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Tornado Weekend...Going To Texas...Bluebird Tomorrow


Monday December 11, 2023


Monday morning and a new week has rolled around. A high of just 46 today in Nashville.



Things got a little too interesting Saturday with that tornado that rolled in and claimed at least 6 lives in our area. A lot of damage was done. A lot of clean-up will be going on today. We were lucky.


I had an 8 pm show with my “Hits & Grins” trio about 45 minutes away from where we live. A little after 5 sirens went off and my wife and I hunkered down in our safe place as did the other two members of that trio Steve Dean & Victoria Venier…all of us in different parts of town. We debated back and forth about whether we could even make the show. We did…but not without some very slow driving through some heavy rain and vivid lightning at times. When I hit 65 South I saw some very large hail dotting the side of the highway. Some are most certainly going to be talking to their insurance companies.


But we got there and we got to celebrate Steve Dean’s birthday on stage with his family out front to celebrate as well. Happy Birthday to my longtime friend, musical partner, Freedom Sings USA partner, and co-writer. I could not be sharing songs and the road with a better person. 



But certainly I’m thinking about many who were not as lucky as we were. We didn’t even lose power, and we usually do in most any kind of storm. Blessed. It could have been much worse.



I did get a text from my publisher last night that the Daywind/Billy Blue studio and offices where I write most of the time is closed this week because of that tornado that touched down less than a mile from there destroying multiple buildings including a pizza place we all know. The studio is located in Hendersonville, TN and was not hit, but power is out in that area and our road is closed because of that and now cleanup going on. So I’m having to cancel some writing sessions this week because of that. 





Just added a new show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott for our “Evening in the Round” show. Next Saturday night September 28 we’ll be in Corsicana, Texas. And we should be adding at least one more Texas show on that run before September rolls around. It’s always fun playing in Linda’s home state where she’s a member of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. Corsicana is just 50 miles southeast of Dallas. 




We got the lights and bulbs on the Christmas tree strung and hung on Sunday evening. The Whyte House is starting to look more and more like Christmas now. I’m ready for Santa to drop down the chimney now and put a winning Powerball ticket in my stocking. It’s worth something like 468 million right now. I’ll leave extra milk and cookies Santa if you’ll do that.




The CDC reported over the weekend that 3 Californians were killed by Rocky Mountain spotted fever.


A groundbreaking anti-aging drugs for dogs is about to get FDA approval. Old Fido might be able to get the spring back in his step.


And for humans a plastic surgeon claims humans can slow their aging process by sitting in a scorching sauna.



There are some unusual Christmas parades this time of year. Like the lighted boat parade that just happened this weekend in Gulf Shores. It’s actually a very cool event as boat owners decorate their boats in Christmas colors and lights and then they go down the intercoastal waterway down there where folks can sit and watch them sail by.



But the Redneck Christmas Parade win West Monroe, Louisiana may be the topper.


West Monroe is where those Duck Dynasty boys live and where their TV series was shot. I didn’t see any pictures of them in this parade but they would have fit in with their beards and camo.



Director James Cameron of “Titanic” fame shared an interesting piece of trivial about that blockbuster movie. He said, “We only cast extras so it made our set look bigger.” Anybody above 5’8, we didn’t cast them.” That movie has been out 26 years and we’re just now hearing that. Next time I watch it I’ll be checking for short extras.



If you’re going to play baseball make sure you learn to hit AND pitch. It paid off for Shohei Otani. In a record breaking way. The Dodgers just gave him 700 MILLION on a 10 year contract. To play a game. I learned to sing AND write…but so far nobody is offering me a contract like that. Sigh. Get a glove and a bat kids!




“My wife says I’m getting fatter, but in my defense I’ve had a lot on my plate lately”.



My day fell open because my co-writer has pretty much lost his voice after doing a lot of shows in a row out on the road with more to come so we’ll re-schedule.


Tomorrow is my show at the world famous Bluebird Café alongside Father and Son team Will & Barry Hutchens and my friend Jerry Salley. It’s a sold out 6 pm show but they do sell a few walk up tickets. Looking forward to that.



Have a great Monday!