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Merry Christmas From The Whyte House


Monday December 25, 2023

Christmas morning! No White Christmas. In fact we’ll have a high of 64 after reaching a high of 69 yesterday on Christmas Eve. We’re getting heavy rain today. I’m thankful the temperatures are warm…otherwise I’d be buying another snowblower.



A very quiet Christmas weekend at the Whyte House. Ate too much Christmas food for sure. We exchanged gifts virtually for the first time ever with my daughter and son in law over in Germany. This was the gift we opened on Christmas.


Really cool. The candles heat up, the blades spin and the scene turns round and round. I mentioned this on my Facebook and I’m still debating putting a mini weenie on the end of that shepherds crook leaning over the fire. Nothing says Christmas quite like a roasted weenies.


Watched some football, couple of Christmas movies and exchanged Merry Christmas greetings with friends all over the country and last night I joined a conference call with my siblings Gary, Vickie, and Rita. It was very thoughtful of my sister Vickie to make that happen on Christmas Eve. And all of us wish it would have been possible for Gene our brother who passed to have been on the line as well. 



So a very good Christmas weekend….with packages to open this morning still.



My wife got creative for breakfast this weekend. And his nose is bright! Gotta love that.



Some experts are saying that earlier meal timing is associated with reduced cardiovascular disease risk.


Good news here. A vaccine for a deadly skin cancer is showing promising results in a clinical trial.


A recent study found that swimming can have a 53% lower all-cause mortality risk than those who are sedentary or are walkers or runners. Time to jump in the pool.



One woman tweeted, “My mother in law gave me lingerie for Christmas and then told me to try it on.”  Yep…that would be a not so good Christmas present.


Another woman shared “My grandma bought me an ornament with the name Eric on it. My name is Morgan.


And it’s hard to top this present a guy received. “I once got a new aquarium heater that was defective. It cooked the fish”. (I wonder if that little diver at the bottom of the tank go scorched too.)





Ya gotta love Florence Hackman in Ohio who just celebrated her 105th birthday with 105 shots of Fireball Whiskey. She drank a shot or two while watching a Cincinnati Bengals football game. Fireball heard of her love for their product and sent her 105 whiskey shooters. Flo as they call her admits to drinking a little Fireball every day…and she’s 105 and in pretty darned good health. I think I’m going to have to add that to my daily list!





Parrot Head fans are going to be a little sad knowing that this would have been Jimmy Buffet's birthday today. We certainly miss him and his music. 



He left us a great thought on his last album that was released after his death this year in his song “Bubbles Up.”. And the video you'll see is a great reflection of his full lifestyle.



Texas Community Mistakes Elaborate Christmas Light Show For Aliens Landing UFOs. It’s just Santa folks. Go back to bed.



My wife and I will exchange presents that are under the tree this morning and then through the miracle of the internet we’ll join our daughter and son in law overseas and watch the movie “Home Alone” together. Still makes me laugh every time I watch it.


And here’s to those that are serving our country that won’t be home for Christmas. We appreciate each and every one of you. 


Merry Christmas.