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Lotta Snow...Radio Interview...Its So Cold...


Tuesday January 16, 2023

Tuesday morning in Nashville. Nothing but white stuff as far as I can see. 20 for the high today…and ZERO tonight. I’m duct taping the bottom flap shut on my long johns.



We got some real snow here folks. I’ve lived in Nashville like 18 years or so and there was only one other snowfall that I can remember anywhere near as big as this one. It snowed all day yesterday to go with the snow fall the night before. I think we got as much as 7 inches standing outside our door.


In fact they’re saying Nashville got its YEARLY average of snow in less than 24 hours yesterday. Average is 4.7…I’m looking at 7 inches right now. The Nashville Airport shut down for a bit yesterday but is reopened now. Ain’t one kid in school. And side roads like the one I live on are going to be shut for a bit. I know I couldn’t get out if I had to right now. I remember when I lived in Wisconsin if we got a snowfall…and we got a lot of them…that guys with pickup trucks with plows would go through neighborhoods and clean out your drive in short order for a price. Not a lot of those guys here in the south.


So we’re hunkered down for a bit going nowhere. Might as well chill a beer glass and just relax.


I have an in-town songwriter show on Thursday night at the Commodore on West End with my friend Joe Rucker. That’s looking a bit iffy.


 And then a trip to Missouri Saturday for a Sunday show in Wright City, Missouri. So at this point I’m hoping it thaws in time for me make that road trip this weekend.



Tomorrow morning around 8:15 AM I'll be on air at KWRE-KFAV Radio in Warrenton, Missouri to be interviewed by my long time friend Mike Thomas there to help promote the show coming up this Sunday afternoon. You can listen in online if you'd like on their WEBSITE



It felt a bit like it was a Saturday or Sunday yesterday because there were two NFL playoff games to watch from the couch.  So that helped pass some snow time away. Buffalo and Tampa Bay won their games.


I watched the Tampa-Philly Game on the Manning Cast on ESPN2 and I’m not the only one who would rather watch Peyton and Eli and their guest cover the game from their couches. Last night they caught actor Rob McElhenney watching the brothers on his phone while attending the Emmy Awards! Such a guy thing to do…and his wife didn’t look impressed.



I wanted to share this video from the house concert I was part of this past Saturday night with Lauren Mascitti and Wil Nance.


This is a “live” version of Lauren singing the song the three of us wrote together “Never Been In Love Like This” that she recorded on her “God Made A Woman” album that she released to critical acclaim after her appearance a few years ago on American Idol.


Watch and listen to the crowd singing along on the chorus. Pretty cool. Thanks to Lauren’s “Nana” Mascitti for capturing this Saturday night.



They had a bit of an Alzheimer’s breakthrough as 5 new sub groups have been identified. A good thing.


Alarming. A WHO official said yesterday COVID levels are 2 to 19 time higher than the numbers being reported around the world.


In Philly Doctors are offering free measle shots to fight the outbreak there.



Seems like a good and appropriate time for some of those.


It’s so cold that…


Lawyers have their hands in their own pockets


So cold that I saw a dog trying to jumpstart another dog. At least that’s what I think they were doing.


So cold that Lady Liberty put her torch inside her dress.


It’s cold folks!



They may no longer be a girls best friends. Lab grown gems are a thing and are starting to outsell diamonds taken from mines or wherever. De Beers has slashed its collection of diamonds by as much as 25% in places. For those thinking about getting engaged now might be a good time.



Shapewear is a big thing. Lots of folks selling shapewear to women like Kim Kardashian for one. I’m thinking about starting my own company that would sell it to men as well. I’m going to give the company an honest name…”Out Of Shapewear”. I’ll be on Shark Tank soon.


This video and joke was making the rounds on Facebook last night. I had never heard this from now retired Alabama football coach Nick Saban and it made me laugh. Bet you will too. Watch and listen to the GOAT of college football tell this joke about himself and his longtime wife. 




Get this. They say the AVERAGE American 50 are older are worth a million dollars. Between 2019 and 2022 the median net worth of a family jumped 37%. So…live it up…don’t worry if that Starbucks cup of coffee set you back 5 bucks.



Annoyed Upstate New York Man Busted For Spray Painting Squirrels For Getting Into His Yard. (Police said he was “nuts”.)



Snowed in again. Thank goodness for Zoom and Google Hangout and the likes as that will allow me to keep my songwriting appointment with Darin and Brooke Aldridge in North Carolina where they somehow don’t have any snow. I’ve got plenty to send them. Always a pleasure writing with these two and they’ve been nice enough to record several songs I’ve helped write including this one that I co-wrote with my friend Lisa Shaffer a few years ago “TryingTo Make Clocks Slow Down”.


Looking forward to it.


Have a great Tuesday!