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On The Radio...Two Songs On The Australian Chart...No Driver


Wednesday December 20, 2023

Wednesday…Hump Day…and 5 days until Christmas! Up to 59 with sun today in Nashville.



I was on the air at WANT Radio in Lebanon, Tennessee with their morning host MJ Lucas “live” to talk about the show I’m part of in their backyard tomorrow night at the “Grand Ole Barn” which is on the old Reba McEntire estate. They converted one of Reba’s old horse barns into an entertainment venue and I’ll be on that stage tomorrow night with my friends Steve Dean and Lauren Mascitti.



The radio station sponsors the event and has been giving away some tickets on air. MJ allowed me to plug the event, but she also wanted me to talk about my radio career as well as my songwriting career. I was happy to bore her to tears. Actually it was a great interview and she wants me to come to the station and sit in for a couple hours someday so we can have more time to talk about those things. I’ll let you know when. But thank you MJ for your air time and for promoting this fun show tomorrow night.




 Last night I was online writing with Angus Gill who was in Australia. 5 pm my time…9 AM his time so he was getting his first cup of coffee. My young Aussie friend told me he’ll be moving to the US first of March of next year and he’s already got his green card. Congrats to him. He’ll do well here as he can play, produce, sing, and write. Multi-talented for sure.

 Last night he brought a bluegrass idea to the table that was given to him from a mutual friend of ours so we wrote that.



When we finished our co-write last night Angus shared some great news. His funny Christmas song “Cheapskate Christmas” that he just filmed a fun video of landed at the #5 spot this week on the Australia Airplay Chart!  How about that? An early Christmas present. You can see his sense of humor as he went “Mrs. Doubtfire” in the VIDEO.



If that wasn’t enough good Australian news I also found out that the song “She Always Danced Alone” by Alan Mackey landed at #15 on the same chart. If I do say so myself…I love this song that I wrote with Angus and Alan and especially the wonderful arrangement on this song. Why does this mysterious Senorita with the yellow rose always dance alone?  Listen to the song and find out. 





The FDA recalled some applesauce and they suspect it was contaminated intentionally.


A new study finds that AI can predict peoples time of death with a high degree of accuracy. Would you want to know?  I don’t think I do. In the words of the great Yankee catcher Yogi Berra whose wife asked him if he wanted to be buried or cremated, Yogi replied, “surprise me”.


The CDC says 4 states are showing a major uptick in COVID-19 cases. Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas. The Midwest. 17.2 positivity rate after a 16.7 from the last measurement.



This one from comedian Jay Leno.


“The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D.C. This wasn’t for any religious reasons. They couldn’t find 3 wise men and a virgin.”



The company Tore Robotics is now testing their autonomous trucks on the iconic Route 66 highway. And they believe they are on track for having those trucks on highways everywhere with no safety driver aboard. Man that’s going to be weird seeing a truck with no one behind the wheel texting and driving.



My songwriting appointment this morning has been moved to tomorrow morning so I’ve got a day to catch up on Christmas stuff. I’m thinking I should probably start shopping for gifts…maybe.


Have a great Wednesday!