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Quiet Time...Post Christmas Deals...Taylor Yoko


Wednesday December 27, 2023


Wednesday morning on the rise. 59 for a high but I did see a 4-letter word in our forecast for this Friday. S N O W. We’ll see.



And what a quiet Day After Christmas it was. Still feels like the holiday for sure…lazy. I did get to the gym though so I had that going for me. And so far it’s pretty uncrowded. I’m guessing that will change after New Year’s Eve when so many make a resolution of getting back in shape. That rush lasts about a week or so before folks return to their normal…normally.


Or they buy some workout equipment for the home and never use it. I did find out that treadmill is a darned good place to hang your laundry so that wasn’t a complete waste of money.



And I did watch a bit of a couple of the three college football bowl games that were on yesterday. You can tell we have not got to the great games yet as at least one of the teams playing had a losing record and STILL got into a Bowl game. That changes today in some of the match ups.


I am enjoying the downtime though knowing it will start getting busier in the New Year with shows slated in the first quarter in Missouri, Memphis, Kansas, Dollywood, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. So it’s the Christmas quiet before the New Year storm.




A new study is suggesting that strawberries may boost cognitive health.


British research confirms what we’ve already suspected. Healthy food is expensive…twice as expensive as our non-healthy favorites.


Tokyo scientists say dogs are healthier for us than cats. In fact owning a dog reduces the risk of dementia in older folks by 40% because you have to take a dog out, you walk, and you interact with others which exercises the brain.





The Grocery company Instacart is getting ready to install their “smart” carts in some stores this year. The cart will allow you to scan items, weigh produce, and keep track of the total cost in real time as you go up and down the aisles. AI technology in the grocery store folks.



A financial expert points out that we should be buying 6 things after Christmas because of the mark downs. Winter clothes, furniture, wrapping paper, holiday décor, gift sets and toys. And I know we should do that but it’s hard to make yourself go buy wrapping paper after Christmas is gone isn’t it? Although I did go through a roll of this to help wrap my presents again this year so I probably do need to get to Home Depot.


Although it does make it easy for my wife to know which presents are hers under the tree.



Now THIS may be the way to gift with your spouse at Christmas time. A wife shared that her musician husband give her musical gifts under the tree…and she’s not musical. She loves gardening and he does not so she gifts him garden tools. Merry Christmas to all!



Taylor Swift starts dating tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and showing up at the games to root him on. And of course the Chiefs start playing poor football…and losing. Someone in the Kansas City paper this morning is already referring to her as the Yoko Ono of football. Ouch.



Houses maybe. House prices jumped almost 5% in October the biggest gain of the year. They keep saying housing prices will drop…but it sure hasn’t happened yet.


And if you have Prime like I do, and quite a bit of…get ready for commercials to be added to whatever you’re watching come the end of January. Or you can pay 3 bucks a month to be commercial free. Ad free was too good to be true.



Woman Sues Dentist Who Allegedly Performed 8 Crowns, 4 Root Canals, And 20 Fillings In One Day.  (and a partridge in a pear tree)



Woman Charged With Beating Her Boyfriend With A Christmas Tree. (O’ Tannen-BOOM O’ Tannen-BOOM.)



I have an online writing appointment with Rick Lang today on the computer. Rick’s new album is going to be out sometime next year and two songs that I helped him write will be on this great project that will feature a bunch of different musical stars including the Oak Ridge Boys who are singing on one of my songs. Can’t wear to share that gospel-bluegrass song with you soon.


And there’s actually some worthwhile College Bowl Games on today so I’ll be feet up for some of that.


Have a great Wednesday!