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New Dates...A Radio Buddy Retires...Willie's Docuseries


Friday December 15, 2023


Friday morning with a road trip ahead today.



For December we’re having some really nice weather…outside of that tornado that showed up a week ago. Sunny and in the 60’s yesterday and it fell much more like Spring than it did Winter.


I had no writing appointment so it was a day of packing for the trip today and for the weekend down to Chattanooga with Freedom Sings USA. 

And I blocked a couple of dates out for 2024. A show in Tullahoma, TN is about to firm up with “Evening in the Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott.


And early in September my friend Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores is going to bring a busload of his fans to Nashville to tour the town and I’ll be part of that as several shows will be built in for those buying that travel package. 




This morning I was back on the radio for a bit as one of my former radio partners Jim Denny is retiring today from WFMS Indianapolis. A longtime voice in that city…beloved. They wanted me to call in and help honor Jim who was inducted in the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame a few years ago. I have nothing but great memories of those couple of years I worked with Jim and his longtime partner Kevin Freeman who’s still on the air in Indy. Jim is also a musician as I am…LOVES bluegrass music. In fact when he was young he was a member of Alison Krauss’s band. So I’m guessing Jim may dip his toes back into music a bit as I did when I got out of radio.

 Jim Denny's wife Mimi after being on Indianapolis TV for a long time pivoted and is now an airline attendant. So I joked that Jim should get on one of her flights and then bet whomever is seated next to him a large amount of money that he can pick her up and take her home. That got a big laugh. 

The picture below is of Jim on the left next to Vince Gill, Kevin Freeman, and myself at the Indianapolis 500 as we were covering that event together at the track one year, and Vince was there to do a concert.

Congrats again Jim on a GREAT career. 



A new study says spending some time alone is beneficial to your health. That “chill out” thing is a good thing every now and then.


We’ve had long COVID and now we have long flue cases. And it’s hard to detect the difference.


8 states have very high flu rates. Unfortunately our state of Tennessee is one of those.



Last year Nashville got a couple of Whataburger’s. Big deal here in the south. Now we’re getting ready to welcome In-N-Out Burgers which some folks swear is the best burger ever. The question is…do I need their Christmas sweater?  Hmm.



Coming soon for those that are TSA pre-approved a very quick baggage check in. They’ve developed a new screening process called “Screening At Speed” which will let you scan your own bag with no assistance. And they’re saying the entire process could take just 12 seconds are so. Pre check already lets you keep your danged clothes on…now the bag check will be a piece of cake as well. 




Jimmy Fallon said on his late night show that only 3 of 10 Americans are excited about a Biden-Trump rematch and concluded what he’d read from that poll by saying, “People are more excited for an old fashioned wide awake colonoscopy”.



There’s a 4 part docuseries coming out on Paramount about Willie Nelson “Willie Nelson and Family” that will be filled with friends and fans of the Redheaded Stranger as well as some rare footage. Here’s a look at the Trailer that they just released. Heck, I was a Willie fan way before he cultivated his outlaw image…so I’ll watch for sure.


You might have guessed this. A poll reveals that almost half of all teens admit to being on the internet all the time. Their most visited sites?  TikTok and YouTube.



In Philadelphia you can’t wear a ski mask in public anymore. Too much crime, too many burglaries with criminals walking in with a ski mask over their face. Folks in Philly will have to go with a Zorro mask from now on I suppose.


New Study of Obesity Looks For A Larger Test Group. (Apparently the editor missed this)



Taking a trip down I24 South to Chattanooga with Freedom Sings USA. Tonight our group of 5 songwriters from Nashville will have a meet and greet party with some of our veterans and then we’ll play a little mini concert. Saturday morning we gather again and each writer will be assigned a veteran to sit down with, listen to that veteran’s story and then turn that into a song.

 And tomorrow evening we will play all those songs in a concert with those veterans in attendance so that we can honor them and their service in front of family members, friends, and patriots. Always an honor…and always emotional for a lot of those veterans as well as the writers and audience. Looking forward to doing this once again.



Have a great weekend!