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Road Ahead...Grandma Got A Glock...Last Show of the Year


Thursday December 21, 2023


Thursday morning and it will be a busy day. High of 55 today in Twang Town.



With an open day yesterday I took care of some Christmas things. Geez…4 danged Santa days away. A year flies by so fast. I think part of that comes from being busy. You stay busy and then one day you post in a blog, “A year flies by so fast”. It do. It really do.



One last show for the year coming up and that’s it for 2023 dates. More on tonight’s show at the end of today’s Blog.



But…2024 looks to be at least as busy as 2023 has been. No complaints. Here’s a look at where I’ll be in the first quarter of the New Year so far with more dates to be added.


Jan 21 in Wright City, Missouri for a 2 pm show for the Gateway Country Music Association.


Jan 26 & 27 in Memphis with Freedom Sings USA writing songs with veterans.


Feb 17 in Hawkinsville, GA at the Opera House with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott. “Evening in the Round”.



Feb 20 in Avon Park, Florida (near Orlando) with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. “Evening in the Round”.


March 7 in Hot Springs, Arkansas with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier at Hot Springs Village.



March 11 at Dollywood for three shows with Victoria Venier and Steve Dean. “Hits & Grins”. 



March 15 in Mobile, Alabama at the Peoples Room with Juanita Smith for a comedy show.


March 16 with Brent Burns at a location to be named in or near Gulf Shores.




Check my Tour section in the website for more details on these and other shows in 2024.



Darkest day of the year is today. Nashville will only have 6 hours of daylight. Geez. How many days until Opening Day baseball? 18 hours of dark in one day…ready for that to be done and gone.



One more Christmas song to share this season and this is a funny one. At least Brent Burns and I think so. This one is about the Glock that Grandma got one Christmas titled “Grandma Got A Glock”. Randy Brooks is a friend of mine who’s famous for his song “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. And in Brent and my song we tip our hat to Randy at the end of the song with “there’s no doubt this Christmas Eve that reindeer’s gonna stop…cause Grandma got a Glock”.



A new study says that sleeping longer over the weekend could help prevent a heart attack. Just one hour longer than normal is what they say.


Thousands reportedly have overdosed on that trendy Ozempic weight loss drug that folks and celebrities are on these days.


There’s a shortage of Adderall. So they have raised the price of course and now some patients can’t get it.



Comedian Sara Pascoe made this funny and true observation.


“You can’t lose a homing pigeon. If your homing pigeon doesn’t come home, then what you have is a pigeon”.



New York lost over 102,000 residents this years. Folks are leaving the Big Apple. The states that have had the most folks move in?  Texas with 473,453 new residents followed by Florida with 365,205. I would think that every year about this time when the temperatures turns cold and snow starts dumping in multiple inches that folks in those COLD states must surely have a conversation about “why are we living here and freezing our tuckus off”?


I’ve said it before but it’s true. One of my favorite days was when I sold my snow-blower after living in Wisconsin and moving south.



The states with the longest life expectancy are not all warm climate places.


They are Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii at the longest life is for those who live in California. 80.9 years.


The states with the lowest life expectancy are Tennessee (yikes) Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia, and the state with the lowest life expectancy is Mississippi at 74.4 years.



I may live longer now here in Tennessee because Nashville just passed a law making it illegal for peddlers to have snakes with them and on them trying to make tips from letting folks handle their snake. So I’ve got that going for me. And for the record, I’ve never once been tempted to ask to play with someone’s pet python. Nope. 



I was on the radio in Cincinnati and after my show that morning we taped an interview with one of the animal folks from the Cincinnati Zoo. Which incidentally is one of the best Zoo’s in the country. They told me ahead of time they would be bringing some animals and I said “fine”….but no snakes.  So the guy comes in and we’re recording the interview and he brought a small monkey and another warm and fuzzy creature and then he pulls up a bag off the floor. Guess what comes slithering out. One of the biggest snakes I have ever seen. Had the glass in our studio up on that 4th floor not been unbreakable…I would have jumped!  I guess my reaction to everyone else in that studio was hysterical. But after all these years…I’m still not laughing. And I’ve never been able to wear those pants again. 




Good grief. Even beer is political these days.


And on the other side of the aisle.



I could not decide what to get my wife for Christmas. Then I saw this morning that the Powerball is at 620 million. I might go crazy and buy her not one but 2 tickets. It’s the gift that never gives. But she’ll love the thought behind that. Right?



I’m writing with Andrea Pearson, actually re-writing a song we mostly have done that we want to make better. And then tonight it’s an 8 pm show at the Grand Ole Barn at Reba’s old place in Lebanon, TN near me with Lauren Mascitti and Steve Dean. Should be a great time. 7 pm buffet dinner. 8 pm show.



Have a great Thursday!