yep…there’s a Guinness Record for that…and they now own it. 




Gosh, 2023 was a whirl. I think I played more shows this year than ever before. Between the solo shows I had several runs with “Hits & Grins” and my friends Linda Davis & Lang Scott with our “Evening in the Round” show, several songwriter retreats with Freedom Sings USA writing with veterans and a few Trop Rock-Parrot Head shows as well.


A bunch of my songs got recorded…thank you to every artist who chose to record those. The song Del McCoury recorded that I wrote “OnceAgain with Josh Shilling landed on his bluegrass album “Once Again” was nominated for a Grammy. Didn’t win…but I’m certainly grateful for that. 



My family stayed pretty healthy all year. That might be the biggest blessing of all.


And I can already tell that 2025 will be even busier.



It’s the first day of the year…most everything is closed and there’s some big college football games today where all of the players are actually going to play. I’ll be planted in front of the big screen on this New Years Day.


Have a great Monday.