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New Songwriter Show...Coaching...Supernova Nashville


Wednesday January 3, 2023


Wednesday morning the first Hump Day of the New Year. 43 brisk degrees for a high here today. Meanwhile the biggest snowstorm in 2 years is about to hit the northeast. And in New York they had a mild earthquake. Nashville seems to be a better place to be in this morning.



It was uneventful and quiet yesterday. Really quiet. I spent a little time working on a couple of possible new show dates and writing appointments while my wife was quietly taking down some of the Christmas decorations. The Grinch who sits on a couch in my work room disappeared before my eyes. And you know he was unhappy about that! 



This one popped up yesterday. I’ll be playing at a private house concert in Thompson Station, Tennessee…a bit south of Nashville along with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti Saturday January 13.


I had completely forgotten this date was meant for my “Hits & Grins” trio but forgot to lock it in on my calendar. Then my friend Dave Lenahan who set this up contacted me to remind me about it yesterday. Doh!  The other members of “Hits & Grins” can’t do that date so we went into scramble mode. So thank you to Dave for understanding and thank you to Wil and Lauren for joining me on short notice.



I also added a songwriting coaching appointment for tomorrow on my calendar where I’ll be online  with someone in New York who wants help with a song idea they’ve been trying to write. I do a few of these session every year for my friend Brent Baxter’s company Songwriting Pro where they match professional writers with amateurs who would like help with a song or just help with trying to be a better writer. I look forward to working with Rachel Cintula in New York on Friday.



In the New Year I’m excited to have multiple songs I helped write to be released on three separate great bluegrass projects.


Two on the upcoming Rick Lang gospel-grass song album featuring celebrity singers on each track. The Oak Ridge Boys are singing on one of my songs with Jerry Salley.


Three on the upcoming Kristy Cox album. Kristy is a multiple Golden Guitar award winning artist from Australia. In fact the song I wrote with her and Jerry Salley “Finger Picking Good” featuring world class guitarist Tommy Emmanuel won a Golden Guitar Award two years ago. One of the songs on Kristy’s upcoming project is one I helped write that has a ton of personal meaning to me and I’m anxious to hear that.



And then Darin & Brooke Aldridge, the Grand Ole Opry stars are working on their new album and I should have at least 2  or 3songs on this project including their current single that’s doing so well “Wildflower Too”.



So 2024 is looking bright musically.



Scientists have discovered that your blood type affects your risk of early stroke.


COVID cases are ramping up again and big time in Tennessee apparently. And other states are dealing as well. I have a musical friend who just had a concert cancelled in North Carolina because of low ticket sales attributed to so many people in that region being sick with COVID.


A report says to reduce cancer risk to skip alcohol. And that there is no safe amount to drink.



This observation from comedian Jerry Seinfeld.


“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two? Does that sound right?


This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy”.



Nashville has just been named a “supernova” city for the third time in recent years. Basically that means we have lots of jobs and lots of people who keep moving here. The other four “supernova” cities are Austin,, Raleigh/Durham, Jacksonville, and Boise.


So change my mailing address to Supernova, Tennessee.



The celebrity honkytonks. It’s like they’re having babies with each other. There are so many here now. And yesterday they announced that country star Luke Combs will now take over what’s been an icon bar here for years. The Wild Horse Saloon. Gone. More people may have learned to line dance in that club than anywhere else in the world.


I did several broadcasts in the Wild Horse over the years for radio stations. I was on that big stage during CMA Fest one year when Tanya Tucker snuck up on me while I was "live"  and planted a big red lipstick kiss on my cheek. Pretty sure I’m not the only radio guy where that’s happened. I interviewed a VERY young Lee Ann Rimes on that stage when her first single “Blue” was out and everyone was talking about her.


 I played a corporate songwriter show in there once a few years go with a room that overlooked the Cumberland River. We saw it get pretty dark. When we finished we loaded and beat the tornado home.


So yea…I have some memories for sure from that place. And I’m sure lots of other country fans do as well. Goodbye Wild Horse.



That would be the price of fast food. An analysts is predicting that with wage increases at McDonald’s that we could pay $15 soon for a Big Mac hamburger.


Meanwhile Chik-fil-A prices have risen 20% over recent times.


Think I’ll run a price check on Spam.



Folks are returning to the movie theaters. The box office took in over 9 billion in 2023…the biggest increase since the pandemic hit and shut so many down. Who knew that if you just made a movie about Barbie that the industry would get healthy again?


I’m predicting someone will surely make an Elf on the Shelf Christmas movie some Christmas season. Check you locations as that movie will be shown in a new location every day.



Colorado Burglar Busted After Using Uber As A Getaway Car. Surely the judge will call an Uber ride to transport him to jail as well.



It’s back to the writing table today…or I should say writing computer as I’m online this morning writing with talented Troy Engle up in Pennsylvania. I’ll check and see if he’s snowed in yet or not.



Have a great Wednesday!