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COVID Again...Two New Shows...Happy Birthday Daughter


Friday December 29, 2023


Friday morning and the last weekend of 2024 is on us. Just 40 degrees in Nashville today for a high. And we have a chance of rain mixed with snow today and tomorrow but nothing serious. No need for a snowplow.



It’s going around…again. COVID. My writing session with Christian songwriter Belinda Smith was cancelled yesterday because she came down with it. Both of us had been looking forward to writing as it’s been awhile. I wish I had made a notation on my calendar for each time an appointment has had to be cancelled because of it since it broke out in 2020. A bunch unfortunately.


We rescheduled a new date to write in late January. Get well Belinda.



I added two more new shows to my 2024 calendar yesterday. Saturday night February 3 I’ll be back at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant with “Hits & Grins” alongside my musical friends Victoria Venier and Steve Dean. We played there on that tornado night earlier this month and that affected our crowd of course. So we’re looking forward to being in Franklin, Tennessee again on a calmer night. Franklin is just south of Nashville and Puckett’s has great food as well as being a great listening environment. It does tend to sell out so hold a table early if you’re thinking about coming.


O H….I O

And I’m always excited to be playing in the Buckeye state of Ohio. I’ll be in Greenville, Ohio next November 16 alongside Linda Davis and Lang Scott with our “Evening in the Round” show.  Greenville is just a little northwest of Dayton. More details to come on this show so stay tuned.





Thought I’d share this video of me singing the song I wrote with the great Jimmy Fortune and Lauren MascittiApple On The Tree”. I’m sitting next to Lauren in this video and my friend Steve Dean on stage at the old Reba McEntire estate that we played at a few weeks ago inside Reba’s old horse stables that’s been converted into the “Grand Ole Barn” where they are booking music and songwriters nights. Thank you to Lauren’s “Nana” who filmed this video of this funny song.



And…we tested out this bad boy yesterday that my wife gave me for Christmas.

Ice cream! This thing rocks and I can’t imagine how any ice cream lover (like me!) wouldn’t love this ice cream making machine. Kathy whipped up some vanilla chocolate chip that was delicious…and we’re ready to blend some chocolate later today.


My favorite ice cream still is the homemade kind we made when I was a kid with the ice and salt and crank and ladle. But man, this ain’t bad. This will truly be a gift that just keeps giving.



COVID mask mandates are back for hospitals in New York, California, and Illinois because of the spike in cases.


Bernie Sanders up on Capitol Hill is down with COVID.


A study suggests that early onset dementia can actually be prevented with healthy lifestyle choices. Avoiding chronic stress, loneliness, and depression all help.



From a woman who tweeted, “There are two stages of plant ownership”.


1…I’m going to take good care of you.


2…Oh no!



They are going to do away with self-service drink fountains by the end of next year. Cleaner, less theft etc. I’m not sure I’ll miss those anyway. And while they’re at it…they could get rid of those kiosk ordering machines. They never have a nice thing to say to me.



How about this little miniature AI robot that can roll all around your house. It can navigate, listen, and speak. It can watch your pet while your away and serve as a little miniature security system checking out your house while you’re gone. We're catching up to the Jetsons.




At this place I guess you can order a drink and get your hair cut with a chainsaw.



My calendar doesn’t get back to normal until next Wednesday because of the holiday weekend. So it’s a long weekend. But my wife and I will celebrate New Year’s Eve and my daughter Heather’s birthday all on the same day as she is indeed a New Year’s Eve baby. What a blessing she is. And she has her Dad’s sense of humor!



Have a great weekend and Happy New Year to you and yours.