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Arkansas Song...Hot Springs Return...Self-Checkout


Friday December 8, 2023


Friday morning and the first weekend of December is on us. Nice here today with sun and a high of 65.



I wrote a song about the Razorback state of Arkansas yesterday with bluegrass artist and Arkansas resident Casey Lee Penn along with lyricist Brent Baxter who’s an Arkansas native. 



Casey is working on a new album so we were writing to appeal to her Arkansas heart yesterday. I think the three of us will have at least one or two new songs on this upcoming album. The song turned out great…so here’s hoping it makes the new album as well.




Our “Hits & Grins trio with me, Victoria Venier and yet another Arkansas guy Steve Dean will be playing in Hot Springs Arkansas at the beautiful Woodlands Auditorium in Hot Springs Village on March 4 of next year. They’re already promoting our second appearance there.



Experience the thrill of live theater with our collection of incredible shows, featuring world-class performers and unforgettable productions, sponsored by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Ike Eisenhauer State Farm, and Village Home Care.

Our second show will be on Thursday, March 7, 2024, and feature Hits and Grins with Bill Whyte, Victoria Venier, and Steve Dean, a trio of talented writers/performers from Nashville. They will present an extremely entertaining evening filled with great stories, hit songs, and comedy. Don’t miss this acoustical and intimate musical experience that will move you, tickle your funny bone, and make you want to come back for more!


Ticket info is available in the TOUR section of my website. We’re looking forward to being back there!



I read yesterday that the great banjo player Terry Baucom passed away. I don’t know Terry, have never met him but have heard so many great things about him from the bluegrass folks I hang and write and perform with. At one point Terry’s early band Boone Creek included Ricky Skaggs and the great dobroplayer Jerry Douglas. That tells you something about his talent.


A few months ago Terry Baucom and the Dukes of Drive, his current band recorded this Christmas song “Christmas At The Old Homeplace” that’s out right now. His wife Cindy sings the lead vocal on it. So my sympathy goes out to her and their family. It’s a great loss for the bluegrass community.




The UK Health Security Agency says they are seeing a 100 day cough taking hold over there, a highly contagious infection that could fracture ribs. A 250% increase of whooping cough over the past year.


The CDC says there may be more chronic fatigue cases than they thought. 3.3 million Americans have that. I got tired just reading the statistics on it.


A company is developing a vaccine that they think could eliminate breast cancer. 1 in 8 women have that and 42,000 women die yearly from breast cancer. The clinical trials are showing perfect results in a small sample size so far.



This was not the most intelligent bear on the planet. He ran off a lit up reindeer Christmas decoration. Thinking it was real I suppose. It happened in Florida, and no it was not a Disney animatronic bear. Watch this




A company just flew a small cargo plane in California 12 miles…with no pilot. It was remote controlled from over 50 miles away. We’re probably seeing the future.



Costco, Walmart, and Wegmans have all announced that they are going to do away with self-checkout counters. I don’t think consumer reaction has been favorable. One expert says he thinks everyone will follow suit. I wouldn’t miss self-checkout. Nope. And I won’t miss feeling bad because I didn’t tip a self-checkout either.



I don’t think I’d send my child to this school.



Now they’re saying a forever stamp may raise its price to 68 cents per stamp. So forever stamp really means the price of a forever stamp will go up in price forever.



This is a designer purse made to look like a paper bag. They want $2,000 for it. Wonder if they designed one made of plastic as well so they could ask, “Paper or Plastic” when you go to order one.



Escaped Pig Leads New Jersey Police On A Wild Chase For A Quarter Of A Mile. (And that’s not the best part of the story. The pigs name is Albert Einswine) True.



I’m off to finish up a song with Wil Nance and Irene Kelley that we started several weeks back that was mostly finished…but not quite. So we’ll take care of that today.



I’ve got a show with “Hits & Grins” Saturday night at Puckett’s in Franklin, Tennessee. It’s sold out unfortunately, but for those that reserved their tables early, I look forward to seeing you there.



Have a great weekend!