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Music Row...Album Listening Party....Beatles


Tuesday January 24, 2024


Hello Hump Day Wednesday. It’s not so much getting over the hump today as it is avoiding some of the potholes that have sprung up with our melting snow.


Heavy rain here today but a high near 60 and then 66 tomorrow. Snow be gone.



I wrote down on Music Row for the first time in a bit…downtown Nashville with Irene Kelley and Wil Nance. Wil is a writer for Curb Music Publishing and they have a big ole building on 17th Avenue. Cool place to write but I’ve gotten spoiled because my publishing company is located in Hendersonville which is where I write a lot. There’s no traffic going to mine. There’s a LOT of traffic anytime night or day when you’re trying to get downtown. I used to write on Music Row a lot before my publishing deal. Now I’m grateful for that deal in small part because it allows me to not have to deal with the crazy Nashville traffic.



At any rate we had a great time shaping up a song we started this past October, making it better, and finishing the thought that Irene had brought to the writing table back then. All three of us walked out feeling great about the tune.



I also got a text from my friend Jerry Salley the great bluegrass singer-writer-producer telling me that this Friday morning there will be a listening party for the new Rick Lang project titled “Blue Collar Gospel”. Jerry, Rick Lang, and I wrote the title track that features Jerry singing the lead along with the Oak Ridge Boys.


This album features songs that Rick Lang wrote or co-wrote with other writers. And each song features a great guest singer or singers. His first album “Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout” received a Grammy nomination and we have our fingers crossed that this album could be so lucky. 



So Friday morning I’ll be at Daywind Studio with all the songwriters involved with this great project and we’ll all get to hear our songs. I have two songs on it…so I'm really looking forward to hearing those songs. The second song is titled “Church Bells Are Ringing” that I wrote with Rick that features bluegrass singer Danny Paisley who's been named the Male Vocalist of the Year twice in the bluegrass world. Gonna be a good day Friday.



February 9 of this year will mark the 60th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. 60 years! 



I was at my friend Steve Dean’s house one day to write and Steve is a HUGE Beatles fan. In fact this year he and his wife and another couple are flying to Liverpool to soak up some of the Beatles history. In Steve’s studio where we write?  There’s a lot of Beatles memorabilia. And I’ve learned a lot about the Beatles just hanging around Steve who’s own music is influenced by the Fab 4.


He gave me this book to read and I took it to Gulf Shores one winter when my wife and I stayed for a month looking out at the ocean. I could not put it down. And every time the book talked about one of their hits and how they wrote or recorded the song I would put the book down, find the song on You Tube and listen to it once again. And a lot of the times I felt like I was hearing the song for the first time. 60 years!





The day we wrote was the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. A friend had sent Steve an article about that so he was in a Beatles mind set and was telling me that he blamed the Beatles sort of for how he turned out. So we wrote a song called “Blame It On The Beatles” that we sing in our “Hits & Grins” show all the time and recorded on our 2nd "Hits & Grins" CD. The song includes a bunch of Beatle song titles and it always goes over with the crowd because we’re playing to the age group that can relate to that group and their music. 

Steve talks about writing the song on our shows by acknowledging it’s been 50 years since the Beatles were on that black and white TV show. Now he’ll have to start saying it’s been 60 years!



In Sydney, Australia they issued a health alert for measles as they found out a passenger in the terminal was contagious after getting measles on a trip to Asia.


A study is saying that it’s a rarity if you were to lose weight and put Type 2 diabetes into remission in the real world.


And yet one more study is pointing out that people who sit at work or are sedentary for long periods of time have a 16% increased risk of dying from any cause and 34% for cardiovascular disease. Get moving folks.






The tallest building in the country is about to go up…WAY up. All the way up to 1,907 feet. And it ain’t going up in New York City where most of us would have guessed. Nope. Oklahoma City in the Bricktown District will be the location. Wow. Get up the top of this bad boy and you should be able to spot the tornadoes coming in from Kansas.



The Mayor Of Nashville is saying “We did the best with what we have” in regards to a lot of complaints about the lack of snow removal from this 7 or 8 inches we had. I could not get out on my road for 6 days and a lot of folks here had a similar problem.


We don’t do well with snow in the south. Nope. And we don’t have the equipment for those rare occasions when we get a lot of snow.


Reminds me of a time when I was driving for a week’s worth of shows in Florida with my band and we were driving through Georgia. We hit a heck of a snowstorm and we were in a van pulling a trailer. On the steeper hills you had to kind of wait your turn to make a run at it. Many did not. We were lucky.


But I remember laughing when we stopped for gas at counter inside the Quik Mart was a kids plastic bucket and plastic little shovel with a sign in front of it that read “Georgia Snow Removal Equipment”. 




It’s already near the end of January so there’s a good chance we’ll see no more snow. However, they are warning us of a Cicada outbreak in the Spring. And it’s not just Tennessee. A TRILLION cicadas are expected to show up with their red buggy eyes across the country. The most in 221 years. Buy stock in noise cancelling head phones.



A Wolf Moon. The first full moon of the year tomorrow night January 25. Why do they call it a Wolf moon? Word is it’s because wolves howl more in January than any other month. Turns out that’s not true…but the name stuck.


We should name one full moon the “Cry Wolf Moon” for those that spread conspiracy theories.



Potty-Mouthed Parrots Teaching Other Birds To Swear As Zoo Hatches Plan To Stop Problem. Hmm…maybe it was one of those Parrots that taught Elle King had to cuss.



I’m writing with a young and very talented new bluegrass artist Caroline Owens for the second time. Caroline hails from North Carolina and has a little bit of Alison Krauss in her voice which is awesome. She’s in town all weekend for the big bluegrass convention being held here called SPBGMA. Looking forward to creating something new with her this morning.



Have a great Tuesday!